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Do Your Makeup With pleasure: Bespoke Makeup Furniture Set from Bellavista Collection

For many people, putting on makeup in the morning is a refreshing and empowering ritual that helps them start the new day with confidence. If you are among them, you have a good reason for it. A good makeup can enhance your natural features, hide imperfections, and express your personal style. What is more, the […]

T TENGO Replenishes Bellavista Collection’s Inventory After the Salone del Mobile 2023

For any thriving Italian luxury furniture manufacturer, Salone Internazionale del Mobile is a must-attend, and Bellavista Collection is no exception. For more than a dozen years already, each April the brand showcases its most impressive designs at this trade fair. Bellavista Collection has a long-standing tradition: its exhibitor booth at the Salone del Mobile resembles […]

Bellavista Collection Unveiled New Designs of Bedroom Furniture at the Salone del Mobile 2023

The Salone Internazionale del Mobile, one of the most prestigious international trade fairs, devoted to various aspects of interior design, this year took place quite recently – between April 18 and 23. During these five days, the huge exhibition center Fiera Milano Rho became an extremely busy place. Hundreds of exhibitors and countless attendees roamed […]

The Essence of Modern Italian Luxury Furniture: Bellavista Collection Showcased Its ESSENTIAL at iSaloni 2023

Everyone who visited Milan this year, namely from April 18 to 23, saw in their own eyes how this Italian city changes during the Milan Design Week. This Italian city becomes the global capital od design – no more, no less. Thousands of trade professionals from all over the world, eager to see the latest […]

Bellavista Collection Will Showcase Exquisite Lighting Fixtures with LEDs at the Upcoming iSaloni

You needn’t be an expert in interior design to realize that well-thought-out lighting plays a crucial role in furnishing a home. And so do various lamps that perfectly blend into the overall look of every room. Lamps not only provide sufficient illumination for tasks such as reading, cooking, or working – they also can be […]

Charming Minimalism: Bellavista’s Showpieces at the Salone del mobile 2023

Being a recognized designer and producer of Italian luxury furniture, Bellavista Collection regularly participates in the Salone Internazionale del Mobile – the oldest and the most influential trade event in the industry. Each time this brand presents its showpieces as an organized collection, which is perceived as a whole. It is no news, in fact. […]

The Harmony of Classics and Novelties: Bellavista Collection’s Booth at iSaloni 2023

Ever since 2010, when Bellavista Collection brand was founded, it has been showcasing its Italian luxury furniture pieces at Salone del Mobile and Maison et Objet. Actually, it’s typical to all high-end designer furniture manufacturers who want to succeed at the today’s highly competitive market. Participating in these prestigious trade events offers an opportunity to […]

Two Bellavista’s Pieces Add Spring Mood to the Project by a Renowned Architect

While the winter snow melts away, people look forward to real spring, with its sunny days and fresh green grass, flowers blooming and birds chirping. This season is the time of renewal and growth. For many people, spring also symbolizes a fresh start, a time to shake off the winter blues and embrace new opportunities. […]

A Few Places in Brescia Province Well Worth Visiting

Everyone loves their Motherland. Bellavista Collection is a company that proudly names itself Italian; luxury furniture it produces could be found all over the world. Everyone in Bellavista Collection is passionate about Italy, particularly about Brescia, where the brand comes from. Italy may seem small only when you look at it on the map. However, […]

The Hippo on Bellavista Collection’s Logo: A Story on Good Friends, Gifts, and Mascots

When you browse through the pages of Bellavista Collection’s online catalog, located in PRODUCTS section of its website, you are bound to notice that this brand has a special attitude toward hippopotamuses. In other words, Bellavista’s designers love this animal so much that use its depiction pretty often.  You just won’t be able to miss […]

Bellavista Collection’s Pieces All Over the World: An Awesome Project in Venezuela

You probably can get an exact number if you ask Bellavista Collection, how many Italian luxury furniture pieces it has been produced and sold since 2010, the year when this brand announced itself. But it will be extremely difficult to determine all the multitude of locations these items now could be found. You might see […]

A Magnet of a Brand: Why Lots of Customers Prefer Bellavista Collection

Today’s Italian luxury furniture market is huge.  Market players are plentiful and diverse – from large factories to relatively small family-held firms like Bellavista Collection. Competition is fierce. Lots of brands appear every year, but few of them survive at least a couple of years, not to mean a dozen and more. Bellavista is among […]

Create Warm and Cozy Atmosphere with Sconces from Bellavista Collection

When asked to name a favorite season, most people will first think of late spring or summer. It’s quite understandable. Bright blue sky, tender spring flowers, trees in blossom are awesome. Chilling out on the beach is fun many of us are looking forward to every year. Winter also has lots of fans – everyone […]

Touch and Try Italian Luxury Furniture Designed in 2020-2022: Bellavista Brand Renews Its Showroom

Every successful brand knows how important it is to have an informative, well-functioning, and smart-looking website. Bellavista Collection is no exception. Its website is well-thought-out, user-friendly, excellently designed, and constantly updated. As soon as a newly designed piece replenishes the brand’s inventory, its images and descriptions appear on the website, in the relevant product category. […]

Magic Curves of Bellavista Collection’s Furniture

Designers, and furniture designers, in particular, love curved lines. Attilio Zanni, who has created most of the Italian luxury furniture from Bellavista Collection, makes the most of them, too. If you browse through the PRODUCTS section of the brand’s website, which actually serves as an online catalog, you’ll see lots of lovely curves. Round or oval tables […]

Charming Curves of Wood and Plywood: Bellavista Collection Makes the Most of Wood Bending

When hearing ‘a chair’, different people think of different pieces. Some will remember a classic-looking wooden one, with or without seat upholstery. Many will visualize something high-tech, with a structure made of metal tubes… Nobody has carried out such a poll yet, but it’s extremely likely that the so-called Vienna chair would definitely be among […]

Bellavista Displays Its Precious Collection at MARMOMAC’s BRAND&STONE

Nobody would argue that Nature is a genius of an artist. Flora and fauna serve as an endless source of inspiration for artists and designers. For example, Attilio Zanni, Bellavista’s co-founder and chief designer, has repeatedly said that the brand’s latest collection of Italian luxury furniture was inspired by the irresistible charm of Nature. It shows itself […]


The historical city of Verona has plenty to offer its visitors at any time. Magnificent architecture, numerous places of interest, and lots of cultural events taking place all year round make Verona a must-see at least once in your life. Some prestigious trade events are held in Verona, too. If your vocation is related to […]

Carrara: The Capital of Marble that Remembers Michelangelo 

Italy can boast of numerous places with breathtaking views. Alpi Apuane, or the Apuan Alps, is just one of the many. This mountain range in northern Tuscany is relatively small – about 55 kilometers (34 miles) long in total – but it offers lots of tourist destinations. For example, the historic city of Carrara has […]

Revealing the Irresistible Beauty of Stone: Bellavista Collection Participates in a Specialized Trade Fair

If you browse through the section of Bellavista Collection’s website named PRODUCTS, which serves as an online catalog, you’ll see a lot of Italian luxury furniture pieces with details, made of natural stone. Attilio Zanni, a brilliant contemporary designer, the co-founder of the Bellavista Collection brand, and the head of its design department, has always been keen […]

A Dream of a Villa Came True with Items from Bellavista Collection

As you probably already know, Bellavista Collection regularly co-operates with renowned designers and architects, who use the brand’s pieces in their projects. Bellavista’s furniture, lamps, mirrors, and decorative items could be found in lots of luxurious apartments, mansions, villas, hotels, and restaurants all over the world, from the Middle East to both Americas. In a […]

Bellavista Collection Announces Its Traditional Summer Closure

If you are planning to order some Italian luxury furniture pieces from Bellavista Collection, this news is for you: the company will be closed from August 6 to 28. The manufacturing process will be ceased; both the office and all the workshops won’t work. All the staff, from top managers to blue collars, will be on holiday. […]

