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Table Lamps from Bellavista Collection Will Make Your Room Feel Cozy

When we come home after a long and stressful working day, the only thing we want is to relax for a while. When we are really exhausted, we don’t have energy for any activity. We need to recharge our energies first.

What will you do if you are so drained that are in no mood even for watching TV or talking? Most likely, you will want to spend some time alone, say, in an armchair. You sit down, take your favorite book and light a table lamp. Its soft cozy light creates perfect mood for relaxing both physically and spiritually.

More than just a light source

Unlike, say, a chandelier, a table lamp emits a bit more than light. The former lights the entire room, while the latter creates a cozy spot of light. We can well say that a table lamp is a source of tranquility, peacefulness, and serenity as well. No surprise that people often develop special attitude towards their table lamps. They unconsciously associate their light with relaxation and rest.

By the way, you perhaps were fond of reading adventure books as a child… do you remember your reading lamp? Most likely, you do, although those times are long gone. Your memory bears plots of exciting stories you read together with the image of the lamp you used to read those stories by.

So, at least one good table lamp is a must for every home. Everybody will agree that a good lamp is a lamp which is not only reliable, but also nice-looking. We all prefer to surround ourselves with beautiful things. Aesthetic value of an item is no less important than its usefulness.

A renowned Italian brand Bellavista Collection offers a variety of reliable and beautiful lamps – along with a variety of top-quality Italian luxury furniture it specializes in. It’s reasonable indeed: when furnishing their homes, Bellavista’s customers can get anything they need in one place. Lighting fixtures, mirrors, wall paneling, decorative items like statuettes are waiting for you at the company’s website.

Need a table lamp? Choose Products in the main menu, and go to the product category called Lighting. Names of the sub-categories clearly suggest what kind of lamps you will find in each one: Chandeliers, candle holders, sconces, floor lamps, and table lamps. Let’s open the last one and see what table lamps Bellavista Collection has on offer.

At first glance, we can say that Bellavista’s lamps are beautiful. Maybe, that’s why five lamps out of seven bear feminine names, such as MARISA, LORENA, EVA, AMELIE, AMANDA…

At a second glance we’ll notice that table lamps from Bellavista look extremely diverse in terms of style and design. It’s difficult to believe that, say, 4STAGIONI and AMANDA lamps were created by the same designer. But it is really so.

Attilio Zanni, a genius of a designer, created most of the assortment you can see on Bellavista Collection’s website. Thanks to his versatile talent, the company’s customers have an opportunity to furnish their houses and apartments in a unique way, creating lovely-looking, tasteful, and comfortable interiors.

A well-picked table lamp can spice up a room. Just look at 4STAGIONI, and you will agree that this lamp is a real attention-grabber. Four cast brass decorative statuettes of sitting women turn this lamp into artwork rather than just a table lamp.

Not only 4STAGIONI lamp looks grand, it’s also versatile indeed. It can be equally at the right place on a coffee table in a living-room or, say, on a bedside table in your bedroom.

Its structure is made of hammered cast brass, refined by hand, with attractively-looking antique bronze finish. The combination of sandblasted and clear glass chosen for its tube-shaped lampshade makes light of this lamp eye-pleasing.

What is more, Bellavista Collection does care for its customers living in different countries. All its lighting fixtures, including table lamps, are available in two options – for Europe (220V/ 50 HZ) and for the USA (110V/ 60 HZ). 4STAGIONI has four lightbulb sockets: E14 for Europe and E12 for the USA.

As for the size, the lamp is 54 cm. (21.3 in.) high and 36 cm (14.2 in.) in diameter.

If you sort items in Table lamps sub-category by popularity, you will find out that the most popular table lamp is MARISA.

This lamp is rather tall – 87 centimeters (34.2 inches) high. Its cylindrical lampshade is 45 cm. (17.7 in.) in diameter and is made of polyester with three color options available – grey, white, or taupe.

The structure is made of bronze. Like all other lamps, MARISA has options for European and North American customers: 220V / 50 HZ and 110V / 60 HZ respectively. This lamp also has four lightbulb sockets – E27 for Europe and E26 for the USA.

The stylish LORENA lamp also turns heads. The wooden structure (in moka stained beechwood) looks gorgeous together with metal base and details. So does its ivory-colored lampshade, made of either natural linen or silk. This lamp has one light bulb – E27 for EU market, and E26 for the USA.

One of the most popular Bellavista’s lamps is AMANDA. Its design reminds of high-tech style; a somehow unusual shape, combined with touch activated LED, makes this table lamp look modern indeed.

Made entirely of metal (brass with antique bronze finish), this table lamp is an eye-catcher. AMANDA makes a suitable reading lamp; also, it provides good lighting for working at a laptop, which makes this lamp a good pick for a home office.

Its dimensions allow placing this lamp on a desk. AMANDA is only 35 cm (13.8 in.) high, 40 cm (15.7 in.) long and 14 cm (5.4 in.) wide. Instead of light bulbs, AMANDA has a strip LED (7W), which means that its power consumption is very low.

Well, whatever table lamp from Bellavista Collection you choose, you can well be sure of its high quality. So, it will serve you for decades to come, providing you with soft, cozy light.

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