Good Night, Sleep Tight: Luxury Bedroom Furniture from Bellavista Collection

On the average, human beings sleep about eight hours a day, so the bedroom is the place we spend plenty of time in. When furnishing a bedroom, we understandably want to create a space for the most comfortable rest and relaxation. So, it’s pretty reasonable to choose the best-quality luxury bedroom furniture sets, high-end makeup stations, luxury bedding, and so on – these things will serve us for the years to come.
The market for modern luxury bedroom furniture is highly competitive; only the companies that take great pains manage to survive and succeed. One of them is Bellavista Collection – a brand well-known for its Italian luxury furniture. Bellavista’s website is a real treasure trove for the people who want to furnish their homes tastefully.
For the users’ convenience, Bellavista put furniture for bedrooms into the separate category called Night. It its turn, this category is split into the following sub-categories: Beds, Dressers and Nightstands, Make up Station , and Wardrobes. Besides, you can find some items that will look great in your bedroom – like a side table or a credenza – in other categories.
A bed definitely is the most important item in any bedroom. So, it’s quite sensible to be choosy when selecting a place where you are going to spend one-third of your time. Bellavista Collection offers a number of beautiful and comfortable beds made of natural wood. Many of them are available in several sizes.
Look, for example, at ALCOVA bed. There are three sizes of it that differ in width – 168, 198, and 218 centimeters. All three are 257 centimeters long, so this model will be suitable even for a basketball player. The feet of this bed are made of moka stained beechwood, and its headboard has non-removable covers made of either fabric or leather at your choice.
If you prefer smart-looking tufted headboards, you can pick ALCOVA TUFT. It’s also available in three sizes with the same dimensions.
Like almost all furniture in Bellavista Collection, most beds have several wood options, which enables buyers to choose items of the color that optimally fits into the interior. NISHA WOOD TUFT, for instance, can be made of either ebony, moka stained walnut, or grey sukupira. The bed called AMLETO has as many as eight options of natural and stained oak and walnut and it is available with fabric or leather covers.
If you need a luxury dresser, Dressers and Nightstands sub-category is the right place to look for it. Quality luxury nightstands and dressers, made of natural solid wood (Bellavista’s cabinet makers never use plywood or particleboards!) will surely gratify the most sophisticated taste.
Want a luxury wardrobe? Have a dip into Wardrobes sub-category. What about ERMES, available in five wood options of natural and stained oak or TRUMP, with its ten options – from magnificent ebony to classic-looking natural oak and American walnut? Women of fashion will appreciate AMELIA – a chic-looking make-up station . With Bellavista Collection, you will be able to have it both ways – your bedroom will be chic-looking and cozy at the same time.