Bronze Birds on Branches: Revamped TOSCA Floor Lamp Presented at iSaloni 2022

When speaking about Nature, Harmony is the keyword. The same is true about Beauty. So, it is no surprise that artists and designers get inspiration from Nature. Attilio Zanni, the co-founder of Bellavista Collection brand and its chief designer, has repeatedly said that he adored the beauty of Nature and got inspiration from its harmony. […]

Bellavista Collection Had Plenty to Showcase at The Salone del Mobile 2022

The just-ended 60th edition of the Milan Furniture Salon predictably scored a great success. It simply couldn’t be otherwise. The Salone Internazionale del Mobile, often called iSaloni for short, is a trade fair that millions of professionals cannot be unaware of. Held annually since 1961, this exhibition is the largest and the most influential trade […]

The Four Very Special Showpieces to Be Presented at the Salone del Mobile 2022

This week, from June 6 to 12, Milan for yet another time will become a global capital of Design – with a capital D. If you happen to be in this Italian city at that time, you won’t fail to notice it. The Milan Design Week 2022, scheduled for June 06-12, overlaps in time with […]

Each TROUSSE Will Be Unique: A Versatile Walk-In Closet to be Shown at the iSaloni 2022

The anniversary edition of the Salone Internazionale del Mobile is really close: on June 7, zillions of attendees will roam all over Fiera Milano Rho. Till June 12, lots of trade professionals from industries will be showcasing their achievements, sharing ideas, concluding contracts – and simply learning about the latest trends in furniture design and […]

More Great Pieces from Bellavista Collection Prepared for the Salone del Mobile 2022

If you have read the previous article, you already know about some of the showpieces, which Bellavista Collection is going to display at the long-awaited anniversary 60th edition of the Salone Internazionale del Mobile this June. The very special group of showpieces, created between 2020 and 2022, was inspired by Beauty of Nature. They will […]

The Best of 2020-2022: Bellavista Collection’s Booth at Salone del Mobile Milano this June

The long-awaited 60th edition of the Salone Internazionale del Mobile is pretty close. The event is scheduled for June 7-12, so for Bellavista Collection it’s high time for the last preparations. Attendees of Salone’s previous editions could have seen Italian luxury furniture, designed and manufactured by this brand, from 2010 till 2019 – the last fully-fledged […]

A Dozen Years of Achievements: Bellavista Collection’s Displays at iSaloni from 2010 to 2022

2022 is a special year for all Italian luxury furniture makers, as well as their colleagues all over the globe: the 60th edition of Salone del Mobile. Milano will be held at last! The oldest, the most reputable, and the biggest trade event in the industry come back this summer in all its fullness and glory. Bellavista […]

Six Bellavista’s Current Bestsellers Created a Decade Ago

Spring of the year 2022 is in full swing, and high-end furniture makers and designers are in anticipation of the 60th edition of the Salone del Mobile. Milano. This year, it’s scheduled to be from 7 to 12 June; the event will take place at Fiera Milano Rho in Milan, Italy. The last two years […]

A Beautiful Woman Cast in Bronze: An Image Harking Back to the Ancient Rome Inspires Bellavista

If you live in Italy, you probably remember how Vittoria Alata, or Winged Victory, made headlines in autumn 2021. This famous bronze statue that dates back to the 1st century AD, returned to the province of Brescia after about three years of restoration in Florence. The Winged Victory of Brescia is among pretty few well-preserved […]

TUDOR Cabinet: Stainless Steel Look as Beautiful as Gold

If you browse through Bellavista Collection’s online catalog of its Italian luxury furniture – the section named PRODUCTS on its website, you’ll see what material for metal details is the most popular. It is cast brass with an antique bronze finish, which is ahead by a large margin. Then go other metals and finishes, and each of […]

Designed in 2019, Stay Popular in 2022: a Perfect Ensemble of a Luxurious Bedroom Set

Fashion is changeable, but genuine beauty is timeless. Style of Bellavista Collection – the brand whose Italian luxury furniture is created with longevity in mind – never goes out of vogue, and for a good reason. The brand has always preferred timeless beauty and classic elegance to volatile trends of fashion. So, Bellavista’s pieces stay […]

Bellavista’s Winning Design Solution: Vienna Straw in Asian-Style Pieces

If you are keen on high-end furniture, you perhaps have already noticed that certain materials or techniques used in their production may suddenly become extremely vogueish, then fall into oblivion, but later they reappear and their popularity soars again. Vienna straw is a good example of this. You probably saw the items with Vienna straw […]

Salone del Mobile. Milano 2022 Will Take Place in Summer; the Exact Date Has Been Confirmed

It turns out that the 60th edition of the Salone Internazionale del Mobile, also known as Milan Furniture salon, or iSaloni, this year will take place in summer – for the first time ever. Originally planned to be held from 5 to 10 April 2022, Salone del Mobile has been officially postponed to June. In […]

Far Beyond the Existing Assortment: Bellavista Collection Creates Bespoke Pieces for Its Customers

When browsing through descriptions of Italian luxury furniture in the online catalog on Bellavista Collection’s website (i.e., PRODUCT section), you’ll instantly notice that the brand’s customers always have plenty of choices. Almost every piece is customizable to a great extent. There could be two, three, or even more sizes to choose from. For wooden pieces, […]

The Quintessence of Bellavista style: NISHA bed from Bellavista Collection

For more than a decade, Italian Luxury furniture from Bellavista Collection has been known for its inimitable style, which took the best traits from classic and modern. All the pieces from Bellavista Collection, from beds and sideboards to lamps and boiserie, share this somehow modest but extremely elegant look. However, there are pieces that could […]

Just One of Many: A Set of Pieces for a Perfect Bedroom in Bellavista Style

For high-end furniture makers, participation in trade events is a must-do. During exhibitions, they demonstrate new collections and get inspiration for future ones, share ideas, conclude agreements and contracts with business partners… That is why, Bellavista Collection regularly showcases its Italian luxury furniture at Salone Internazionale del Mobile. Well, it has been doing so – […]

From an Entrance Hall to a Bathroom: Console Tables from Bellavista Сollection

It’s hard to find a home without at least one console table, and it’s no surprise. The console is a practical furniture piece.  It will come in handy wherever you need space to put things in – and onto. In other words, consoles serve as a hybrid between a table and a cabinet. People often […]

Luxurious Upholstery and Inserts: Leather in Furniture Pieces from Bellavista Collection

When choosing, say, a sofa or an armchair, many people opt for leather, and for a good reason. The glamorous look and distinct buttery feel of top-quality natural leather are unforgettable. A lot of people love its smell, too. They say that leather furniture seems more luxurious than the same pieces upholstered in fabric. Furniture […]

Luxurious Pieces from Bellavista Collection Contributed to the Interior Design of Las Alcobas Hotel

In spite of being a purely Italian brand, Bellavista Collection regularly participates in design projects all over the world. Its top-quality Italian luxury furniture pieces, as well as lighting fixtures, boiserie, mirrors and many other products could be found on every continent except Antarctica. They have long become popular with people and businesses alike, especially […]


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Autumn in Bellavista Style: Enjoy Warmth and Relaxation

Any season is wonderful. Autumn brings us yellow and red leaves, falling from trees and covering the ground like a rustling colorful carpet. The days are getting shorter, and the nights – longer and colder, until Nature freezes in anticipation of winter, with its snow and approaching holidays. Although the climate differs from region to […]

Art Merged with Technology: FLOWER and ROSE from Bellavista Collection

People love comfort and beauty. When furnishing their homes, they not only pick the best furniture pieces, but also think about the overall looks of each room. It means that pictures or sculptures are no less important than chairs or tables. That is why Bellavista Collection, the brand that specializes in the production of Italian […]

The Finishing Touch: Details and Finishes Make Pieces from Bellavista Collection Stand Out

People who prefer Italian luxury furniture are extremely selective and have every right to it. When furnishing their homes, they want nothing but perfect. Bellavista Collection, the well-known producer of high-end designer pieces, from furniture to boiserie and decorative items, knows it pretty well. Striving to satisfy its customers’ wishes, the brand creates articles that […]

