Bellavista’s Luxury Tables: Furniture that Everybody Dreams of

Can you imagine a modern home without a table? Probably, such dwellings exist, but it won’t be suitable for us to live in. We can’t do without tables. That is why each furniture producer offers a number of tables to fit every taste and purpose.
Bellavista Collection – an Italian brand well-known for its high-quality Italian luxury furniture – is no exception. The company sells furniture, including tables, to the people who want to turn their house into a real luxury home: desks for home offices, luxury coffee tables for a living- rooms, luxury dining tables. Design of all these items was created by Attilio Zanni, a brilliant all-round Italian designer. His distinctive style is well-known and popular with people who value excellence and creative design.
Bellavista Collection’s website has a separate category for tables. The category, in its turn, is divided into sub-categories for different kinds of tables, i.e. COFFEE AND SIDE TABLES, CONSOLES, DESKS, DINING TABLES, and GAMING TABLE.
Signor Zanni manages to make the most of the materials, showing natural beauty not only of wood but also of metals and glass. For example, one of the Bellavista’s luxury modern coffee tables, BOUQUET BOIS, has no wooden details at all. Its structure is made of cast brass with a hammered antique bronze finish, and its top is a round plate of thick extra clear glass. All-metal table BATISTA, available in four sizes and three forms of its tabletop (round, oval, and square), is one more example.
There also are a lot of luxury wooden coffee tables in this sub-category. They are so diverse that you surely will find what you want there. If you like round tables, what about LEONARDO with eight wood options or SAN FRANCISCO COFFEE TABLE with nine? If you prefer rectangular ones, have a look at SHENZHEN with eight wood options and five different variants of the top inset. This table is a part of Dulcechina collection. In April 2018 it was shown at Milan Furniture Fair, and right now this collection is being exhibited at Maison et Objet in Paris – one more highly prestigious trade event.
Bellavista’s website is also a great place to look for luxury dining tables or luxury office desks. If you need a luxury dining table, take a look at, say, MESAMAGNA – a luxury design dining table with as many as eleven wood options available, including ebony and rosewood. If you like marble tabletops, you can add a marble insert choosing between the three variants of marble suggested for this table.
In addition, Bellavista Collection offers high-end console tables and luxury desks, which you can find in the appropriate sub-categories of the website. Bellavista’s luxury executive desks are suitable both for workplaces and for home offices. Besides, if you enjoy games like chess, checkers, backgammon, and card games, you will surely appreciate the designer gaming table called LAS VEGAS. It will obviously become a centrepiece if you decide to throw a party.