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Two Bellavista’s Pieces Add Spring Mood to the Project by a Renowned Architect

While the winter snow melts away, people look forward to real spring, with its sunny days and fresh green grass, flowers blooming and birds chirping. This season is the time of renewal and growth. For many people, spring also symbolizes a fresh start, a time to shake off the winter blues and embrace new opportunities. The longer days and brighter sunlight bring a sense of energy and optimism, inspiring people to pursue their goals and dreams with more enthusiasm. All in all, spring is a much-anticipated season that brings hope and happiness after a long, cold winter.

Pink: The Color of Spring Mood

Interior designers have lots of tricks, helping them create the air of spring in a home. For example, floral patterns, prints of flowers, leaves, and butterflies bring in the essence of spring, adding a lively feel to a room. The same goal can be achieved when you use light, airy, and cheerful colors. They create welcoming and refreshing atmosphere, giving a playful touch to a room’s overall look. That’s exactly what any home needs at the beginning of the spring season, isn’t it?

Soft pastels, such as like mint green, light blue and especially pink evoke a sense of freshness. Pink is a really versatile color that ranges from soft and subtle to bright and bold. Pink upholstery, in particular, can add a pop of color to a room, creating a focal point and drawing the eye.

Pink furniture also creates cozy and inviting atmosphere in a room, making it feel homier and more welcoming. Pink is often associated with playfulness, which means it will be an excellent choice for children’s rooms or spaces where you want to create a more lighthearted atmosphere.

In addition, pink color perfectly fits different decor styles. Depending on the shade of the color and the style of the furniture, pink upholstery can work well in both traditional and contemporary style rooms.

The Project with a Touch of Spring

An excellent example of how use of soft pastel palette creates a genuine spring atmosphere is the recent project by Zaher Bissar. Bellavista Collection contributed to it by supplying two Italian luxury furniture pieces: DULCE CHINA sofa and SHANGHAI armchair.

Zaher Bissar is a renowned architect, the head of Bissar Concepts, a Beirut-based interior design studio. Some of the pieces he used were upholstered in pink fabric, which made the room look lively indeed, adding a bit of spring mood.

Both Bellavista’s items picked for the project were designed in 2018; they belong to Dulcechina Collection – a group of twelve pieces, whose design was inspired by Oriental motifs. Their distinctive look greatly impressed visitors at 2018 editions of two prestigious trade fairs: Salone Internazionale del Mobile in April and Maison&Objet in September. Immediately after the exhibitions, all Dulcechina items became extremely popular with Bellavista Collection’s customers. This popularity hasn’t faded ever since, that’s why a separate section of Bellavista’s website is named Dulcechina. You can find all twelve pieces from this collection there.

Let’s take a quick look at the two pieces used in the Zaher Bissar’s project.

Design of DULCECHINA sofa is far from being apparently Chinese-styled, but you’ll certainly notice the Oriental traits in it. The overall structure of this sofa looks unpretentious yet remarkably elegant.

DULCECHINA’s wooden base is veneered in moka stained oak. The rich dark color of this attractive wood perfectly harmonizes with both fabric of the upholstery and antique bronze finish of the metal details. As to the upholstery fabric, it comes in a great variety: it could be of category A, B, C, Lux and Extra Lux, not to mention the long list of available colors. By the way, you can provide your own material, if you wish. Actually, Bellavista offers such an option for almost all its upholstered pieces. Depending on the size, the sofa comes with 2, 3 or 4 back cushions with removable covers.

As to the size, there are three variants of DULCECHINA sofa available: 208 centimeters (81.9 inches), 258 centimeters (101.6 inches), and 308 centimeters (121.3 inches) wide. Other dimensions – height, seat height, and depth – are the same.

SHANGHAI armchair could well be called the gem of the collection. What makes SHANGHAI stand out is a combination of impressive looks and coziness. Named after a large city in China, this armchair definitely bears some Chinese traits in its design; however, it couldn’t be called Chinese-styled.

The combination of materials is also well-thought-out. Dark-colored moka stained ashwood (the structure) and grand-looking antique bronze finish on cast brass (the backrest, feet cladding, and other metal details) look amazing together.

Being extraordinarily comfortable, this armchair is not large: just 70 centimeters (27.6 inches) wide, 80 centimeters (31.5 inches) deep, and 80 centimeters (31.5 inches) high, with the seat height of 43 centimeters (16.8 inches). It makes SHANGHAI a great pick even for small rooms.

As to the upholstery, you can choose between fabric and leather, which in their turn come in a variety of colors. By the way, when SHANGHAI armchair was first showcased in 2018, it was upholstered in bright red fabric, and for a good reason. In Chinese culture, this color is extremely popular: it symbolizes love, happiness, good fortune, and well-being in all senses of this word. Now customers have lots of colors to choose from, and their list is constantly growing

Although DULCECHINA sofa and SHANGHAI armchair made only a small part of the brilliant interior, created by Zaher Bissar, they definitely played their role. Attilio Zanni, the chief designer of Bellavista Collection and the co-founder of the brand, is always ready to co-operate with talented designers and architects, enriching their design projects all over the world with remarkable Italian luxury furniture pieces.

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