Create a Luxurious Bathroom in Bellavista Style

Italian luxury furniture from Bellavista Collection has long been popular with the people who appreciate quality, beauty and strive for perfection. These people have a quite understandable desire to make the interiors of their homes equally pleasant to look at and live in. Everything should be ideal in such a home. When it comes to […]

BERTA and OLIVER: Perfect for Each Other – and Your Home

When you are buying furniture for your home or small business, such as a hotel or a restaurant, you will surely pick the pieces that match one another. Also, you expect your new purchase to harmonize with existing items in the room, if any. And that’s not to mention that all furniture should look nice, […]

Why Bellavista Collection Is an Excellent Business Partner for Companies from Hospitality Industry

Bellavista Collection brand is now more than a decade old, so no wonder it has already earned a solid reputation and established a number of strong business ties. Bellavista’s Italian luxury furniture is recognized all over the world; it is popular with individuals and businesses alike. There are renowned interior designers and architects among the […]

Bellavista Collection’s Cast Metal Items and Details: Somewhere Between Fine Art and Product Design

Furniture brands differ. Some specialize in just one type of product – for example, produce only high-end furniture pieces and nothing more. Some brands have another approach: they design, manufacture, and sell a pretty wide selection of products. Bellavista Collection, a renowned Italian brand, belongs to this group. In addition to Italian luxury furniture, Bellavista […]

S is for Sample and I for imagination: Bellavista Collection Helps Interior Designers Visualize Projects

Professional interior designers and the people who are just furnishing their own rooms are doing at least one thing likewise. They visualize – in one way or another – what they are willing to get as the end result. Some draw sketches on paper, some use special software, but all use their imagination to the […]

Bellavista Collection’s Offer for Those Who Don’t Want to Wait: Buy a Showpiece

Have you wanted to get the very item depicted on a lovely colorful photo in the catalog you were flipping through? Not just the same-looking article, but exactly that thing? If yes, take a look at Bellavista Collection’s recently published booklet, full of magnificent Italian luxury furniture pieces, as well as boiserie, mirrors, lamps, and […]

Bellavista Collection Is Working on New Pieces, Looking Forward to the 60th Edition of Salone del Mobile

In summer 2021, high-end furniture makers are by all means far more optimistic than a year ago. We all remember too well what a challenge 2020 was for the entire global economy. Affairs went out of whack in many industries. For Bellavista Collection, the brand that designs and manufactures Italian luxury furniture, 2020 was a […]

More Outdoor and Swimming Pool Designs from Bellavista Collection to Be Released Soon

If you are a long-standing customer of Bellavista Collection – the brand, widely recognized for its prime quality Italian luxury furniture – you probably remember who Attilio Zanni is. He is the co-founder of the company and the brilliant all-round designer, whose talent in just a decade has turned Bellavista Collection into a renowned brand […]

From August 7 to 22 Bellavista Collection’s Staff Will Be on Vacation

It’s not surprising that all people – even those who love their jobs – look forward to their holidays every year. The annual leave is supposed to give everyone an opportunity to relax their mind and take time out from the daily routine. And it certainly does: remember how joyful and vigorous you are when […]

Extremely Diverse, Equally Perfect: Ensembles You Can Create for Your Kitchen with Bellavista Collection

Have you ever visited someone’s home and said: “Oh, what a gorgeous design?”. Most likely, you had such an experience more than once. These interiors could differ in style, from classic to minimalistic or hi-tech, but they leave the same impression of excellence and perfection. All such interiors have one thing in common. They are […]

Details Make All the Difference: Why Furniture Pieces from Bellavista Collection Are Special

Italian luxury furniture from Bellavista Collection enjoys steady demand now, even in today’s highly competitive market. It’s quite understandable. People love things, which are not only beautiful, but also pleasant to use, durable, and, last but not least, exclusive. The brand is already known all over the world for its very special pieces. Furniture, lighting […]

MY SECRET: Partitioning the Space, Adding Zest to the Interior

When you browse through the website of Bellavista Collection – the brand known for its Italian luxury furniture, the product category named HOME DÉCOR is of particular interest. It contains three sub-categories: MIRRORS, HANDLES, and BELLAVISTA DETAILS. The names of the first two are quite self-explanatory; as to the third one, here you can find […]

Mirrors from Bellavista Collection Come in All Styles, Shapes and Sizes

Nowadays no home or public place can do without a mirror. Actually, in a modern home usually there are at least a few looking-glasses. We take it for granted, although a few centuries ago, a mirror, especially a large one, was a thing only aristocrats and extremely rich people could afford. Luckily, times change, and […]

Style in Every Detail: Chic Hangers from Bellavista Collection

Great attention to detail is what makes Italian luxury furniture from Bellavista Collection truly luxurious. No wonder: a decade ago, this brand sprouted from Casa Zeta – a family-owned and family-run company that produces top quality furniture. In fact, meticulosity and care for the quality of every part has been typical to small Italian workshops […]

A Perfect Entry Room Makes All the Difference: Furnish Yours with Bellavista Collection

An entryway is the first place anyone sees when entering a house. It is the very sight that welcomes you, when you come home.  It’s what visitors see when they step into your house. People tend to judge a home by its entry hall, so a well-furnished foyer is a good chance to make the […]

The Fantastic Four: Newly Designed Coffee Tables from Bellavista Collection

If you browse through Italian luxury furniture in the online product catalog of Bellavista Collection brand, you’ll see that the section named ‘Coffee and side tables’ is the biggest. As many as forty magnificent tables are waiting for you there. How multifarious they are! Coffee and side tables from Bellavista come in all shapes and […]

HAMILTON, ERMES, LOVELY, and TRUMP: Gorgeous Wardrobes from Bellavista Collection

Customers of Bellavista Collection – the brand well-known for its top-quality Italian luxury furniture – are extremely diverse. They are of different nationalities and belong to different confessions; their age also varies greatly. But all these people have one trait in common. All of them have already fulfilled their dream about getting a home where […]

Quality and Beauty: Bellavista Collection Uses Only the Best Upholstery Textiles

When we look at, say, a sofa or an armchair, our impression largely depends on the upholstery material used for this piece. What is more, textiles also greatly contribute to the overall appearance of the entire home. Designers from Bellavista Collection – the brand, whose Italian luxury furniture is known all over the world – […]

One More Brilliant Ensemble from Bellavista Collection for your Living Room

When we buy a sofa, a chair, a table, etc. – it goes without saying that this furniture piece won’t be the only one in the room. There will be others as well. Actually, interior design has everything to do with combining them, creating ensembles that are perceived as a complete and harmonious whole. Pieces […]

Bellavista Collection Meets Spring 2021 in the Pink, Adding Pink Color to Its Projects

Why are we looking forward to spring? Many people will say that they miss colors. Looking at white snow (where it snows in winter) and shades of brown and grey (where it doesn’t) tire our eyes and spoils the mood. In early spring, we long for something positive, joyful, youthful, and optimistic – like first […]

BERTA: Equally Suitable for Homes, Hotels, and Restaurants

For better or worse, modern people spend plenty of time sitting. We sit during meals, when reading, watching TV or playing table games. Many of them have desk work, which means sitting during working hours. So, choosing suitable seats, such as chairs, armchairs, sofas, is very important. Nobody will argue that the right seat must […]

Combining Wood with Metal: Finishes Make All the Difference

Being a reputable brand, whose Italian luxury furniture is known around the world, Bellavista Collection takes combining materials very seriously. It’s one of the most important factors, which determine the overall look of a furniture piece. Actually, Bellavista Collection brand has always been good at making the most of materials, showing their natural beauty. Metals, […]

Combine& Create: Construct Your Perfect Dining Room with Bellavista Collection

Along with being well-designed and made of top-quality materials, Italian luxury furniture from Bellavista Collection has one more trait, which makes it a great fit for creating perfect interiors. It’s interchangeability. In spite of their extreme diversity, pieces from Bellavista brand can be freely combined to create lots of grand-looking and comfy ensembles. It became […]

Items from Bellavista Collection Became a Part of an Award-Winning project

Being a renowned furniture brand means feeling the pulse of the latest trends in design. Bellavista Collection, whose Italian luxury furniture is famous all over the world, knows it pretty well. Since the very start of the brand, Bellavista has been participating in the most prestigious trade events, like Salone Internazionale del Mobile, where thousands […]

A Few Hints on Furnishing Family Rooms and Living Rooms from Bellavista Collection

People differ, and so do the sizes of their homes. Lots of people live in small apartments and houses. Sometimes a young family may even cram into in a tiny studio, but usually they try to get a more spacious home as soon as they can afford it. An average family typically wants at least […]

The Year of the Metal Ox Starts on February 12 – Congratulations from Bellavista Collection!

