Casegoods furniture from Bellavista Collection: Functional Luxury

There are several kinds of furniture no modern home can do without – for example, tables to dine or write on, chairs to sit on, beds and sofas to relax on. And, of course, every dwelling needs some furniture pieces that provide storage space to keep the owner’s belongings in – bookcases, cupboards, chests of drawers, cabinets, etc. Dealers call this type of furniture ‘casegoods’.

Like any other piece of furniture, case goods can either be pretty utilitarian or elegant and chic-looking. Everything depends on the maker. Bellavista Collection – a company that manufactures top quality Italian luxury furniture and sells it all over the world – offers a wide selection of case goods. The best place to easily and conveniently view them all is the company’s website. Here you will find everything you need for a luxury home: bar furniture, luxury library book cases, credenzas, and much more.
At Bellavista Collection’s website, Casegoods category is divided into three sub-categories, namely: Bar and media units , Bookcases , and Credenza.

If you are a companionable person, a bar unit will be a great addition to your living-room interior. Bellavista offers such bar units as HIM, BELLAVISTA, I BAR, and ZEUS (the latter is a newly created one – it’s from the 2018 collection). Fashionable-looking and functional, these home bars will become the focus of attention during your parties.

If you are a keen reader, what about a luxury book case? Design of most Bellavista’s bookcases was created by a brilliant contemporary Italian designer Attilio Zanni. Bellavista’s bookcases EIFFEL, JUTA, MEDEA, and PIGALLE are available in a variety of sizes and woods, which means that there is a multiplicity of possible variants to choose from.

The same is true with Bellavista’s grand-looking and practical credenzas, which are waiting for you in a separate sub-category. They are incredibly diverse in design – tall and fubsy, from dark to light coloured (and everything in between), with or without decorative elements. So, you will surely find the one that will perfectly fit into the design of your Interior. What is more, each item is available in a lot of wood options.

For example, ARBAT has eight wood options – from champagne stained oak to dark stained walnut. So does LYDIE, plus three kinds of marble for its top inset.

Or look at CHANEL, which could be made of ebony, grey sukupira, American walnut, moka stained walnut, and dark stained walnut. Its base is made of cast brass with a hammered antique bronze finish. It has a bronze glass inner shelf, and its optional top inset could be made either of hammered antique bronze or one of four kinds of marble – breccia damascata, calacatta, carrara, or emperador dark brown marble.

Actually, for a modern home, the credenza is a must-have. This kind of furniture provides plenty of storage space and can be really multi-purpose. For example, you can use a credenza to demarcate areas in an open floor plan apartment. Placed under a mirror, it makes a nice dressing-table. You can add the final touch to your interior by placing some decorative element like a flower vase, a photo frame or a statuette on the top of your credenza.
By the way, the Bellavista Collection website offers various pleasant-looking objects to decorate your home. Whatever you are looking for – a piece of office furniture, credenza, or a statuette to place on its top – you will find it at Bellavista Collection.