Not Only Luxury Italian furniture: Have a Look at BOISERIE from Bellavista Collection

When you are furnishing your home, you surely want your interior to suit your needs – and look special, of course. Making a room look unique is no small thing. Every little bit counts here – in fact, furnishing isn’t all about luxury furniture. Boiserie, various decorative elements, lighting fixtures, mirrors can matter a lot. That is why Bellavista Collection offers such items along with its top-quality furniture. The best place to browse through all the assortment is Bellavista’s website, where all products are conveniently broken down into categories.

Boiserie category contains a cherry-picked selection of top-quality decorative wall panelling. Made of natural materials according to designs created by the brilliant designer Attilio Zanni, these items will add spice to the looks of your room.

Diversity and Quality

Let’s take a quick look at decorative wall panels from Bellavista Collection . What you will notice at a glance is the diversity of the items. They look different indeed, which means that people with different tastes will find what they want in this category. Also, whatever item you view, it will be of high quality.

The panelling can be covered in fabriс (e.g. BAROCCO ), in fabric or leather ( BRIGITTA , FENICE) or highlight natural beauty of wood (ST. REGIS , made of sleek-looking grey sukupira), or have metal details (e.g. the pattern of ERACLE is made of cast brass with antique bronze finish). For some of them, like BAROCCO, an optional mirror insert is available, others have parts made of mirror glass. For example, stunning fumé mirror pieces in a bronze frame in RIFLESSI BOISERIE are eye-catching indeed.

Pick What you Like, and We’ll Customize It

Maximum panel width of most panels is about a meter (100 cm, or 3.3. feet), give or take; ST. REGIS has the widest panels – 125 cm. (4.1 feet). But you needn’t calculate how many panels you will need for your room and how to arrange them in the best manner. Specialists from Bellavista Collection will help you do this.

That is why, when ordering, you will be asked to specify a couple of things. First, Bellavista specialists will need the exact width and height of the walls you’re buying the boiserie for. It means that you will have to measure your wall from the ceiling to the floor (which will give you the height) and side to side (which is width). The second thing we should know is whether the sides of the panelling will be against the wall or visible.

After this, professionals from Bellavista technical department will create a drawing and send it to you for approval. If you feel that everything is ok, you approve the drawing and in a short time, walls of your room will look as likeable as that on the web page of the Bellavista Collection’s webs