Luxury Home Décor from Bellavista Collection: High-end Mirrors, Handles, and Much More

Everybody who has ever furnished a home (not to mention professional interior designers) know that various accessories can be very important. Things like vases and candle holders, photo frames and artwork seem insignificant compared to furniture – but they can completely transform the looks of a room, adding a touch of individuality to it.
If you are browsing through luxury home decor websites seeking something special to spice up your interior design, Bellavista Collection’s web resource is worth your attention. At Bellavista Collection’s website you will find a lot of things that will help you furnish a real luxury home: decor, luxury wall mirrors, along with other items like statuettes and custom furniture and door handles.
For the visitors’ convenience, this website is divided into a number of categories. Home decor category quite predictably contains luxury home accessories. It is split into three sub-categories called ‘Mirrors’, ‘Handles’, and ‘Bellavista details’.
Nobody will argue that an interior couldn’t be complete without at least one mirror. Luxury mirrors, offered by Bellavista, will fit into absolutely any home – so diverse they are.
They differ in size, style, and shape. There are round ones like MARTA, oval VANITY and GRIMILDE, square AIDA and VASCO, and rectangular ones like MARRIOTT, which is from the new 2018 collection. All of them look magnificent indeed. Mirror frames also vary from modest to chic: look, for example, at frames of the mirrors named JASMINE, BOHEMIE, or PASCAL.
‘Handles’ sub-category offers a variety of luxury door handles, elaborately designed to make furniture doors or drawers look special. Bellavista Collection is among a few producers of Italian luxury furniture that design and manufacture furniture fittings like handles themselves.
Some of these handles resemble a piece of art – for example, MAN-07, a cast brass handle with an antique bronze finish, is shaped like a figure of a beautiful naked woman. One more cast brass handle, MAN-05, has a charming hippo drawn on it.
It seems like all Bellavista Collection’s staff members love animals. In Bellavista details sub-section of the website, you’ll find pretty cast brass statuettes depicting hippos, greyhounds, rhinos, and horses.
In fact, ‘Bellavista details’ is the most assorted sub-category of the website. Along with lovely statuettes, this sub-section offers numerous decorative objects. They are extraordinarily dissimilar, ranging from ARTE 1 – a marble and cast brass pedestal you can place a statuette on – to magnificent spheres made of cut-glass called CRYSTAL. The only thing that all these items have in common is their brilliant design. No wonder: all of them were created by the same author.
Attilio Zanni is not only a remarkably talented all-around designer. He is one of the company’s founders. For years he has been creating designs for almost everything you see in Bellavista Collection: stylish furniture and sophisticated boiserie, elegant lighting fixtures, and attractive decorative elements. Signor Zanni is a universal genius of a designer, and thousands of Bellavista’s clients appreciate his talent.