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The Charm of Green Velvet: FILOMENA Armchair Revamped

Every successful high-end furniture producer knows that the right choice of upholstery can make all the difference. Selecting fabric or leather, which will be the best fit for a particular model, is very close to art; it requires incredible sense of beauty and plenty of practical experience. However brilliantly a furniture piece might be designed, using unsuited material for its upholstery brings the effect to naught, and customers will ignore this item at best. The opposite is also true: if material and its color are selected right, the item becomes a top seller.

Craftsmen from Bellavista Collection – a recognized brand known all over the globe for its cherry-picked selection of Italian luxury furniture – know a lot about upholstery and upholstered furniture. They always pick the best variants that will accentuate the design of the particular item. What’s more, vast majority of Bellavista’s sofas, armchairs, dining chairs, and other upholstered pieces are available in both leather and fabric, with a number of options each. It means plenty of choice for a customer, doesn’t it? It certainly does. Additionally, from time to time Bellavista Collection adds additional options of upholstery – and a seemingly familiar piece starts playing out in fresh colors.

Here is just a couple telling examples of it. The first one is NONNALISA sofa, which was pretty popular with customers. By the way, this sofa is one of very few items available in fabric only. Its fabric cover was of pleasant-looking light brown color. But when customers saw this very sofa upholstered in deep green velvet in the company’s catalog, they were delighted. The new look turned this sofa into a top seller in no time. Actually, you can compare both variants: just go to Products section of Bellavista’s website, move to UPHOLSTERED PIECES category and you will easily find this sofa in SOFAS sub-category. What NONNALISA do you like best?

One more example is FILOMENA armchair. For the last two years, FILOMENA has been exhibited at three prestigious trade fairs – and had a great success at all three.

It wasn’t the same armchair, though. Each time it had different upholstery, so the showpieces looked disparate indeed.

Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2018 was the first event where FILOMENA was showcased. The piece was upholstered in red velvet and caught visitors’ fancy.

Later last year FILOMENA was displayed once again – at MAISON & OBJET in Paris. Visitors greatly appreciated the matching nubuck leather and patterned fabric of its covers.

In 2019 FILOMENA returned to Milan, where the 58th edition of Salone Internazionale del Mobile took place, in a completely new appearance. This time it was upholstered in soft velvet of bright green color. And again, the attendees praised the revamped look of this armchair. One of Bellavista’s customers, who visited the company’s stand during two last editions of Salone Internazionale del Mobile – in 2018 and 2019, was impressed how upholstery changed the look of this piece. He told Bellavista’s representatives that “In red, it was already very beautiful, but this green velvet is really the soul mate of this chair”.

Each time this item looked special and impeccably harmonized with the interior replicated in the Bellavista’s booth.

According to the long-lasting tradition, after trade events all the Bellavista’s exhibits turn into the pieces that everybody can buy. In fact, customers only gain by it. Unlike showpieces at trade events, real products at Bellavista’s website, including FILOMENA armchair, are available in a variety of options. For example, you prefer leather to fabric. Here you are: when ordering FILOMENA, you will have to choose among many of P1 leather, P3 leather, and P3 of nubuck. Whatever color palette you have chosen for your room, you will be able to have this armchair in a matching tone.

Despite the wide variety of colors and upholstery materials available, the structure of the armchair itself remains the same. It is made of high-quality multilayer poplar wood and has brass feet with antique bronze finish. The padding is also the same for all the variants: it’s polyurethane foam of variable density – a modern material which holds its shape well. So, you can be sure that your armchair won’t sag.

The dimensions of the armchair are the same as well. FILOMENA is 75 centimeters (29.5 inches) wide and 90 centimeters (35.4 inches) deep. The back isn’t very high: the entire piece is 70 cm. (27.6 in.) high, with seat height of 40 cm (15.7 in.)

As you see, FILOMENA armchair is relatively compact but sizeable enough to be comfortable. It makes this armchair a good choice for almost any room, whatever its size. It will look equally good in a small living room and in a living zone of a huge open floor plan apartment. FILOMENA armchair will also be a great choice for a reading corner of a living room – it’s very comfortable. Just make sure that your lamp provides enough light – and enjoy reading books or magazines in the coziest armchair you can imagine.

One more advantage is that FILOMENA’s design allows this piece to effortlessly mix into diverse interiors, from modern and minimalistic to vintage. The shape of this armchair is simple but extremely elegant. In point of fact, the same could be said about any well-designed furniture piece.

Attilio Zanni, the designer who created this piece (along with the rich assortment of Bellavista’s products), is a recognized master of this kind of design. Whatever he creates designs for – furniture, decorative elements for interiors, lamps, boiserie, etc. – every piece is equally beautiful and thought-out. What’s more, he creates things for people to use and enjoy, never sacrificing usability for the sake of attractiveness – and vice versa. Mr. Zanni’s multifaceted talent helps him create things that serve for decades without going out of fashion, simply because they are beyond fashion – like beauty, elegance, and good taste are.

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