It’s quite obvious that at the beginning of the third millennium, our world became small as never before.  In spite of all cultural diversity, various ethnicities actively communicate with one another. The interpenetration of cultures is usually beneficial for all sides. People of different nations got used to tasting one another’s cuisine, reading books, listening […]

Salone del Mobile 2021 is Scheduled to Take Place in Autumn

In 2020, the nasty corona virus made affairs go out of whack. Lots of industries in many countries faced severe problems, and the production of Italian luxury furniture was no exception. In spring 2020 Bellavista Collection brand had to cease production due to the quarantine, so lots of customers had to wait for months until […]

New Year, New Colors: Two Pantone Colors of the year 2021 Are Selected

Every year, usually in December, Pantone Color Institute names the Color of the Year for the year to come. Lots of professionals who deal with visual communication, from interior and product designers to advertising gurus, have been looking forward to this occasion ever since 2000, i.e., for more than two decades. Pantone LLC, which is […]

Every Meal Becomes a Feast: Bellavista Collection Offers Dining Tables with a Lazy Susan

When it comes to furnishing houses and apartments, tastes do differ. However, there are things that still are a must-have, even if you are a fan of the ultra-minimalistic design. A dining table is one of them. Joyous parties and family gatherings; romantic candlelit dinners and day-to-day breakfasts – all they take place at a […]

Bellavista Collection’s Communications with Customers Going Digital

It seems that 2020 will be remembered primarily as the year of severe economic and social challenges caused by the notorious corona virus. Now that this year is coming to an end, it’s clear that they haven’t gone yet. In 2021, lots of people will still face problems resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Quarantines and […]

Blending a TV into a Room: Low Cabinets and Wall Paneling from Bellavista Collection

Have you seen a home without a TV? Even if you have, there are extremely few of them nowadays. In developed countries, the vast majority of household has at least one TV set, and pretty often – a few of them. With the growing popularity of smart TVs and subscription video on demand, the zone […]

Create a Perfect Home for Relaxing Vacations 2020

The year 2020 is rapidly moving towards its end, and the only thing we can say for sure is that the Winter Holidays 2020-2021 will still differ from the ones we’ve had before. By New Year 2020, the pandemic was on the rise – and, alas, it’s clear that the notorious virus is pretty unlikely […]

Trays, Mirrors, and Many More: Accessories from Bellavista’s 2020 Collection

Although the brand of Bellavista Collection is known mostly as a producer of Italian luxury furniture, that isn’t the only type of goods this company manufactures. Lamps, mirrors, not to mention a variety of decorative articles – all this, and many more, you’ll find on the company’s website. Browse through the brand’s catalog – and […]

Furnish Your Home Office with Bellavista Collection

The notorious pandemic of 2020 multiplied the number of home offices at least by hundreds. People who used to travel to their offices every day, now work from the comfort of their homes. But this implies the need for well- equipped (and well-furnished) home offices. It turns out that a comfy chair, a convenient working […]

Feel the Joy of Autumn in Bellavista-Styled Interior

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower”, – once wrote Albert Camus, a famous French philosopher and author. Let’s enjoy this beautiful season to the full, say no to melancholy and immerse yourself in the beauty of autumn. After a long walk – the farther from the urban landscape, the better […]

One More Dream of a Home in Bellavista Style: A New Concept from Attilio Zanni

People who love top-quality designer furniture, are extremely likely to know about Bellavista Collection – the brand that specializes mostly in manufacturing Italian luxury furniture. And, of course, they have definitely heard of Attilio Zanni, whose talent has turned a family-owned furniture factory named Casa Zeta into a renowned brand.  This genius of a designer […]

Floral Motifs in 2020 Collection: ALCOBAS Coffee Table

For numerous generations, creative people have been inspired by Nature. Poets, writers, architects, and artists get insights from its perfection. Designers also draw inspiration from the magnificence of flora and fauna. Attilio Zanni, a brilliant contemporary designer and co-founder of Bellavista Collection – the brand whose Italian luxury furniture is well-known all over the world […]

Bellavista Collection Replenished its Catalogue with Items Designed in 2020

Any high-end furniture manufacturer will agree that having a neat-looking, comprehensive, and up-to-date catalog is extremely important. It serves as a valuable source of information about the company and its products. Sometimes, the catalog is the first thing potential business partners judge the company by. It is the catalog that often determines whether a prospective […]

Alike but Different: PYPER Armchair and Loveseat from Bellavista’s 2020 Collection

Maybe, everybody loved curling up in an armchair as a child. It’s so nice to nestle down with a toy or a book… When we were kids, all armchairs were large enough for that – well, it’s we who were smaller. The size of armchairs hasn’t changed, but in most of them we can just […]

Bellavista Applies Impressive New Materials and Finishes in Its 2020 Collection

Bellavista Collection has always been extremely fastidious while selecting materials for the Italian luxury furniture it manufactures. Only the best-quality woods and the most attractive finishes are picked; only the finest fabrics and leather from the most reputable suppliers are used for creating Bellavista’s pieces. Visit Bellavista Collection’s website, browse through the categories in Products […]

Bellavista Prepares Its Showroom for the 2020 Collection

For Bellavista Collection, the year 2020 is special – in all senses. The tenth year of the brand’s existence turned out to be challenging indeed… alas, not only for Bellavista Collection. The notorious COVID-19 pandemic caused a severe economic recession all over the world. To prevent COVID- 19 from spreading, about a half of the […]

Inspired by Nature: DIAPASON Dining Table from 2020 Collection

The year 2020 is definitely special for Bellavista Collection, and so are this year’s showpieces. Although they most likely won’t be showcased at trade fairs this year due to the notorious COVID-19 pandemic, these pieces of Italian luxury furniture are well worth your attention. It’s a pity that this year’s edition of Salone Internazionale del […]

Bellavista Collection Finds Inspiration in Nature: CHAMPIGNON coffee table

Long-standing customers of Bellavista Collection remember that this brand regularly showcases its Italian luxury furniture at two prestigious trade fairs – Milan Furniture Salon and Maison et Objet in Paris. But that’s not all. Each time the display has some general concept – a certain general idea that unites all the exhibits. Last year, in […]

Bellavista’s New 2020 Collection: Inspired by Nature

High-end furniture market is extremely competitive: only a small part of newly created brands lasts longer than a few years. Bellavista Collection celebrates its tenth birthday this year. Can we say that the brand was lucky to survive the first decade? Well, it isn’t quite so. Bellavista Collection has not just survived. It has succeeded […]

Bellavista Collection Takes its Traditional Summer Break in August 2020

Summer 2020 is in full swing, so Bellavista Collection announces its vacation closure in mid-August. Friday, August 7 will be the last working day in the firm. From August 8 to 23, the office company’s staff will be on holiday. Production at the same time will be considered suspended during all the month of August. […]

Celebrating the Splendor of Nature: DALIA Lamp from Bellavista

Although Bellavista Collection specializes in producing Italian luxury furniture, lighting fixtures from this brand always stand out. If you open the company’s website and browse through the product category named LIGHTING, you’ll see how increasingly diverse Bellavista’s lamps are – and each is beautiful. Chandeliers, table lamps, sconces, floor lamps, and candle holders – each […]

Bellavista Collection Looking Forward to Reopening, Prepared New Pieces

It looks like The Big Closure due to the notorious COVID-19 is coming to an end. People and businesses alike are deliriously happy about it, eagerly waiting for the moment to start to translate their ideas and plans into action. We all have had enough time for thinking things through, generating ideas, and making plans… […]

