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Lamps from Bellavista Collection

Lamps from Bellavista Collection: Easy on the Eye, Good for Eyesight

Interior design is a sphere where there are no trifles: for the end result to look perfect, all the components are equally important. That is why Bellavista Collection, the resource that sells Italian luxury furniture, has a separate section called Lighting, devoted to light fixtures, such as chandeliers, sconces, table lamps and floor lamps, as well as related items like candle holders.  

Nobody will argue that every room must be lit properly, but properly doesn’t always mean brightly. People sometimes assume that the brighter the better, but that’s not always true. While poor lighting may harm eyesight, excessive light also isn’t good for eyes and increases electricity bill as well.  

It’s clear that choosing a set of light fixtures for premises directly depends on the purpose of each room. Generally speaking, the larger the room, the more likely it will need more than one light source; also, if the room is used for activities that require more illumination, such as knitting, reading, or drawing, quite naturally, additional light sources should be provided.  For example, a family room is a place where a number of people spend plenty of time watching TV, talking, reading paper books and digital ones from e-readers, playing board games, using a laptop, etc. So, optimal lighting for a living room often includes combining both ambient and task lighting. If you like exclusive light fixtures, look for them at Bellavista Collection: this resource offers a number of stylish designer items that will not only light your room, but also make it special.

Pendant Lights for General Lighting

If your ceiling is from 2.70 to 3.20 meters high, you may like ELECTRA, a chandelier, which looks cozy indeed thanks to its fabric lampshade and opaline plexiglass light screen. You can select both the material of the lampshade (linen or polyester) and its color (white, grey, or taupe).  ELECTRA will be well suited for a smaller living room or a dining room. And so will MADEMOISELLE; you’ll surely appreciate this chandelier if you like combination of antique bronze with a fumé glass.

If you have a large living room with a high ceiling and favor high-tech design, VELAS could be a great option. It is an impressive-looking and really massive structure 180 x 36 x 90 sm. (70,9 x 14,2 x 35,4 in.). This pendant luminaire is made of matte black nickel with five satin glass or clear glass vases with LED lights.  

The kitchen serves as a gathering spot no rarer than a living room, so it also needs suitable ambient lighting. What about a ceiling-mounted fixture called MY DISHES? Combination of white ceramic and polished black nickel looks really attractive, and customizable length adds more options to adjust it according to your needs.

Task lighting:  A Spot of Light where You Need it

Along with ceiling-mounted fixture, a living room frequently needs a floor lamp or a table lamp to provide for task lighting, i.e. highlighting particular areas like a reading chair or a game table. Also, with lamps and sconces, the room feels cozier. Such lamps are often placed in living rooms and bedrooms.

If you are a keen reader, you definitely need a table lamp near your favorite reading place, no matter what you prefer reading – paper books or digital ones from an e-reader or a tablet. When positioning the lamp, remember that the light should shine directly onto the book or screen to avoid glare. Reading in the dark isn’t a good idea even if you use a digital device: your eyes will have to constantly adjust between the brightness of the screen and darkness of the surroundings, which can cause unpleasant effects like eye strain and headaches. That is why the place you are reading in should be lit at least as bright as the screen of your device.

Also, there is a floor lamp in the collection that readers will certainly appreciate. It’s called CAROL; rather classic-looking, this lamp has a useful addition – a pivoting tray you can put a book or a cup of coffee on.


Table game lovers also should care for additional lighting from a table lamp or a floor lamp. At Bellavista you can find a wide selection of such lamps. If you prefer traditional look of a table lamp with a touch of originality, you will probably like BUTTERFLY, with its antique bronze structure and champagne-colored silk lampshade. AMELIE’s antique brass structure, beige viscose lampshade and opaline plexiglass light screen, also could evoke your interest.  

Want something extraordinary? Try AMANDA, a really unusually-looking touch activated LED table lamp made of antique bronze on brass. If you appreciate high-tech style, AMANDA is the right choice for you.

Some of the lamps from Bellavista look more like a work of art than just a lamp. For example, 4STAGIONI, with 4 bronze sculptures of sitting women representing the 4 season, and the lampshade made of sandblasted and clear glass, will look gorgeous either in a living room or in a bedroom.

Task lighting is quite often applied in bedrooms in the form of floor lamps, wall-mounted sconces near dressers and table lamps on nightstands.  Actually, a bedroom often doesn’t need central ceiling-mounted fixtures, because a bedroom is a place where calm, relaxing atmosphere is desirable.

Enjoy bedside reading?  Place your bedside lamp in such a way that the light will be directed on the page. Also, for your convenience, each bedside light should have a switch within easy reach.

If you are looking for a sconce and love hand-blown glass, take a look at LUME: its lampshade made of clear or fumé crystal will always be one-of a kind thanks to being free-blown.

Floor lamps from Bellavista also are diverse but always charming, from classic-looking TOSCA with its linen or silk lampshade, to somehow extravagant LANTERNA.  

All designs of these remarkable lamps, as well as most of the Italian luxury furniture from Bellavista Collection, were created by Attilio Zanni, a gifted Italian designer. Thanks to his talent, we can enjoy a great variety of beautiful lamps that light up our rooms.

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