Just Sit Back and Relax: Three Floor lamps from Bellavista Collection Designed Especially for It

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Just Sit Back and Relax: Three Floor lamps from Bellavista Collection Designed Especially for It

For many people, a floor lamp is a somehow special thing, a bit more than just a lighting fixture. We often place a floor lamp near an armchair and a coffee table, so these items form a separate zone. A cozy spot of light from a floor lamp creates intimate an atmosphere in a piece of your room, where you can rest up or spend just a few minutes to recharge your energies.

Imagine coming home after a long and stressful working day. Everything you want is to have a bit of rest. Everything else will be later. You take a cup of coffee, lean back in your favorite armchair, take the first, the tastiest, sip and breathe a sigh of relief. All fine and dandy, but… now you have to lean forward to put the cup onto the coffee table. Exactly when you don’t want to move!

Well, you needn’t – if your floor lamp has a built-in tray, like a number of floor lamps from Bellavista Collection. A handy tray is within your arm’s reach, so you can place various things on it: a cup of coffee, your cell phone, a notepad, an e-reader… In fact, this tray turns your lamp into a mix of a lighting fixture and a furniture item. Such a lamp is a perfect solution for a reading corner in your living room or even bedroom.

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Floor Lamps with Built-In Trays from Bellavista Collection

Although Bellavista Collection is a brand that mostly specializes in manufacturing Italian luxury furniture, its assortment also includes a variety of other pieces related to interior design, from boiserie, mirrors and decorative statuettes to various kinds of lamps. High-end lighting fixtures from Bellavista are popular with customers, because their design and quality have always been impeccable. There are three floor lamps with trays in Bellavista Collection, two of which have been designed this year.

The third one, named CAROL, is known to the company’s customers for several years. This gorgeous lamp is one of the most popular pieces in the entire collection.

The structure of the lamp is made of cast brass with hammered antique bronze finish, which perfectly harmonizes with natural linen of the lampshade. On the top of the structure, there is a tiny brass figure of a cute hippo – the animal that has become kind of the brand’s mascot.

The handy swiveling tray is rather big: total width of the lamp with the tray is 70 centimeters (27.6 inches). The tray’s inset is made of brown belting leather (at Bellavista this tone is called ‘caffe’). The leather is decorated with beige stitching, which looks great together with beige-colored linen lampshade 40 centimeters (15.7 inches) in diameter. The overall height of CAROL – 148 centimeters (58.3 inches) is quite enough for placing it near an armchair or a sofa.

Since Bellavista Collection sells its products all over the world, there are two voltage options available: for European Customers – 220V /50 HZ, and for those who live in the USA 0- 110V/ 60 HZ. The former is equipped with two E27 light bulbs and the latter – with two E26 bulbs. The electric cord is red in both variants.

Now let’s take a look at FAROLITO and ADALPINA – two beautiful floor lamps designed just recently, in 2019. What makes these lamps stand out (except brilliant design and top quality, of course) is the unusual combination of materials selected for their lampshades. In April both lamps were showcased at Salone Internazionale del Mobile – the largest and the most prestigious trade event for professionals, whose vocation is related to furniture making and interior design.

FAROLITO is 132 centimeters, or 52 inches, high. Its entire structure is made of brass with two finishes: hammered antique bronze – on the base and antique bronze – on the other parts. The same material – brass with antique bronze finish – is used for a lower part of the lampshade, which is 28 cm (11 in.) in diameter. Combination of antique bronze with polyester of the top part and opaline plexiglass of the light screen looks extremely attractive. This lampshade is a real eye-catcher.

So is the handy round tray that girdles round the lamp’s pole. It has an insert made of top-quality saddle leather.

As you might expect, Bellavista Collection offers two versions of the lamp for different voltages: 220V-50 HZ and 110V-60 HZ. Either version of the lamp requires one 25w LED Light and one 10.7w (both lights are included). Each lamp has a two-way power switch with a dimmer and the cable of cheerful red color.

One more floor lamp designed in 2019 – ADALPINA – has an additional special feature: it’s adjustable in height up to 125 centimeters (49.2 inches). This lamp has an oval tray; the overall width of the lamp with the tray is 41 cm (16.1 in.).

One more special thing about this lamp is that its base bears an inscription, which reads ‘Bellavista Collection’ (the base itself is in cast brass with antique bronze finish).

The ADALPINA’s lampshade is also special: its bottom is made of brass with antique bronze finish, which looks really elegant combined with polished white glass of the top part.

As for the LED lights for ADALPINA, they are the same as for FAROLITO. So are the two voltage options: 220V-50 HZ and 110V-60 HZ for Europe and the USA respectively.

Created by Attilio Zanni, Bellavista Collection’s brilliant all-round designer, these three floor lamps with trays combine chic appearance with extreme practicality – actually, like most of the items he has designed. Not only are these lamps pleasant to look at: their designs are so elaborate that using them becomes a pleasure. If you have such a floor lamp at home, you will enjoy complete relaxation after a stressful working day, when the only thing you want is to sit back and relax with a cup of coffee in your hand.