Bellavista Collection in 2016-2019: A Recognizable Brand with an Inimitable Style

This article is the last, third, one in a small series, telling the brief history of Bellavista Collection – the brand that made production of Italian luxury furniture kind of art. Having sprouted from a family-owned (and very much family-like) furniture producer named Casa Zeta in 2010, Bellavista Collection kept the very best traits of […]

Bellavista Collection in 2013-2015: Wider Variety of Products, Successes at Trade Events

As you probably remember from the previous article, in 2020 Bellavista Collection brand celebrates its 10th anniversary. This article will touch upon Bellavista’s main achievements that took place from 2013 till 2015. By 2013, Bellavista Collection had gained popularity in Italy and abroad as an auspicious producer of Italian luxury furniture. It became possible partly […]

The First Jubilee of Bellavista: Plenty to Be Proud of and Boast About

2020 is a special year for Bellavista Collection – and no, it is not about the pandemic. In 2020 Bellavista celebrates its first jubilee – 10th anniversary of the brand. Ten years is a pretty long period, when it comes to the activity of such a dynamic brand as Bellavista Collection.  Just one article is […]

Bellavista Collection featured on Elle Decoration Middle East – Project by Ammar Basheir

Discover Bellavista Collection at Nuzul Al Salam, a traditional Bahraini house that has just been restored and decorated by Ammar Basheir. Enjoy views with Boss armchair, Elizabeth console, Ritz console, Big John sofa, Business class cabinet with lamp. #elledecorationmiddleeast #ammarbasheir written by @desireesadek pictures by @guillaumedelaubier

A Superb Hotel Interior Created with Italian Luxury Furniture from Bellavista Collection

Travelling is cool – now we understand it as never before. The global quarantine locked us in our homes, and for some time everything we can recollect our past vacations and dream about places to visit in the future when the quarantine ends. Well, it will end – nothing lasts forever. The tourism industry will […]

Wardrobes from Bellavista Collection: A Must-Have in a Luxurious Bedroom

When you get dressed in the morning, most likely you take your clothes out of a wardrobe. You will probably agree that this furniture piece is a must-have for any properly furnished bedroom. That’s why on the website of Bellavista Collection, a renowned producer of Italian luxury furniture, wardrobes are placed in the product category […]

The Most Relaxing Room in a Home: Bedroom Furniture from Bellavista Collection

Do you perceive a bedroom as a special place in your home? If yes, you are quite right. Adults spend about one-third of each day sleeping – from six to nine hours on the average, to be exact. It means that the room when you sleep (not to mention some other pleasant activities taking place […]

Fresh Up Your Living Room with Wooden Furniture from Bellavista Collection

However nasty the global quarantine might feel, it will come to an end sooner or later. We all are looking forward to this moment. Meantime, more and more people ask themselves a question what changes we are going to spot when we are allowed to leave our homes at last. While sociologists speculate whether there […]

Dining Rooms and Kitchens Become Cozier with Wooden Furniture from Bellavista Collection

Spending all the time at home among other things means that we start paying attention to lots of nuances we didn’t notice before. A dining chair that had been creaking for years before you noticed it – yesterday. A ceiling lamp in the kitchen, which actually has never fit into the ensemble. You bought it […]

Facing the Danger of COVID 19: Bellavista Collection Brand Temporary Suspends Production, Always Assisting Clients from Home

There is no need to name the reason why Bellavista Collection has recently put production of its Italian luxury furniture on hold. The entire world now knows what the abbreviation COVID 19 stands for. Unfortunately, the pandemic is in full swing. So, as a part of the global and national effort to combat it, Bellavista […]

Furniture and Lighting: Two Parts of a Whole

Furnishing a room is not all about furniture – even people whose vocation is far from interior design will agree with it. A perfectly furnished home includes a number of other characteristics, and well-though-out lighting is one of the most important ones. To begin with, lighting a room properly doesn’t mean lighting it brightly. Generally […]

The Magic of Blue: The Favorite Bellavista’s Color in 2019 Announced Color of the Year 2020

About a year ago, at the last year’s edition of Salone Internazionale del Mobile, it was obvious that Bellavista Collection, a well-known producer of Italian luxury furniture, had changed its color palette, adopting blue as a new favorite. There was plenty of blue color in Bellavista’s exhibitor booth at iSaloni 2019. Two AVUELA sofas upholstered […]

Mirrors from Bellavista Collection: Equally Pleasant to Look at and in

Did you know that mirrors used to virtually cost their weight in gold? A few centuries ago, a looking glass was a sign of great wealth, or extremely high status, or both. So, we should feel lucky that we have a few of large mirrors at home – there were times when not every king […]

The Magic of Symmetry: Patterns in Bellavista Collection’s Design

Have you ever meditated while gazing at some nice symmetric pattern? If you haven’t, try it – many people find it really relaxing and refreshing. Symmetry itself is beautiful and enigmatic; its appeal is irresistible – maybe that’s why we love patterns so much. Being a renowned producer of Italian luxury furniture, as well as […]

Bellavista Collection Congratulates Everybody on Valentine’s Day and Prompts Ideas for Gifts

Many people see XXI century as no-nonsense times – pragmatic rather than romantic. But February 14 demonstrates that people are not foreign to romanticism even these days. Initially devoted to the Christian saint, Valentine’s Day has already become a cultural phenomenon, having very little to do with religion. On this day, the phrase ‘be my […]

Creating the Timeless Beauty: Why Bellavista Collection’s Pieces are Special

When somebody calls some, say, armchair perfect, what do you see in your mind’s eye? Most likely, this imaginary armchair will be well-designed (i.e. equally pleasant to look at and to sit on) and carefully made of quality materials. In other words, it will look like armchairs from Bellavista Collection, whose Italian luxury furniture is […]

The Color of Luck, Joy and Prosperity: Red in Bellavista Collection

Our XXI-century world is awesome. More and more people think of themselves as a part of humankind, as citizens of the world, and take cultural diversity for granted. In the modern world, lots of multifarious cultures influence – and mutually enrich – one another. Among common examples of such an intermixing of cultures are trends […]

Bellavista Appreciates the Beauty of Metal in the Year of the Metal Rat

Our calendar shows that 2020 is already here, but in Chinese astrology, this year – Year of the Metal Rat- hasn’t begun yet. It will start on January 25 and last till February 11, 2021. Since the Chinese New Year is Lunar, i.e. it’s calculated according to the Lunar calendar, its date varies from year […]

Bellavista collection featured in

Discover Bellavista collection in with Dolce Far niente bench, Bonaparte coffee table and Ambross side table @salon_magazine #salon_magazine Pictures: Petr Maslov – Design:

Bellavista Collection Wishes You Happy Chinese New Year

Not long after the Winter Holiday Season, one more exciting holiday is coming up – Lunar, or Chinese, New Year. Let’s welcome the Year of Metal Rat!  It starts on January 25, 2020 and will last till February 11, 2021. The Year of the Rat is special: this sign is the first one in the […]

Bellavista Collection’s New Year Resolutions and Plans for 2020

The world is rapidly moving towards 2020. Most likely, everybody expects something special from the year with such a symmetrical number. In any way, the end of December is time when we usually sum up the results of the departing year and make plans for the future. This is equally true both for people and […]

Bellavista Collection Anticipates the Festive Season and Announces the dates of the Winter Holidays

In most parts of the world, the beginning of winter is a really special time for individuals and businesses alike. December is the month when, on the one hand, many of us are very busy at work, but on the other hand, we all are in pleasurable anticipation of holidays. Actually, the winter festive season […]

Bellavista collection featured at the Identity Design Awards

Identity Design Awards 2019 RESIDENTIAL INTERIOR VILLA by THE NIU STUDIO – pictures by CHIARA CADEDDU The Family House The Judges shortlisted this project as “the most eye-catching and interesting new Residential Interior Villa project of the year. The interior of a home that should reflect the personalities and lives of those who live there. […]

Grand-Looking Pictures from Bellavista Collection to Hang on a Wall in Your Perfect Home

