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A Few Places in Brescia Province Well Worth Visiting

Everyone loves their Motherland. Bellavista Collection is a company that proudly names itself Italian; luxury furniture it produces could be found all over the world. Everyone in Bellavista Collection is passionate about Italy, particularly about Brescia, where the brand comes from.

Italy may seem small only when you look at it on the map. However, when you come to visit this country, you’ll instantly change your mind.

Italy is large and multifarious. Mild Mediterranean climate, countless natural beauties and awe-inspiring historical places at every turn whenever you go – all this attracts hordes of tourists all over the globe.

Rome, the city built on seven hills, with a history of almost three thousand years, whose architecture and works of art have had a strong impact on the world culture… Amazing Venice, the historical and tourist center, an absolute must-visit, in the view of most travel agencies… Florence, the birthplace of the greatest talents of Art… Siena, Genoa, Naples, Milan… The number of places worth seeing in Italy is so huge that just naming them will need a thick tome, which won’t be complete anyway.

There are 20 regions in Italy, which in their turn are divided into as many as 110 provinces. Each of them is remarkably rich of cultural and historical heritage and stunning landscapes. Let’s take a look at Bellavista’s so-called ‘small homeland’ – Brescia province, where the brand’s headquarters and workshops are located.

Historical Places, Breathtaking Views, Delicious Wines, and More

Brescia is situated in the Northern part of Italy; it is a part of the region named Lombardy.

Although Brescia is somewhat aside from the main international tourist routes, it offers plenty to see, do, and enjoy. By the way, Brescia together with the city of Bergamo was named the Italia’s Capital of Culture 2023.

This province can boast of several UNESCO World Heritage sites. What is more, the first Italian place named as one in 1979 is located in Brescia. It’s the world-famous Naquane Park and other rock engraving sites in Valcamonica. It’s one of the world’s largest and richest collections of prehistoric petroglyphs.

Love walking along cobblestone streets of quaint villages or small picture-perfect towns? You’ll be charmed with Bienno, Gardone Riviera, Tremosine sul Garda, and Monte Isola, which are often called ‘the four most beautiful small towns in Italy’. Visit them and find out whether it’s really so!

If you are keen on sports, you will enjoy numerous hiking routes all over the area. Here, you’ll find walking paths, bike trails and routes for horseback riding, which will enable you to admire stunning sceneries virtually at every step of your way – in the direct sense. You’ll certainly like breathtaking landscapes with rolling hills and dense forests, sprinkled with rivers and lakes.

In Brescia, you can visit dozens of castles and museums, ruins of the Ancient Roman villas, historic buildings, and much more. Also, the province has more than a hundred of exhibition centers, where numerous cultural events to everyone’s liking take place. For example, if you are a fan of vintage cars, you’ll surely love the race named Mille Miglia, – “the most beautiful race in the world”, according to Enzo Ferrari.

Are you a wine connoisseur? If yes, the area in Brescia named Franciacorta is a must-visit for you. It’s known for its numerous vineyards and wineries, including those where the sparkling white wine called Franciacorta comes from. There are many privately held wineries open to the public, where you can take a tour around the vineyards, learning about the winemaking process and the area’s long history of producing unique wines. After the tour, you can try Prosecco, Brut Franciacorta, and other delicious wines, most of which are made at that particular winery.

Indescribably tasty local cuisine will satisfy any gourmet: the area is home to a range of restaurants and eateries, serving up some of the best Italian cuisine.

That’s why, Franciacorta, with its stunning countryside, unique tourist attractions and delicious cuisine, by all means is a perfect place for an unforgettable vacation. Whether you’re looking for a sight-seeing tour, a romantic getaway or a fun-filled family vacation, there is something in this region to suit everyone. No matter how many times you’ve been here, there is still plenty to explore and discover.

By the way, a picturesque place in Franciacorta was selected for Bellavista Collection’s recent project named ‘Villa in Franciacorta’. It’s is an all-inclusive design of a luxurious villa with a large patio and an inside swimming pool. With its large windows facing vineyards, this villa, surrounded by a beautiful garden, looks and feels as an ideal place to have a great time and enjoy life to the full.

If you are interested what ‘Villa in Franciacorta’ looks like, you can see a number of its high-resolution images in a separate section of Bellavista Collection’s website named CASA BELLAVISTA Projects. As you probably know, ‘Casa’ stands for ‘a house’ in Italian. If you browse through this section, you’ll find brilliant designs in inimitable Bellavista style. Feel free to use them as ideas when you furnish your own home!

One More Place to Stop By

By the way, should you visit the province of Brescia, you’ll have a chance to combine business with pleasure.  On the left bank of the river Oglio, southwest of the Isleo lake, there is a lovely small town of Capriolo. Drop in on via Colombara del Bosco, 72 – that’s where the brand’s physical location is.  Along with the production facilities, Bellavista Collection has a showroom, where you can see lots of the brand’s pieces live. You’ll be surprised how easily these items, designed ever since 2010, form tasteful ensembles. You shouldn’t worry about their going out of fashion, though: top quality of each detail and impeccable craftsmanship never will. And when it comes to their design… Well, the pieces created by Attilio Zanni, the chief designer in Bellavista Collection and the co-founder of the brand, will only go up over time.

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