Bellavista Collection’s Recipe for Luxury Home Lighting: Design Plus Quality

Any qualified interior designer will agree that for a luxury home, lighting matters a lot. Well-chosen lamps are crucial if you want your dwelling to feel really comfortable; the slightest error will result in a room lit too brightly or too dimly. Even the most expensive luxury chandeliers may harm the overall impression of your room if you pick a wrong type of a fixture – for example, the one that provides diffused light rather than focused light. Or vice versa, depending on how the particular space should be lit. So, when furnishing a room, choosing proper lighting fixtures is of no less importance than selecting furniture.
That is why many companies that sell high-end furniture offer lighting fixtures as well. Bellavista Collection – a well-known company that supplies Italian luxury furniture throughout the world – is among them. Its web resource has a Lighting category, where you will find a variety of designer lighting fixtures. High-end wall sconces, luxury table lamps, chic chandeliers – in other words, everything you need to light your room. By the way, items like luxury candle holders make a great present. You can find them in the Lighting category as well.
This category is divided into the following sub-categories: Chandeliers, Floor Lamps, Sconces, Table Lamps, and Candle Holders.
Central ceiling-mounted fixtures are widely used and popular with consumers. Some of the designer pendant lights from Bellavista will surely turn heads of anybody entering your room. For example, look at PEOPLE chandelier decorated with cast brass human figures. Its lampshade looks really peculiar, depicting young and old men and women and even a dog sitting and standing on a clear glass base.
Impeccable design of Bellavista’s lighting fixtures instantly strikes the eye, and so does their diversity. Grand and impressive-looking VELAS will please lovers of high-tech design. Those who prefer more classic-looking fixtures will probably enjoy ELECTRA or OLYMPIA (the latter is a new addition to the collection).
Modest-looking MADEMOISELLE looks lovely indeed thanks to the combination of antique bronze with a fumé glass. White ceramic and polished black nickel of MY DISHES pleases the eye as well.
Floor lamps, table lamps, and wall-mounted sconces are very important because they provide task lighting (i.e. highlight particular areas), making the room cozy.
Luxury floor lamps from Bellavista are incredibly diverse and stylish. Just compare the high-tech appearance of LANTERNA to the classic look of TOSCA. While browsing through this sub-category you can’t fail to notice outside the box design solutions. Structures of CAROL, ROSETTA, and SISTER are really interesting.
Charming ISABELLA by all means worth your attention. This nice-looking lamp belongs to Dulcechina collection (2018), recently shown at a prestigious trade event.
Table lamps from Bellavista also can boast of impressive design solutions. 4STAGIONI, for example, looks pretty much like a piece of art. Its elegant lampshade made of sandblasted and clear glass and the structure is decorated with four cast bronze figures of sitting women.
AMELIE, BUTTERFLY LORENA, MARISA, EVA, AMANDA – each of these items has its distinctive look. You won’t find two lamps created in the same manner.
If you are looking for luxury wall sconces, it’s a good idea to consider LUME. Many people find hand-blown glass irresistibly attractive, so free-blown lampshades of LUME, made of clear or fumé crystal, will surely impress you. The sconce named YISHI from Dulcechina collection is also worth your attention.
Bellavista’s lamps are beyond praise for two reasons: impeccable quality of all materials they’re made of and outstanding design according to which all these items are created. That’s Bellavista Collection’s tried and tested formula for success.