Whatever the current trends in interior design may be, a good old-fashioned painting or a panel picture on a wall is always in vogue. So, Bellavista Collection – a brand specializing mostly in producing Italian luxury furniture, offers a cherry-picked selection of panel pictures for its customers to make their homes truly unique. Each time […]

Brass Sculptures from Bellavista Collection: Artwork and Decorations

Although Bellavista Collection is known all over the world primarily as a producer of Italian luxury furniture, its lovey brass statuettes are also very popular with the company’s customers. People love these nifty-looking rhinos, horses, greyhounds, and hippos. Especially hippos. Bellavista’s longstanding customers also remember that this animal, or rather its brass statuette, has been […]

Of Artisans and Artists: Pieces from Bellavista Collection as an Example of Beautility

Each talented craftsman is an artist in a way, not to mention designers. If you look at brilliantly designed and well-crafted things, you will surely agree that even a utilitarian item, such as a table or a lamp, can well look like a piece of art. It doesn’t make it less practical, though. The item […]

Noble, Elegant and Durable: Marble in Furniture Pieces from Bellavista Collection

When thinking of marble, we usually first remember beautiful architectural pieces, faced in marble, or famous sculptures, such as Michelangelo’s David. But marble is a really versatile material. We can see it in modern interiors, from floors and walls to tabletops and home décor items. Marble has always been a sign of wealth – ever […]

Just Sit Back and Relax: Three Floor lamps from Bellavista Collection Designed Especially for It

For many people, a floor lamp is a somehow special thing, a bit more than just a lighting fixture. We often place a floor lamp near an armchair and a coffee table, so these items form a separate zone. A cozy spot of light from a floor lamp creates intimate an atmosphere in a piece […]

Furnish Your Home in Bellavista Style With Boiserie As the Finishing Touch

The overall appearance of our home in no small way depends on how the walls look. Tastes differ here: some choose painted walls, some opt for wallpaper, and some prefer wainscoting. Each option has its pluses. For example, well-picked wall paneling will harmonize with the floors, doors, and furniture, easily turning separate items into a […]

Table Lamps from Bellavista Collection Will Make Your Room Feel Cozy

When we come home after a long and stressful working day, the only thing we want is to relax for a while. When we are really exhausted, we don’t have energy for any activity. We need to recharge our energies first. What will you do if you are so drained that are in no mood […]

The Resplendent Trio: Office Desks from Bellavista Collection

When it comes to high-end furnishings in general and Italian luxury furniture in particular, we first think about living rooms or bedrooms. But what about offices? If you are a boss, you will surely want to properly furnish the place you spend at least one -third of your life in. Or do you work from […]

September: Professionals from Bellavista are Back to Work with Renewed Vigor

The summer is over, and so are the holidays at Bellavista Collection. This renowned brand is happy to announce that from the second of September its entire staff is back to work. The process of manufacturing Italian luxury furniture and other items, which Bellavista is well-known for, is restarted in full. Cabinet makers, woodworkers, glass […]

A Dream of a Vacation Home from Bellavista Collection

Summer is at its height. It means that millions of people leave their workplaces with a sigh of relief and head for a variety of destinations to relax and have fun. They are on vacation at last! Leaving home implies that all these vacationers have to live somewhere else. Thanks to the accommodation sector of […]

On Summer, Travelling, and Cosmopolitan Hippos

Do you love summer? Most people do. They see summer as a season of sun and fun, of relaxation and outdoor activities. They enjoy hot sun and cloudless skies and look forward to going away on holiday. And yes, summer is a season of vacations. Although there are people who prefer taking a vacation in […]

Bellavista Collection Takes a Break in the Height of Summer

The summer is at its height, and if you are planning to purchase high-end designer furniture in August, there is an important piece of news for you. Bellavista Collection, a well-known producer of Italian luxury furniture, is taking a traditional short time out pretty soon. From August 10 to 25 all the company’s employees will […]

Bellavista Collection and Pascal Arquitectos: Fruitful Co-operation and Decades-Long Friendship 

In a way, Bellavista Collection stands out among producers of Italian luxury furniture. Attilio Zanni, the designer whom Bellavista has every reason to be proud of, is the company’s co-founder. Two Zanni brothers, Attilio and Fabrizio, founded this brand and presented it in 2010 at a prestigious trade event. For many years, Mr. Zanni has […]

LED lighting for Bellavista Furniture: Nice-Looking and Handy

Imagine that you are watching TV in a living room late at night. You want to take something from a wardrobe in the bedroom, but you don’t want to wake up your spouse sleeping there. You won’t have to switch any lights on, if your wardrobe is equipped with LED lights with motion sensor – […]

Bellavista’s Materials for Upholstery: A Variety of the Very Best

One doesn’t have to be a furniture producer to realize that upholstery material can make all the difference. Upholster the same armchair in leather, in differently colored cloth with plain surface, or in ornamented fabrics with different patterns – and you’ll get quite diverse furniture pieces. Some of them may be a big hit at […]

The Charm of Green Velvet: FILOMENA Armchair Revamped

Every successful high-end furniture producer knows that the right choice of upholstery can make all the difference. Selecting fabric or leather, which will be the best fit for a particular model, is very close to art; it requires incredible sense of beauty and plenty of practical experience. However brilliantly a furniture piece might be designed, […]

The Charm of Bronze Statuettes and Candles: IPPO TRAY from Bellavista Collection

Nobody knows what makes open fire so appealing to people of the XXI century. Why most of us love campfires, log fires, candles? Why a dinner by candlelight evokes good feelings? What if we associate naked flame with comfort and safety ever since our remote ancestors kept wood fires in their caves hundreds of thousands […]

Bedroom Furniture from Bellavista Collection: Comfort Beauty, and Practicability

It’s common knowledge that adults spend almost a third of their lives in bed – seven hours a day, give or take. We all spend plenty of time in our bedrooms, so it’s pretty natural that people want to make their bedrooms as cozy and soothing as possible. Also, people usually keep lots of their […]

OSCAR Table from Bellavista Collection as an Example of Manifoldness and Diversity

Customers enjoy Italian luxury furniture from Bellavista Collection for a number of reasons. The brilliant design of every piece, the top quality, only the best materials used – just to name a few. Also, customers do appreciate that the brand offers lots of options almost for each item.  It means that they have more chance […]

MI-SERVO at your service: The Piece that Makes a Home Luxurious

If you are furnishing your house or apartment, you surely will be looking for many items in addition to furniture. For comfortable life you will also need mirrors, lighting fixtures, curtains, carpets, artwork, and lots of other things intended to turn a dwelling into a home. Such articles could be divided into two groups. There […]

Bellavista Collection Thanks iSaloni Attendees for their Interest

Salone Internazionale Del Mobile is, by all means, the most important exhibition for high-end furniture designers and makers. It’s the largest fair of its kind in the world: its pavilions spread over 345,000 square meters, plus 60,000 square meters of exhibition space located outside the fairgrounds. The event traditionally takes place at the Fiera Milano […]

Color of the Sky, Sea, and Serenity: Blue Is the 2019 Favorite in Bellavista

It’s no secret that every color tends to evoke particular feelings or emotions. Colors of surrounding objects exert significant influence on our mood. Taking into account that we spend a good share of our time at home, it means that the colors of everything we see – carpets and rugs, wallpaper, furniture upholstery – can […]

Inlaid Furniture in XXI Century: Luxury as It Is

If you take a look at a museum collection of antique furniture – desirably, untouched by time – you will find that many of these exquisite pieces are decorated with inlay. Aren’t they impressive? Talented artisans, most of whom remained unknown, turned plain wooden boards and parts into masterpieces by inlaying them with small pieces […]

Of Royal Name, Looks and Quality: A New Bellavista’s Sideboard Will Soon be Shown in Milan

Salone Internazionale Del Mobile is an exhibition, where high-end furniture manufacturers display the best of the best of their achievements. Each participant quite predictably tries to present something exclusive at every edition. Milan Furniture Salon is the most prestigious trade event not only for furniture makers, but also for a wide variety of companies whose […]

