MI-SERVO at your service: The Piece that Makes a Home Luxurious

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MI-SERVO at your service: The Piece that Makes a Home Luxurious

If you are furnishing your house or apartment, you surely will be looking for many items in addition to furniture. For comfortable life you will also need mirrors, lighting fixtures, curtains, carpets, artwork, and lots of other things intended to turn a dwelling into a home.

Such articles could be divided into two groups. There are things no home can do without, such as lamps. And there are things that aren’t in fact a must-have but add certain spice to the interior.

A hall tree, also called a coat tree, a clothes tree, a coat-and-hat stand, or simply a valet, can belong to either of these groups, depending on your lifestyle. A good-looking quality valet is not only a useful thing: it can make a room feel differently. More sophisticated. More elegant. More luxurious.

That’s what first comes to mind when looking at MI-SERVO, a valet from Bellavista Collection, recently shown at iSaloni 2019.

Bellavista Collection is a renowned brand well-known for its Italian luxury furniture, as well as for a wide selection of other pieces, indispensable to everybody who has an eye for interior design. For a recognized brand, participation in reputable trade events is a must. So, since 2010 – the brand’s birth year – Bellavista Collection participates in such exhibitions as Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan and Maison&Objet in Paris.

MI-SERVO at iSaloni 2019

At this year’s edition of Milan Furniture Salon, MI-SERVO attracted plenty of attention. Shiny chrome of its details, combined with glamorous glossy ebony or chic-looking printed leather, as well as exclusive design from Attilio Zanni, made this piece a real eye-catcher.

The valet was displayed in two versions, and both drew stares. The exhibits were placed adjacent to each other, so the visitors could compare them. Most attendees noted that both valets were made with impeccable care and great accuracy, so the showpieces looked grand indeed.

The external decoration made all the difference! The first valet was padded in printed leather, while the second one was veneered in ebony with glossy finish. Each valet had a small shelf made of solid walnut.    

MI-SERVO is not only eye-catching, but also very practical. It has a clothes hanger to hang jackets or shirts, a hanger for pants, a base where you can place a pair of shoes on, a shelf for various little things, and even an oval mirror on its top. The mirror is about 30 centimeters high, with a thin frame in brass with chrome finish – like all other metal details of the valet. The mirror is optional, although visitors appreciated it a lot. As one of them said, “the mirror is that extra touch”.

DOLCE VITA as it is

On the whole, from 9th to 14th of April 2019 Bellavista’s exhibition booth at the 58th edition of Salone Internazionale Del Mobile was the place where ‘dolce vita’ set the tone.

The entire world knows “dolce vita” expression “Sweet life” in Italian. Although it’s extremely difficult to put this notion into words, everybody unconsciously understands what it means. It’s all about enjoying life and living it to the full, about the lifestyle that brings nothing but pleasure. The mood and the unique atmosphere of that time found its reflection in design. Easily recognizable traits of that time’s design still trigger positive emotions in millions of people – in those who remember the overall joy of the past, bold dreams and ambitious plans of youth.

The general idea of ‘dolce vita’ united all the Bellavista’s exhibits, from both versions of TUDOR credenza, PAC MAN coffee table to MATILDE and AVUELA sofas, not to mention IPPO tray and MI-SERVO valet.

Attilio Zanni, the author of all Bellavista’s showpieces’ designs, does remember those times and loves them. He admitted that this year he was inspired by the distinctive style and air of the past. Maybe, that’s why the 2019 collection is full of life and somewhat nostalgic. What’s more, Mr. Zanni adeptly managed to create the pieces, which are by all means chic but by no means pretentious or pompous. Being a brilliant designer, he contrived to keep a sense of proportion and show the attendees of iSaloni what Dolce Vita is all about.

MI-SERVO at Bellavista’s Website

Now that iSaloni is behind, MI-SERVO is not a showpiece anymore. Now it belongs in Bellavista Collection’s rich assortment – together with all other former exhibits. It means that you can already find MI-SERVO at the company’s website in the special section named NEWS 2019.

It’s good news for customers, because they have more choice. Bellavista Collection traditionally offers every item in a number of options. MI-SERVO is now available in five variants of external decoration: ebony, ebony with glossy finish, grey sukupira, grey sukupira with glossy finish, and padding in printed leather. Each of these variants may come with or without a mirror, which equals ten differently-looking variants in total.

The size of the valet will suit most of the people. Without the optional mirror, MI-SERVO is 139 centimeters (54.7 inches) high, and its height with the mirror is 170.8 cm (67.2 inches). As for the other dimensions, they are 46 x 35.7 centimeters, or 18.1 x 14.1 inches. The wallet is just of the right size: it’s large enough to be easy-to-use and small enough not to be awkward-to-handle.

All this makes MI-SERVO a good buy. Actually, it’s two-in-one: a utilitarian item that can serve as a characterful element of an interior, making your home look more stylish and luxurious.    

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