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MY SECRET: Partitioning the Space, Adding Zest to the Interior

When you browse through the website of Bellavista Collection – the brand known for its Italian luxury furniture, the product category named HOME DÉCOR is of particular interest. It contains three sub-categories: MIRRORS, HANDLES, and BELLAVISTA DETAILS. The names of the first two are quite self-explanatory; as to the third one, here you can find lots of things that add zest to an interior, making it look special. Some of them possess utilitarian value, too.

Let’s take a look at one of such pieces. It’s MY SECRET – a folding screen, which is equally beautiful and useful.

Did you know that folding screens came to us from ancient China?  First, they were used mostly for preventing draughts: the Chinese word for a folding screen – “Ping feng”- consists of two hieroglyphs that mean “screen / blocking” and “breeze / wind”. Introduced to Europe in the late Middle Ages, Chinese folding screens became extremely popular with nobility and rich people. In the 17th and 18th centuries, lacquered folding screens, lavishly adorned with Oriental art, were a source of pride for their owners.  By the way, Coco Chanel, an iconic XX century fashion designer, adored Chinese folding screens and owned as many as thirty-two of them.

From a home office to a bedroom

A folding screen isn’t something exotic anymore. Although the times of its immense popularity are gone, many people love folding screens for their helpfulness and flexibility of use. Interior designers gladly use this item in their projects, because screens add zest to interiors and are great when you need to partition off some space.

Modern folding screens are extremely multifarious. As a rule, they are made up of several panels, connected together with hinges, so they vary greatly in size. The panels can be made of different materials – from wood and straw to fabric or leather, to name a few. Folding screens can be with or without decorations. Such diversity helps to find the piece that will exactly fit in the interior and serve its purpose the best.

When it comes to their use, folding screens are versatile indeed. It’s actually a lightweight movable wall that can satisfy multiple needs.

They give a sense of privacy in a large room. It’s a good idea to partition off a reading nook or a place where you work from home (it will come in handy if you often speak to people on business matters using a webcam).

You can place a folding screen somewhere in your bedroom to form a dressing corner.

Folding screens can help you break a large living-room or an open-plan apartment into zones.

You may also want to shield the entrance area, using such a false wall.

There could be many more other uses for a folding screen – you can well come up with a few more ideas yourself.

Especially if your folding screen is MY SECRET from Bellavista Collection.

Customize Your Screen

MY SECRET’s structure is made of multilayer Italian poplar wood; the feet are metal and covered with antique brass finish. So are the custom-designed hinges. The lovely metal studs along the sides serve as a decoration, in addition to their utilitarian purpose.

As to the upholstery, the available options include the top-quality woven fabric of categories A, B, C, Lux, or Extra Lux. If you wish, the edges could be wrapped in nubuk leather. If you want your folding screen upholstered in a particular material (for example, to match furniture in your room), you can provide fabric or leather when ordering MY SECRET.

The size of this folding screen may vary greatly. There are three standard size options for it, consisting of three, four or five panels. The first one is are 159 centimeters (62.6 inches) wide, the second one – 213 cm. (83.9 in.), and the widest one is 268 cm. (105.5 in.) wide. All three are 180 centimeters (70.9 inches) high, and 5 centimeters (2 inches) thick.

Since Bellavista Collection strives to satisfy all its customers’ needs, you can well order a customized solution and have this folding screen made up of as many panels as you need.

More Room Dividers from Bellavista

As you see, with MY SECRET, you can easily partition off some space whenever you feel like it. Actually, Bellavista brand offers a good many items that could serve as room dividers.

For this purpose, interior designers usually recommend curtains, panel pictures, as well as smartly placed bookcases, console tables, and wardrobes, to name a few. All these pieces you will find on Bellavista Collection’s website.

Take a look at the metal curtain named TRASPARENZE. Its details, made of cast brass with antique bronze finish, are connected with one another to form a transparent curtain. What makes it especially handy is that it is always made to order. Just provide the dimensions of the curtain – and you’ll have it. Images of TRASPARENZE are waiting for you on the brand’s website – in HOME DÉCOR category, BELLAVISTA DETAILS sub-category.

So are that of ARTDECO, ROSE and FLOWER, three lovely wooden panel pictures. All three are so beautiful that it’s difficult to pick just one of them. Will you prefer ARTDECO, the hand-carved panel with white matte lacquered surface and dark wooden frame? You will love the beautiful woman’s figure it depicts.

Or what about gorgeous-looking ROSE and FLOWER, made of dark-colored wood? ROSE, just as its name suggests, depicts a single rose flower seen from above. As to FLOWER, you’ll surely enjoy a silhouette of two wild rose branches with flowers, leaves, and buds.

By the way, interior designers say that indoor plants also make great space dividers. What about planting one in DAFNE, a stylish floor-standing planter?

Bellavista’s website has plenty to offer you when you are looking for a piece to partition off some space. You’ll find bookcases in CASEGOODS, console tables – in TABLES, and WARDROBES – in NIGHT category. Browse them, and you’ll get hold of great pieces that will help you create unique interiors for your perfect home.

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