The Light of Domesticity: Table Lamps from Bellavista Collection

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The Light of Domesticity: Table Lamps from Bellavista Collection

Everybody will agree that a perfect home is a home, which is not only well-furnished, but also properly lit. Various lightning fixtures – chandeliers, table and floor lamps, scones, etc. – by all means are an inseparable part of any interior design. They must be in harmony with everything in the room, from furniture to carpets and wall decor. That’s why many firms that sell furniture offer a variety of lamps as well. For example, website of Bellavista Collection – a renowned Italian brand specializing in Italian luxury furniture – has a separate category for lighting fixtures called Lighting.

In its turn, Lighting category is split into the following subcategories: Candle Holders, Chandeliers, Floor Lamps, Sconces, and Table Lamps. As you see, the names are self-explanatory indeed, so it’s obvious what each of these sub-categories contains. Let’s have a closer look at one of them – for instance, at Table Lamps.

There is an important thing that everybody who is about to buy electrical appliances, including lamps, should remember. Voltage and frequency, which are the principal properties of the electric power supply, are different in Europe and North America. But don’t worry: most lamps from Bellavista are available in two options: for the US (110V, 60 HZ) and Europe (220V, 50 HZ). Besides, these two options often have different light bulbs.

Lighting Collection

The user-friendly navigation of Bellavista Collection website enables you to find any product quickly and effortlessly. Starting from the Bellavista’s home page, you will reach Table Lamps sub-category in only three clicks. First click will forward you to the Products page – just open the menu at the top left corner of the home page or scroll it down and press ‘The Collection’ button. With the second click you select Lighting category, which contains Table Lamps sub-category along with other ones. Click once more, selecting the subcategory, and that’s it.

By the way, there is even an easier way: googling “table lamps Bellavista” will bring you to this subcategory directly. This page is the very first search result.

It is diversity of lighting units in this sub-category that instantly strikes the eye when you open this web page. There are seven table lamps there, and they all are absolutely different – despite the fact that their designs were created by the same person. Attilio Zanni, a well-known Italian contemporary designer, has created the majority of the items in Bellavista Collection, from furniture to decorative items and everything in between. His talent is so versatile that this designer has been the company’s hallmark for many years already.

With such a variety in these table lamps’ style and design, you can find the lighting fixture that will fit into almost any interior.

If you are a fan of minimalism and hi-tech style, you will probably love unusually-looking AMANDA lamp with touch-activated LED.

Or do you appreciate the classics but want something more than traditional design? Have a look at AMELIE and BUTTERFLY, design of which leaves an impression of being somewhere between classic and modern. You also may like LORENA, which somehow resembles a quarter-size replica of a traditional-looking floor lamp.


MARISA lamp is well worth your attention if you want something modest but modern. Its dark-coloured antique bronze structure and cylinder-shaped polyester lampshade (you can choose among grey, white, or taupe) will blend in with most interiors. MARISA is available in two options – for European buyers (220V 50 HZ, with E27 light bulbs) and for US (110V 60 HZ, E26 light bulbs). By the way, this table lamp is the most popular with buyers.


Want something really special? What about EVA, with its square-shaped organza lampshade and foot details made of free-blown crystal glass? When glass is blown by hand in a small blowing shop like Bellavista’s, each piece is always unique. Even if the glassblower makes a number of items according to the same design, they won’t be exactly the same. They might slightly vary in size or colour; even the imperfections they may have such as blebs (tiny air bubbles) or inclusions aren’t actually defects in this case, because they accentuate natural beauty of glass.

EVA is a middle-sized lamp: it is 58 centimeters (22.8 inches) tall, with a 40 x 40 centimeters’ (15.7 x 15.7 inches’) square lampshade. The lamp is available in two options – for European and US market: 220V 50 HZ and 110V 60 HZ respectively. The ‘European’ EVA has one E27 light bulb and gold twisted cord, and her American counterpart requires an E26 light bulb and has a gold cord.


One more special lamp is 4STAGIONI. Decorated with four cast brass figures of women sitting on its base, this lamp is eye-catching indeed. Its structure, made of cast brass with hammered antique bronze finish, is 54 centimeters (21.3 inches) high. The cylinder-shaped lampshade is made of combination of sandblasted and clear glass. The diameter of the lampshade is 36 centimeters, or 14.2 inches; it requires four light bulbs.  Bellavista Collection supplies two variants of 4STAGIONI lamps for customers from Europe (220V, 50 HZ with E14 light bulbs) and from the USA, (110V, 60 HZ, with E12 light bulbs).

But whatever table lamp you choose, you can be absolutely sure that it will serve you for many years to come. All the lamps from Bellavista Collection are of the highest quality, because they are made of the best materials available by the most qualified Italian professionals you can ever find. Bellavista Collection has never cut corners on such things – and isn’t going to. That is why every piece bought from Bellavista Collection, be it a furniture item, a decorative element or a lamp, will last really long.