The Quintessence of Bellavista style: NISHA bed from Bellavista Collection

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The Quintessence of Bellavista style: NISHA bed from Bellavista Collection

For more than a decade, Italian Luxury furniture from Bellavista Collection has been known for its inimitable style, which took the best traits from classic and modern. All the pieces from Bellavista Collection, from beds and sideboards to lamps and boiserie, share this somehow modest but extremely elegant look.

However, there are pieces that could well be called iconic. They are the quintessence of Bellavista style.

One of such items is NISHA Bed.  Tastefully designed and made of top-quality materials, NISHA can become the center of a truly luxurious bedroom.

Let’s take a look at this remarkable bed.

Ultra-Chic and Super-Cozy 

If you sort Bellavista’s beds by popularity, NISHA will be the first on the list. No wonder: it is a real attention-grabber. Its tufted headboard looks grand indeed. It could be upholstered in either leather or fabric.

Well, most upholstered pieces from Bellavista Collection – beds, sofas, armchairs, benches – are also available in these two options, and each of them comes in a variety of types and colors.

When you browse through the list of upholstery materials for NISHA, you’ll be impressed by the number of variants to choose from. Leather, for example, could be of Category P1, P3, and P3 nabuck. P1 leather is offered in as many as thirty colors, including red, black, dark green, yellow, dark blue, as well as multiple shades of grey and brown. As to leather of category P3, there are eleven color options for it: dark blue, black, grey, and different shades of brown. If you prefer leather of category 3 nabuck, you’ll have to choose among thirteen colors in total: yellow, black, pinkish grey, plus shades of brown from sand to chocolate.

And that isn’t all: the list of options is constantly replenished, so don’t forget to request this info when ordering this bed. The same is true for fabric: it could be of category A, B, C, Lux and Extra Lux. Kinds of the textile, its colors (if it is plain) and patterns (if it’s patterned) also come in a great variety, with more options added from time to time.

But what if you want your NISHA bed to be upholstered in a particular material, which is not on the list? No problem. You can provide it, and this textile or leather will be used when producing the bed for you.

The same upholstery options are offered for the sides of this bed. Along with the fully upholstered variant (except the base, which is made of solid wood), there are customized ones, with wooden details, veneered in American walnut or ebony.

NISHA’s base is made of solid moka stained ashwood. This lovely dark-colored wood perfectly harmonizes with any upholstery. Actually, if you prefer other wood species, e.g., dark stained walnut, it’s quite resolvable. The brand’s designers gladly create customized furniture pieces for customers, in order to meet their needs to a tee.

The bed’s slats are made of multilayer Italian poplar wood, padded in polyurethane foam (if you wish, the fire-resistant foam will be used), and then upholstered in fabric with ‘Bellavista’ name stamped all over it.

Also, NISHA bed is available in two basic size options. They differ in width: one is 193 centimeters (76 inches) wide, and the other is 213 centimeters (83.8 in). The first one is designed to fit the mattress 180 x 200 cm (70.8 x 78.7 inches); the mattress for the other one is 200 x 200 cm (78.7 x 78.7 inches).

Both versions of the bed are long enough to stretch your legs, even if you are a basketball player: they are 230 cm. (90.6 in.) long.

The headboard in both cases is 119 cm. (46.9 inches) high. Nisha bed itself is pretty low – just 33 cm (13 inches) high, which makes it safer and more comfortable.

Bedroom isn’t all about a bed

What is special about NISHA (and other pieces from this brand, in fact) is its great combinability. This beautiful and cozy bed will easily blend into an existing interior or form combinations with other Bellavista’s pieces, which you’ll definitely need in your bedroom.

Although a bed is surely a center of a bedroom – you can’t do without one, but this room needs a few other furniture pieces to become really comfy. What about a bedside table, with a table lamp placed onto it or a floor lamp nearby? Besides, a wardrobe is one more useful thing in any bedroom: everyone needs room for clothes, footwear, and plenty of other stuff, from underclothing to bed linen.

If you are furnishing your bedroom, you’ll find everything for it in one place – in a separate section on Bellavista’s website. This special product category of the online catalog is called NIGHT. When you open its page, you’ll see a few sub-categories inside. Their names are pretty self-explanatory: BEDS, WARDROBES, DRESSERS AND NIGHTSTANDS, and even MAKEUP STATION. Each of these sub-categories is well worth browsing through.

Other product categories have plenty to offer you as well. You’ll appreciate lovely wall paneling from BOISERIE, diverse but equally beautiful lighting fixtures from LIGHTING. And, of course, BELLAVISTA DETAILS sub-category in HOME DÉCOR category, which is a treasure trove for anyone who wants to spice up any room, making it look unique and feel cozy. Here you’ll see lots of useful and nice-looking items.

One of them will definitely be a great addition to your bedroom. It’s MI-SERVO – a luxurious clothes tree, or a valet, with an optional mirror on the top. MI-SERVO has a few handy hangers – for shirts and jackets and for pants; a special place to put a pair of shoes; plus, a miniature tray for various little things.

Brilliantly designed and made of a combination of fine wood, prime quality leather, shiny ‘chrome’ finish of its metal details, this valet looks chic and extremely elegant.

MI-SERVO will undoubtedly turn heads, as it did at Salone del Mobile. In fact, the same could be said about any other brand’s product.