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Extremely Diverse, Equally Perfect: Ensembles You Can Create for Your Kitchen with Bellavista Collection

Have you ever visited someone’s home and said: “Oh, what a gorgeous design?”. Most likely, you had such an experience more than once. These interiors could differ in style, from classic to minimalistic or hi-tech, but they leave the same impression of excellence and perfection.

All such interiors have one thing in common. They are perceived as a whole, where every piece is in its proper place.

When it comes to excellently designed rooms, harmony is the key word. Separate items look together as if they were created as a set, although they weren’t.

Pieces from Bellavista Collection are exactly like this. This brand manufactures Italian luxury furniture for the most luxurious interiors, as well as boiserie, mirrors, a variety of lighting fixtures, and much more. It means that you can easily form ensembles for any room using nothing but items from Bellavista Collection. In spite of being extremely diverse, they form lots of grand-looking combinations.

The kitchen by Bellavista is a new design developed exclusively for the project  Villa in Franciacorta. The brand is already known all over the world for its very special pieces and now the brilliant talent of Attilio Zanni – the brand’s co-founder and chief designer –is sharing his view of a very special customized kitchen. Lists of available options are far from being exhaustive: if you wish, you can have any items modified according to your needs and preferences. You can have it bigger or smaller, or made with your favorite veneer, the keyword is to create pieces tailored on customer’s preferences.

Supposing then, you want to furnish your kitchen, which includes a dining area as well. Bellavista brand has plenty to offer you. Dining tables of various shapes and sizes, elegant and comfy dining chairs, lighting fixtures which will blend into the interior – all this you can find on Bellavista Collection’s website.

Let’s begin with dining tables. Simply select PRODUCTS in the main menu of the website, and you’ll see the TABLES product category along with other ones. TABLES category includes a few sub-categories with pretty self-explanatory names. One of them is DINING TABLES. Nine remarkable dining tables are waiting for you there.

Whatever your preferences, you will surely find the dining table for your home. If you love round tables and enjoy throwing parties, take a look at SAN-FRANCISCO ROUND-LAZY SUSAN and OLIVER.

The first one will surely impress you. As it’s clear from its name, this dining table is round and is equipped with a handy device called Lazy Susan – a pretty good thing when there often are many diners at the table. What makes this table special is that the lazy Susan is designed as an integral part of the tabletop. Depending on your needs, you can decide among three sizes: 180, 200, and 260 centimeters in diameter (70.9, 78.7, and 102.3 inches respectively.) Eight veneering options give you plenty of choices. The feet and metal details of this table are made of cast brass with an antique bronze finish – this beautiful material is among Bellavista’s favorites.

OLIVER, is also a round table with a Lazy Susan, but in this case this feature is optional. OLIVER is 185 centimeters (72.8 inches) in diameter, and the diameter of the Lazy Susan is 105 centimeters (41.3 inches). It is attached to the tabletop by means of a custom-designed metal detail, which resembles a flower with four petals. It serves as a decorative element of the tabletop when you don’t use the Lazy Susan.

OLIVER is made of solid wood and is available in ten veneering options. They include rosewood, grey sukupira, ebony, as well as seven kinds of oak and American walnut. What’s special about this table is that its one thick leg is made of three materials: metal (cast brass with antique bronze finish), wood and Botticino marble.

If you prefer rectangular dining tables, you are welcome to choose among seven superb pieces. Most of them are offered in two or more sizes. For example, SAN FRANCISCO comes in three size options, with the biggest one 300 centimeters (118.1 in) wide – a great pick for an extended family. The two others are 220 cm. (86.6 in.) and 260 cm. (wide 102.4 in.). TULIPE dining table has four size options. You can order TULIPE table, which will be 200, 220, 240, and 300 centimeters wide (78.7, 86.6, 94.5, and 118.1 inches respectively.).

Any of Bellavista’s dining tables can boast of exquisite, sophisticated design. Just compare QUATTRO PASSI, which turned heads at prestigious exhibitions in 2019, DIAPASON from the 2020/2021 collection, TULIPE and THOMAS with metal legs, MESAMAGNA and DOUBLE V. Each of these pieces deserves a separate article.

Now let’s look for dining chairs to match your table. Open UPHOLSTERED PIECES product category, choose CHAIRS sub-category there, and pick chairs, which will harmonize with the dining area of your kitchen.

Would you prefer KATE? It looks elegant indeed, thanks to its antique bronze rear back and the base made of moka stained ashwood. Or what about seemingly simple, but so stylish MARGOT, or the fashionable MASARYK chair with optional armrests? BERTA, ANGELINA, CLAIRE, CORINNE, BICE – it’s so difficult to decide among them!

By the way, almost all upholstered pieces from Bellavista Collection, including chairs, are offered in both fabric or leather.

Now that you’ve picked the furniture, you need a chandelier. Everybody will agree that no room can do without lighting fixtures. Also, it goes without saying that the lamps should harmonize with all furniture.

So, let’s look at a ceiling luminaire for overhead lighting – when furnishing your kitchen, you surely will need one.  Pick LIGHTING category in the PRODUCTS section of the website, and move to CHANDELIERS sub-category.

How dissimilar these ceiling lamps are! CHAO-LI, with its Vienna straw inserts in its lampshade – this piece belongs to Dulcechina Collection, a group of 12 items, whose design was inspired by charming Orient. OLYMPIA lamp, with the shade made of perforated metal. Compact and somewhat hi-tech-ish MADEMOISELLE, classic-looking but increasingly stylish MY DISHES and ELECTRA… They are extremely diverse – but equally perfect.

In fact, you can well say the same about every piece of Italian luxury furniture from Bellavista Collection, as well as other items this brand offers. Custom boiserie, made of natural materials, luxurious mirrors, and nice things aimed at spicing up interiors. If you open HOME DÉCOR category and browse through BELLAVISTA DETAILS sub-category, you’ll find something that will serve as a finishing touch for your interior design.

A panel picture, a floor-standing planter for an indoor flower, or a cast brass statuette will make your kitchen look special and feel welcoming.

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