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OSCAR Table from Bellavista Collection as an Example of Manifoldness and Diversity

Customers enjoy Italian luxury furniture from Bellavista Collection for a number of reasons. The brilliant design of every piece, the top quality, only the best materials used – just to name a few.

Also, customers do appreciate that the brand offers lots of options almost for each item.  It means that they have more chance to pick the item that will precisely suit their needs. For example, the more finishes, veneering, or variants of upholstery is offered, the easier it will be to find the right furniture piece that will mix well with the existing interior.

As for size options, nobody will argue that a dining table for an extended family must be larger than that for a small one. Also, when buying a bed, anybody wants it to be long enough – but people do differ in height.  For a teenager, a sofa or a bed 180 cm. (5.9 feet) wide will do, but a really tall man will need much more space to stretch his legs comfortably.

Bellavista Collection has always understood its customers’ needs, so it strives to ensure that everybody will find what he or she wants.

 Materials and Sizes

Let’s open any product category at Bellavista’s website – for example, TABLES.  This category is split into the following sub-categories with self-explanatory names: COFFEE AND SIDE TABLES, CONSOLES, DESKS, DINING TABLES, and GAMING TABLE. If you browse through any of these sub-categories (except the latter with only one gaming table so far), you will notice that most of the tables come in several materials. The number of options varies from just two or three to about a dozen. Let’s take a look at a couple of a new pieces, designed in 2019 – they were added to the company’s website a short time ago.

Like many other reputable manufacturers of high-end furniture, Bellavista Collection regularly participates in trade events. When an exhibition ends, former exhibits blend in with the rest of the collection.  The last event – the 58th edition of Salone Internazionale Del Mobile – ended just recently, on April 14, 2019. The showpieces that turned heads at the exhibition grounds are now placed into a separate category of Bellavista’s website – in a variety of options, of course.

For example, PACMAN coffee table, which scored a great success at this exhibition, now comes in nine woods. They are: ebony, grey sukupira, rosewood, dark eucalyptus frisè, dark tanganyika frisè, as well as four kinds of oak: natural oak, moka stained, grey stained, and smoke-stained oak.

At iSaloni, PACMAN tables of two sizes were exhibited; so, no wonder that these two size options remained and have become available to all.

OSCAR: A Hit from iSaloni

One more table, which made a big hit at iSaloni was OSCAR. Created in 2019 specially for the event, it was exhibited there in three variants, looking extremely diverse but equally attractive.

All three OSCAR tables Bellavista Collection showcased in its booth were 37 cm. (14.6 in.) high and had a square top.

Tops of the two showpieces were 70×70 cm (27.6 x 27.6 inches); one of them was covered with brown saddle leather (this nice-looking shade of brown Bellavista’s craftsmen call Caramello).  The other table had a top made of natural marble. The sort of marble used for it is called Invisible Grey, which is a novelty of the year.

The third OSCAR table had a larger top – 145×145 cm (57.1 x 57.1 inches), made of Carbone larch – one more novelty of 2019. This finish is very attractive: almost black in color, it looks extremely elegant.

The structure of the tables, made of hammered brass with antique bronze finish, looks modest and well-wrought. It harmonizes well with any of the three materials of its top: wood, saddle leather and marble. The tops are 8 cm thick, which instantly gives an impression of soundness and reliability. And it’s really so: such a table will surely last for decades.

OSCAR at Bellavista’s Website: Even More Options for Customers

Now that Salone Internazionale Del Mobile is behind, OSCAR table has become one of the products everybody can not just look at, but also pick and buy. And as ever, the manufacturer offers lots of variants to choose from.

As for the size options, now there are four of them. Along with three ones familiar from iSaloni, there is one more: OSCAR table now can be 50 centimeters (19.7 inches) high, with the top 70×70 cm (27.6 x 27.6 inches).

As for the materials for the top, the variety is rich indeed. The saddle leather, except above-mentioned Caramello color, can be dark red (Red), taupe (Sand), dark brown (Caffè), and very dark brown, almost black (Testa di Moro) – six shades in total.

If you prefer tables with wooden tops, you are welcome to choose among as many as eleven wood finishes! Each top is made of a 8-centimeter-thick solid board, veneered with either of the following attractive woods: ebony, grey sukupira, rosewood, carbone larch; four kinds of oak: natural oak, grey stained oak, smoke stained oak, and moka stained oak; and three kinds of walnut:  American walnut, moka stained walnut, dark stained walnut.

Or what about a stylish top made of natural marble? You will definitely love the four sorts of marble, selected for tops of OSCAR tables. Their appearance varies greatly – from almost white Calacatta marble streaked with beige to almost black Nero Marquina marble with white stria. Striking look of Emperador Dark Brown made it very popular. Bellavista’s craftsmen are sure that customers will also enjoy Invisible Grey – white marble, mottled with beautiful grey swirls.

Four kinds of marble, six colors of leather, eleven wood finishes – what a lot of variants for the top! What is more, there are four variants of the table itself, which means that the OSCAR table you select will be one of the eighty-four possible variations. But actually, it is not surprising: Bellavista Collection is known for manifoldness and diversity of everything it produces.

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