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LED lighting for Bellavista Furniture: Nice-Looking and Handy

Imagine that you are watching TV in a living room late at night. You want to take something from a wardrobe in the bedroom, but you don’t want to wake up your spouse sleeping there. You won’t have to switch any lights on, if your wardrobe is equipped with LED lights with motion sensor – like, say, TRUMP wardrobe from Bellavista Collection, the well-known manufacturer of Italian luxury furniture.

Nowadays, LED lighting is omnipresent. We already got used to LED light bulbs our homes and traffic lights in the streets, as well as flashlights, architectural lighting, LED strips, and many more.

As you probably remember, LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. It can well be said that light-emitting diodes completely transformed our approach to lighting. Although the technology itself is more than half a century old (the earliest LEDs that emitted low-intensity infrared light were applied in electronic devices in 1962), only with the development of high-power and high-efficiency LEDs, it became possible to use them in lighting. The massive shift to LED lights took place relatively recently, when progress of technology had considerably lowered the cost of LEDs.

Consumers love LEDs because they are highly energy efficient, durable, and very bright. The lifetime of a quality LED lamp is about 25,000 hours, which means over 20 years of regular use. Although, some studies give even bigger figures: 35,000 to 50,000 hours of useful life. One 6-watt LED replaces a standard 40-watt incandescent bulb. Considering that the energy prices tend to go only up, it is clear that using LED lamps saves money significantly indeed.

Environmentalists appreciate that, unlike many CFL lamps that contain small amount of mercury, LEDs are mercury-free.

When on, LED lamps produce much less heat than incandescent bulbs. Besides, LEDs have no warm up time, so they switch ON and OFF instantly.

One more advantage of LEDs is that they can be super small, which means that you can place them anywhere. So, why not use them to illuminate a closet, pantry, wardrobe, cupboard, or a bar unit?

LEDs in Bellavista furniture: A Very Useful Option

Bellavista Collection applies LED lighting mostly in the pieces with considerable storage space – sideboards, TV cabinets, wardrobes, etc. LED lighting typically comes as an option, so it’s for the customer to decide whether the piece will have LEDs or not.

The only exception is a console table RITZ. It belongs to Dulcechina collection – an Orient-inspired selection of items designed by Attilio Zanni, Bellavista’s all-round designer, in 2018. RITZ has an onyx top backlit with LEDs, which are an integrant part of this top. The thick slab of white onyx perfectly harmonizes with natural wood of the structure and antique bronze finish of its brass feet and details. If you feel like buying this grand-looking console, you will have a pretty wide choice of wood for its structure. There are eight options in total available – five kinds of oak and three of walnut. They differ in color, so you will be able to easily blend the new piece into the existing interior, and backlit tabletop will add uniqueness to the interior.

Bellavista’s cabinet makers use LED lighting systems, which are either motion activated, (i.e. equipped with a motion sensor) or touch activated.

Among the Bellavista’s pieces that have lighting with motion detector are wardrobes named TRUMP and ERMES, sideboards GOLDEN BRIDGE and LUIS.

GOLDEN BRIDGE is also from Dulcechina collection. This sideboard was a real hit last year’s Salone del Mobile. The outer structure of the showpiece was made of ebony. It looked really glamorous in harmony with maple wood inside, antique bronze of the base and details, and bronzed glass of the shelves. Now there are nine more options of wood for outer structure, from rosewood to natural oak and American walnut. The choice of marble for the inset includes four extremely diverse but equally beautiful kinds of marble, from almost white Calacatta marble to Emperador Dark Brown.

The outer structure of grand-looking LUIS also comes in ten wood options; seven of them are the same as those offered for GOLDEN BRIDGE. The inner part is also in natural maple. The attractive circle pattern made of antique bronze makes this sideboard look noble and magnificent, in line with its royal name.

Touch-activated systems are applied, for example, in the cabinet named HER, and bar units called HIM, ZEUS, and BELLAVISTA.

HER cabinet looks impressive thanks to brilliant design and a well-thought-over combination of wood (with nine options available for the outer structure), brass and belting leather of the optional drawer unit.

Design of HIM bar unit is somehow similar to that of HER. With its outer structure made of natural wood (five wood options available), inner side panels wrapped in copper sheet, and backlit inner back decorated with Calacatta marble, HIM looks elegant and strikingly beautiful. So does BELLAVISTA bar unit, whose eye-catching design and remarkably rich choice of options will leave no one indifferent.

This year Bellavista also started applying dimmable LED lights. With dimmable LEDs, you will be able to control their brightness, adjusting the light from bright to dim and cozy. Apart from saving energy, dimming LEDs can change the visual perception and mood of the space.

The display cabinet named ASPEN with dimmable LEDs and touch sensor, was showcased at the 58th edition of Salone Internazionale Del Mobile this April. It turned attendees’ heads thanks to impeccable design and happy blend of materials: ebony wood of the structure, transparent glass of the shelves, and blue leather the drawer fronts were wrapped in. Since ASPEN is a display cabinet, i.e. a furniture piece, designed specially for demonstrating various items, dimmable LED lighting was to the point.

Actually, in a well-designed piece everything is to the point. Bellavista Collection can boast of having only such kind of pieces in its assortment – be it casegoods, upholstered furniture, lighting fixtures or anything else the company offers to its customers.

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