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Bellavista Collection Thanks iSaloni Attendees for their Interest

Salone Internazionale Del Mobile is, by all means, the most important exhibition for high-end furniture designers and makers. It’s the largest fair of its kind in the world: its pavilions spread over 345,000 square meters, plus 60,000 square meters of exhibition space located outside the fairgrounds. The event traditionally takes place at the Fiera Milano fairgrounds, designed by Massimiliano Fuksas, a highly talented and renowned contemporary architect.

Currently, Salone del Mobile.Milano is much more than just a furniture fair: the entire industry takes cues from this trade event… From a bunch of events, to be more precise. Between 9 and 14 of April, 2019, along with the 58th edition of Salone Del Mobile, several collateral events took place at the same site: the International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition, Workplace3.0 and S.Project, Euroluce, and, of course, SaloneSatellite.

This time, 2,418 exhibitors showcased their achievements at these events, 550 of them being young creative designers who presented their projects at SaloneSatellite. 34% of the exhibitors were from 43 countries other than Italy. As for the visitors, Salon attracts lots of them: 386,236 people from 181 countries attended the fairgrounds over the six days. Majority of them were trade professionals: like most of influential exhibitions, iSaloni is a trade-only event.

There were lots of exciting events outside of the fairgrounds and all over the city. Walking through Milan, one could come across the so-called Fuorisalone, i.e.“out of Salon”.

Just one of them – an installation called “AQUA. Leonardo’s Vision” devoted to the genius of Leonardo da Vinci – saw over 2,000 visitors a day.

Salone del Mobile 2019 was really successful for Bellavista Collection – like every edition of this event for the last nine years, in fact. The brand itself was first presented at iSaloni 2010, which means that this year Bellavista participated in Salone Internazionale Del Mobile for the tenth time. In these nine years, Bellavista has turned into a well-known producer of Italian luxury furniture.

A big share of this success should be credited to Attilio Zanni, Bellavista’s co-founder and brilliant all-round designer, who has been creating designs for this brand from the very start. Needless to say that he designed all Bellavista’s exhibits for iSaloni 2019. For each edition of every trade event he prepares something completely new. iSaloni 2019 is over, the next edition will be held in about a year – from 21st to 26th of April 2020.

Bellavista’s Exhibition Display: Chic with a Bit of Nostalgia

This year Bellavista Collection displayed its pieces at Booth F26 in Hall 3 of xLux section. Over six days of the event, virtually thousands of people walked through Bellavista’s exhibition stand, and their remarks made Bellavista’s representatives happy indeed. Many visitors noted that while taking a view of the exhibitor booth, they couldn’t help feeling of time-travel. Distinctive air of the past was almost tangible.

Well, it was meant to be so.

A well-prepared set of showpieces always has some general idea. For Bellavista’sdisplay, this idea sounded as ‘Dolce Vita’, the Italian period characterized by its overall atmosphere of carelessness and cheerfulness, and distinctive style in design, which many of us still remember and enjoy…  The Italian phrase ‘dolce vita’ was understood all over the world without translation.

As Stephen King once wrote, ‘Sooner or later, everything old is new again.’ Design of Bellavista’s pieces reminded visitors of those past days. The items are far from being replicas, though: remaining up-to-date, they just bear certain traits the past.

For example, for many visitors looks of two AVUELA velvet sofas reminded childhood visits to Granny, whose sofa was the coziest in the world. By the way, the word ‘Avuela’ comes from‘abuela’, the spanish word for ‘Grandma’. One more sofa, called MATILDE, is upholstered in leather, looking unbeatably luxurious.  Covers of both sofas are deep blue. Shades of blue dominated this year’s collection. Blue, turquoise, and deep green – these three colors were chosen for upholstery, and it was a good pick. All the pieces perfectly harmonized with one another, creating a single ensemble.

Blue leather of KATE LOW dining chairs combined perfectly with ebony wood of QUATTRO PASSI dining table.  Pale turquoise velour of MY CHESTER sofa and deep green velvet of two FILOMENA armchairs went extremely well with light pink carpet on the floor and dark wood of coffee tables.

Chic and dazzling look of two TUDOR sideboards definitely harked back to the old days. Both bar unit named TUDOR, Bar version and TUDOR cabinet version- a credenza designed for storing valuables – surely deserved their royal names, so luxuriously-looking they were. With decorative brass studs covering their surface and drawers’ fronts in blue leather, both TUDORs turned heads instantly.

So did three PAC MAN tables – visitors enjoyed their peculiar shape a lot. Remember Pac-man – a yellow character of the same-named arcade game of 1980s? If you don’t, imagine a gigantic chocolate cake with a piece cut out. That’s what the shape of PAC MAN tables was like. Visitors of Bellavista’s display booth loved them a lot, especially the two made of ebony.

Grand-looking rosewood was also used for the ASPEN display cabinet. Details wrapped in quality blue leather looked amazingly together with rosewood.

Bellavista’s craftsmen have always made the most of natural beauty of wood.  For stylish OSCAR table they picked larch, and for ALEXANDER sideboard, which was displayed in two variants, they chose polished Tanganyika frisé wood. Actually, all these showpieces are going to become a part of the Bellavista’s assortment. It’s common practice in this company.

Also, Bellavista Collection is well-known for having lots of options to choose from. If you browse through its website, you will instantly notice that most of the wooden pieces offered there have up to a dozen woods options and even more. Sofas, armchairs and other upholstered items also have variants of covers – you will be able to choose at least between leather and fabric.

So, very soon you will surely be able to visit the company’s website and buy, say, a funny PAC-MAN coffee table or the AVUELA sofa, as comfy as your Granny’s.

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