Evoking Memories: Bellavista Presents a NewCollection in Milan

When a company prepares a collection of showpieces for some major trade event – like Salone del Mobile, which is to take place in Milan pretty soon – this collection is more than just a number of pieces. Well, they are made in a particular style, but it is not enough. Such a group of […]

Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2019: Fifty-Eight Years of Excellence

Everybody whose vocation is related to furniture manufacturing knows what Milan Furniture salon is. Trade professionals look forward to it every year. No wonder: it’s the oldest, the best-known and the most prestigious trade event for producers of high-end furniture, along with a wide range of items related to interior design. Now it draws together […]

Wardrobes from Bellavista Collection for a Real Home

If you are middle-aged, you probably can recall the times when you were young and moved every so often. Do you remember the rooms in a campus residence, studios, and apartments you lived in? Maybe, not all of them. Most likely, you didn’t care much for all this stuff like interior design, colour of wallpaper […]

The Joy of Applying Makeup: The Make-Up Station from Bellavista Collection

There are charming ladies who wear make-up, and there are those who don’t. That’s great, in fact. Just several decades ago applying some kind of makeup was de rigueur for every townswoman. But nowadays women in Europe and America are lucky to be almost free from pressure of fashion if they wish. Modern women can […]

Dressers from Bellavista Collection: As Elegant as the Ladies They’re Made for

Women typically love furnishing their homes and are very scrupulous when doing it, and that’s superb. Many of them can boast of instinctive sense of harmony, which helps a woman to create a real home in every place she lives in. There are a few pieces of furniture, which no woman can hardly do without, […]

Bellavista Collection is Looking Forward to Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2019

There are a few trade events, which Bellavista Collection, a recognized Italian manufacturer of Italian luxury furniture, never misses. The most prestigious and well-known of them is Salone Internazionale del Mobile, or Milan Furniture salon (often called iSaloni for short). For Bellavista Collection, Salone del Mobile is special indeed. To begin with, the brand itself […]

Expanding the palette: Bellavista Collection Adds New Colors in 2019

For all our lives, ever since birth we are surrounded with lots of objects, including furniture. Often it happens that certain items become very special for us. Do you remember the cozy armchair, where you liked to sit huddled up as a child? Or a sofa where you used to nestle against Mom? Most likely, […]

When Size Matters: Furniture from Bellavista Will Fit Into Any Dwelling

What a pity when you find a dream of a sofa, a dining table, an armchair, or a bed… but it turns out to be too large or too small for your room! Maybe, many of us have had such an experience. Well, when we choose furniture for our homes, the size of the particular […]

Bellavista Collection Concludes Year 2018 and Wishes You Happy Holidays

2018 is almost over, and the most magical time of the year is nearby. It doesn’t actually matter whether you celebrate Christmas or just share the festive mood on Christmas eve. Holiday season doesn’t just end the year – it completes and finalizes the year, so to speak. It’s the time when we rarely start […]

Bellavista Collection and Participation in Trade Events: Past, Present, and Future

There are few industries, if any, where participation in specialized fairs isn’t a must for a business who wants to succeed. Trade exhibitions offer outstanding opportunities for networking and inspiration. They enable companies to showcase their newest products, meet prospective business partners, learn about competitors’ activities, spot emerging market trends, and so on. Bellavista Collection, […]

A Whole New Thing: 2018 Additions to Bellavista Collection

For the last eight years – ever since 2010, when this successful Italian brand came into existence – Bellavista Collection remains a great place where people come in search for something extraordinary for their homes. In fact, everything you can find here is really remarkable: Italian luxury furniture, elegant lighting fixtures, grand-looking mirrors, chic wall […]


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How to Make Customers Happy: Bellavista Collection’s Special Recipe

Successful businesses are sometimes believed to have some secret recipe for success. Bellavista Collection, a renowned Italian brand, which has been successfully selling Italian luxury furniture for eight years already, does have one. But Bellavista’s recipe is far from being top secret. Here it is: “Take a cherry-picked selection of Italian luxury furniture. Add very […]

Finding a Perfect Match: Italian Luxury Furniture Combinations from Bellavista Collection

When furnishing our homes, we always try to reach harmony, to make each item in the room match all the others. It often turns out to be a tricky task. Of course, many companies offer pre-selected sets of furniture, but what if you like, say, a table but don’t like the form of chairs in […]

Suitability and Style for Storage: Sideboards from Bellavista Collection

Every home needs a certain place to store various belongings in. If you live somewhere for long enough, you acquire lots of goods you use either every day or from time to time. It means that you need storage space for all of them, otherwise your home will inevitably become cluttered. The solution to this […]

Specifically for Keen Readers: Bookcases from Bellavista Collection

It may seem that in the 21st-century world paper books are on their way to becoming obsolete altogether. Some could think that completely switching to digital books and electronic readers is a matter of a few decades. On the one hand, the trend is clear. eBooks are all the rage these days. Kids of the […]

Metals and Metal Details in Bellavista Collection’s Furniture

Nowadays, high-end furniture is not all about wood – it’s usually a mix of several materials. Various metals, such as copper, bronze, aluminum, stainless steel, cast iron and others, are routinely combined with wood in modern furniture production. In fact, any piece of modern furniture has some metal parts – e.g. hinges, knobs, handles, keyhole […]

Bellavista Collection: A Family of Modern Artisans

Nowadays, furniture making is almost all about mass production and huge enterprises. Machines have replaced humans at every stage of the production process practically everywhere. If you take any mass-produced furniture piece, you can bet that human hands touched it just a few times at the best. Just a century ago – at the beginning […]

Italian luxury furniture at M&O Paris: We Boast of What We Trade

When a furniture manufacturer makes something really special, for example, custom-made, high-end, one-of-a-kind designer items – in other words, something that’s beyond mass production, it’s quite understandable that such a producer participates in prestigious trade events. Exhibitions serve as a place to showcase new collections, spot emerging trends in design, as well as to communicate […]

The Light of Domesticity: Table Lamps from Bellavista Collection

Everybody will agree that a perfect home is a home, which is not only well-furnished, but also properly lit. Various lightning fixtures – chandeliers, table and floor lamps, scones, etc. – by all means are an inseparable part of any interior design. They must be in harmony with everything in the room, from furniture to […]

Maison&Objet: It’s All About L’art de Vivre

There are trade events that are just must-attend for professionals whose sphere is related to various aspects of contemporary living – for example, furnishings, interior design, and the like. Maison&Objet is among such events. No wonder that Bellavista Collection, a renowned Italian brand that offers Italian luxury furniture, regularly participates in Maison&Objet. Since 1995, M&O […]

See You in a Fortnight: Bellavista Collection Takes Time Out in August

For about eight years Bellavista have been striving to satisfy people’s demand for top quality Italian luxury furniture, as well as other items that make people’s homes unique. The company’s team respects its Customers and puts high value on their trust and support. That is why Bellavista Collection feels the need to notify all its […]

Bellavista Collection Has Lots to Showcase at Maison et Objet in September

Modern markets are highly competitive. Whatever the niche is – furniture, textiles, artwork, home décor, anything – if producers want to succeed, they should actively participate in various trade events. Bellavista Collection – a well-known company that offers Italian luxury furniture along with a number of other items related to interior design – knows it […]

Handles from Bellavista Collection: Beautility As It Is

Furniture making is a craft where there are no minor things. Actually, it’s true for any trade if you do a good job. When you make quality custom furnishings, everything counts, including the fittings, – confirm experts for Bellavista Collection. It’s a well-known company that produces Italian luxury furniture and supplies it all over the […]

Sand Casting at Bellavista Collection: Ancient Technology for Modern Times

Did you know that 90% of all goods currently manufactured in the world contain at least one cast metal detail? Liquid metal can be cast into almost any shape, so metal casting is one of the most widespread technologies – and among the oldest. Cast metal parts are very popular with furniture designers and makers. […]

Cast Bronze and Brass Items in Bellavista Collection: Furniture Decoration, Statuettes, and Many More

People have always valued eye appeal of their interiors no less than their functionality. Since ancient times, furniture makers have strived to decorate their items beautifully. Nowadays aesthetic value of furnishings is of great importance as well. Stylish and comfortable furniture enables us to create a cozy interior, which can tell a lot about personality, […]

Coil Springs for XXI-Century Furniture

Time-Proven Upholstery Techniques at Bellavista Collection If you take a newly produced mass-market sofa or an armchair, strip its upholstery fabric off and look inside, most likely you’ll find some kind of synthetic material there. It could be polyurethane, urethane or latex foam, etc. There won’t be any springs tied across their tops anymore. Coil […]

Turning a Living Room into mini-Las Vegas with Furniture from Bellavista

The busier our lifestyle is, the more we love evenings at home and our friends’ visits. Not in the mood for having a night off – well, what about a board game and pizza party at home? Or would you prefer board game and cocktails one? For many people, card and board games are among […]

Leather Furniture: Choose the Best!

