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Beds from Bellavista Collection

Beds from Bellavista Collection: Created for You to Enjoy One-Third of your Life

Whether you like it or not, we all spend about one-third of our lives sleeping.  Each person sleeps from 7 to 9 hours a day on the average. Our overall health well-being to a great extent depends on how well we sleep. If one wants a good sleep, one needs a good bed. So, we should carefully choose a bed – the place we spend so much time in.

Quintessence of coziness

When looking for a bed, the very first thing we think about is comfort. No wonder: coziness and comfort – that’s what we need from this piece of furniture at the first place.  If you pick a chic-looking but uncomfortable bed, it will disappoint you very soon – in fact, after spending the very first night in it.

Thus, when looking for the perfect bed, the primary key word is comfort. If you are furnishing your bedroom, it will be a good idea to look for a bed in Bellavista Collection – the web resource selling Italian luxury furniture. Beds from this collection are comfortable indeed; it is clear at a glance.  You will find beds in the section called Night, along with dressers and nightstands, wardrobes and even a makeup station. Looking at these luxurious beds – ALCOVA, ALCOVA TUFT, BOX WOOD 1, PISOLO, NISHA WOOD TUFT, AMLETO + CABECERA, and many others – evokes the wish to try them all. They look cozy indeed. They are the quintessence of coziness.

For example, if you are in search of a huge comfy bed, you’ve found it – it’s PISOLO. Nobody will call this bed too small – its size is 320 x 232 sm. (126 x 91.3 in.). Isn’t it a dream of a bed? It surely is.

So are ALCOVA and ALCOVA TUFT, with their impressive fabric or leather covered headboards and feet made of moka stained beechwood. Both models are available in three sizes that differ in width. The length of all them is the same – 257 sm. (101.2 in.) – which is more than enough even for a basketball player.

If you are a fan of natural beauty of wood, BOX WOOD 1 is a bed you’ll be happy to have in your bedroom. This nice-looking bed is made of solid wood with an optional brass detail. BOX WOOD 1 will fit into any interior design because it comes in a great variety of colors. Rich brown of American walnut, light brown of champagne stained oak or grayish smoke stained oak – the bed will look gorgeous whatever color you prefer. You can choose among as many as eight options: natural American walnut, natural oak, as well as six other options of stained oak and walnut. This bed is available in two sizes: 201 x 182 cm. (79.1 x 71.6 In.) 202 x 201 (79.5 x 79.1); the height is the same for both variants – 29.5 sm. (11.6 in.).

Sophisticated design

All furniture items from Bellavista, including beds, are known for their state-of-the-art design and ultra-high quality. One needn’t be an expert in contemporary furniture design to spot a well-designed item, whatever its style.  In point of fact, there is only one criterion for a brilliant design, and it is irresistible eye appeal. In other words, a perfectly designed piece is very good to look at. All furniture from Bellavista meets this criterion; you can see it with your own eyes at any time simply by browsing the collection.

Quality Without Compromise

If we have a comfortable and well-designed bed, we quite predictably want it to last long. All beds from Bellavista will last for decades thanks to their highest quality.

It is an open secret that nowadays most of mass-produced furniture simply isn’t intended to last long. Casa Zeta – the factory where all furniture from Bellavista collection is made – disfavors such an approach to production and has never followed this trend. On the contrary, Casa Zeta has always been focused on producing durable furniture that could be passed to children and grandchildren.

Made in Italy – from start to finish

There is a joke that three most popular words in the world are ‘made in China’, not the ones you first thought of.  Tough economic situation forces many manufacturers to become thrifty and outsource production to countries with cheap workforce Casa Zeta has never done and will never do this. The factory is located in Italy and the entire production cycle, from creating a design to packaging the newly made item, takes place in Italy. Hiring the most qualified craftsmen, adhering to the highest standards plus thoroughgoing quality control – that’s the secret of excellence. Buying a bed from Bellavista collection, you can be sure that each its piece was made in Italy by Italian craftsmen.

No economizing on materials

Furthermore, the workshop never cuts corners on materials. Here craftsmen never use, say, particleboard instead of solid wood. If artificial wooden materials are used, you can be sure that it is done just because they fit the purpose better than any other material.  Simply put, this manufacturer never sacrifices quality for the sake of cost cutting.  

The charm of handwork

It is easy to tell handicraft furniture item from a machine-produced one.  Two furniture pieces may look seemingly the same but you will unmistakably tell what one was made by machines only and what one remembers warmth of the craftsman’s caring hands. It doesn’t, however, mean that handicraft furniture is made only with an arm-saw, a hand drill and a chisel. Modern handwork is not about rejecting machines completely – it’s all about combining handwork and machines in an optimal way. That’s exactly what Casa Zeta is doing. Thanks to such an approach to production, a bed made at this factory will be the perfect one for you to enjoy one third of your time you are going to spend in it.