When we talk of leather-upholstered furniture – sofas, armchairs, couches, ottomans, etc. – the very first words that come to mind are comfort and chic. Leather-covered furniture items are considered really prestigious ones: for many people, having a set of leather furniture is a sign of being well-to-do. Others appreciate its durability or just love […]

Bellavista Collection Will Soon Have an Art section with a Picture Gallery

“Art is not a treasure in the past or an importation from another land, but part of the present life of all living and creating people,”- said Franklin D. Roosevelt, the 32nd President of the United States.  It is really so. Almost anywhere we can see works of art; besides, integration of art to interior […]

The Charm of Orient: Modern Design for Zen Atmosphere

Contemporary furniture designers get a lot out of Oriental motifs, forms and patterns. Combining their own innovative ideas with centuries-old ones from Asian cultures, designers manage to create really unique pieces. Some of them will be shown at iSaloni 2018 by two Italian brands – Bellavista Collection, known for its modern Italian luxury furniture, and […]

iSaloni 2018

For the 57th edition of Salone del Mobile Milano, Bellavista Collection, the artisanal Italian design house, will be introducing a new collection of timeless interior pieces. As the benchmark for the luxury interiors market, Salone del Mobile Milano is the premier showcase of contemporary design, with almost 400,000 visitors from 165 countries attending. With this […]

Bellavista Collection and Luciano Marcato Work Together to Create Masterpieces

Lots of furniture items – sofas, couches, living room chairs, armchairs, – are upholstered. So, when we choose italian furniture of this kind, we pay plenty of attention to its covering. No wonder: quality and looks of upholstery material are of key importance for durability of the entire piece. Furniture stuff withstands great wear and […]

57 Years of the Milan Furniture Fair

From a Promo Exhibition to the Global-Scale Annual Trade Event There are few events in the world whose importance for professionals from interior design and furnishing sectors is comparable to that of Salone Internazionale del Mobile. This trade event is also known as Milan Furniture Fair, or simply iSaloni. Its history is a story of […]

Sofas and Armchairs from Bellavista Collection

Sofas and Armchairs from Bellavista Collection: the Quintessence of Coziness and Comfort Living room is by all means a heart of any home. We spend a good deal of our pastime there – talking, reading, playing table games, watching TV, etc. Most of this time we spend sitting in an armchair or a sofa. Well, […]

Who Buys Luxury Italian Furniture from Bellavista

Need for Durability and Elegance: Who Buys Luxury Italian Furniture from Bellavista When it comes to furnishing a home, people’s tastes differ, and so do their approaches to choosing the optimal variant. Basically, there are two main approaches to selecting a set of furniture for a home. It might seem that the choice is obvious: the […]

Luxury Italian Casegoods from Bellavista

Not Just for Keeping Stuff in: Luxury Italian Casegoods from Bellavista No dwelling can do without such pieces of furniture as bookshelves, chests, cupboards, chests of drawers, cabinets, dressers, wardrobes, etc. These items are conventionally called casegoods. Generally speaking, casegoods, or case furniture, include the items that have sufficient interior space to store various belongings. […]

Lamps from Bellavista Collection

Lamps from Bellavista Collection: Easy on the Eye, Good for Eyesight Interior design is a sphere where there are no trifles: for the end result to look perfect, all the components are equally important. That is why Bellavista Collection, the resource that sells Italian luxury furniture, has a separate section called Lighting, devoted to light […]

Beds from Bellavista Collection

Beds from Bellavista Collection: Created for You to Enjoy One-Third of your Life Whether you like it or not, we all spend about one-third of our lives sleeping.  Each person sleeps from 7 to 9 hours a day on the average. Our overall health well-being to a great extent depends on how well we sleep. […]

Mirrors from Bellavista Collection

Mirrors from Bellavista Collection: Designed to Suit any Taste Nowadays it’s pretty difficult to imagine a home without a mirror. Actually, a typical modern home usually has a few mirrors: a mirror in the hall, one more in the bathroom, probably yet another one in the bedroom. All they are extremely likely to differ in […]

Choosing Between…

Choosing Between an Antique and a Good Reproduction When it comes to choosing furniture, tastes differ. Some are satisfied with mass-produced furniture which they can replace as soon as they feel like it. Some prefer newly made top-quality furniture that will last for decades, like Italian luxury furniture from Bellavista collection. And for some, the […]

VOC Emissions

VOC Emissions: How to Avoid or Cope With These days a good share of new furniture smells of chemicals. We all know that new furniture, carpets or linoleum often have a distinctive odor, from slight to intense and unpleasant. What’s the source of this smell and how can it affect our health? VOCs: A Chemical […]

History of Luxury Furniture Making

An Extremely Brief History of Luxury Furniture Making Furnishing a home is an enjoyable task indeed but it can be tricky. With so many grand options available, it could be really difficult to pick a single item you need. The choice is wide indeed: from classic-looking to trendy and ultrafashionable designs, from quality mass produced […]

Alternatives to Solid Wood in Furniture Making

Alternatives to Solid Wood in Furniture Making: Not Only for Cheaper Production Consumers often think that high-end furniture like, for example, Italian luxury furniture, should be made of wood only. They tend to perceive artificial wood-based materials or non-wood ones only as cheaper alternatives to Its Majesty Wood. But it isn’t always so. If you […]

Not by Wood Alone

Not by Wood Alone: Non-Wood Materials Used in Modern Furniture When it comes to the materials furniture is made of, the very first one that comes to mind is wood. No wonder: wood has been used for making furniture since ancient times. This organic material is versatile indeed, what’s more, wood is a renewable resource, […]

Thinks to Consider Before Buying Furniture

Thinks to Consider Before Buying Furniture: a Few Commonsense Tips Many people start furnishing their rooms with choosing and buying furniture. In fact, it isn’t the best approach: there are things one should do before choosing new furniture, not after. Even top quality Italian luxury furniture you’ve long dreamt about won’t make you happy if […]

Italian Luxury Furniture

Italian Luxury Furniture: Melding Centuries-old Craftsmen’s Traditions and Innovative Technologies For centuries furniture and furnishings have been not only utilitarian items intended to make human life more convenient. A perfectly furnished home has long ago become a means of self-expression – at least for people who could afford it. Chic furniture – writing-desks, buffets, chests, […]

Which wood species are the best for Luxury Wood Furniture?

Luxury Wood Furniture Did you know that your wooden table or chair is actually made of a composite? If you look at any piece of wood, you’ll see that it is nonhomogeneous. From a materials specialist’s point of view, wood is a material that can well be called a naturally occurring composite. In any wood, […]




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iSaloni 2017

Bellavista Collection returns once again to the 56th edition of Salone del Mobile Milano… …and brings with it a new collection of timeless interior pieces. As the benchmark for the luxury interiors market, Salone del Mobile Milano is the premier showcase of contemporary design, with almost 400,000 visitors from 165 countries attending. With this in […]

iSaloni 2017 // hall 1 xLux | stand C01

Bellavista collection is pleased to invite you to discover our new collection 2017 at iSaloni in Milan, from the 4th ot the 9th of April 2017. HALL 1 xLux – STAND C01 Don’t miss it!

BELLAVISTA | Latest Brochure

The latest brochure, which includes the whole collection and the news presented in 2016.