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Of Royal Name, Looks and Quality: A New Bellavista’s Sideboard Will Soon be Shown in Milan

Salone Internazionale Del Mobile is an exhibition, where high-end furniture manufacturers display the best of the best of their achievements. Each participant quite predictably tries to present something exclusive at every edition. Milan Furniture Salon is the most prestigious trade event not only for furniture makers, but also for a wide variety of companies whose products are related to interior design.

Thanks to collateral events, the scope of Milan Furniture Fair now covers a bunch of related industries, such as production of furniture itself, various furnishing accessories, furniture and equipment for offices, public spaces, kitchens and bathrooms. Also, separate collateral events devoted to lighting fixtures and design projects of young designers. 270,000 square meters of the display area, about 2,500 exhibitors, about half a million of visitors all over the globe – that’s what Salone Internazionale Del Mobile now is.

This exhibition means much for Bellavista Collection – a renowned company that produces Italian luxury furniture.  This brand was first introduced to the public at 2010 edition of this event. It means that iSaloni 2019 will be the tenth time the company brings its showpieces to Milan. In celebration of this milestone anniversary, this year’s collection will be really special.

Bellavista’s exhibits are united under the broad idea of Dolce Vita, which is familiar to everybody who remember a special atmosphere from the past recreated today with the same refined style.

For any Italian, the phrase ‘dolce vita’ triggers lots of associations, from inimitable atmosphere of Federico Fellini’s movie “La dolce vita” to somewhat peculiar glamor of the 1980s.

Attilio Zanni, a genius of a designer who has been creating almost all items for Bellavista Collection for years, designed this year’s showpieces with Dolce Vita in mind. Very soon you will be able to see his interpretation of Dolce Vita. From 9th to 14th of April, at stand F-26 in Hall 3 of X-lux sector, Bellavista Collection will show what Attilio Zanni prepared for the 58th edition of Salone Internazionale Del Mobile.

Bellavista’s View of Dolce Vita

As it often is before major exhibitions, pretty little is known about particular pieces to be displayed.  Detailed information about most of the collection is still in petto. What is known right now is the general idea and just a few hints of the items that will definitely be on display.

One of them is TUDOR, a sideboard with a royal name and looks. Like many pieces from Bellavista, it has more than one variant available. At the exhibition there will be two versions of TUDOR, conventionally called Bar and Jewels.

Dimensions of both variants are the same. Both are 125 centimeters (49.2 inches) wide, x 53 cm. (20.9 in.) deep and 111 cm (43.7 in.) high.  The versions differ mostly in their decoration and additional details.

The first one, TUDOR bar, looks noble indeed. Dark brown colour of Canaletto walnut and glittering bronzed studs attract the eye instantly. The inside part is made of maple wood. No need to mention that both walnut and maple are natural and of high quality: cabinet makers from Bellavista use only top-grade solid woods for every wooden piece they produce.  Quality of TUDOR’s metal details, like brass cup holder and studs with bronze finish, is also beyond all praise, because they are made at Bellavista’s own workshop.  The company has always been focused on quality rather than quantity.

The inner back of the sideboard is decorated with natural onyx and backlit with LED lights. The drawers look really chic, with top quality leather on the front and inner parts made of maple.  The removable tray, made of walnut with edges in leather, also looks very elegant.

The second version of this sideboard, TUDOR jewels, is lavishly decorated and looks like embodiment of Dolce vita as it is. Blue leather of its drawers’ fronts, glittering of the bronzed studs and brass details, smart-looking and handy LED lights – all this makes TUDOR jewels a jewel of the collection of Bellavista’s showpieces.

Bellavista’s furniture makers have always been good at combining materials, making the most of natural beauty of wood, metal and leather. That is why of TUDOR well warrants its royal name: both appearance and quality of the both variants meet the highest standards. In fact, the same is true for all other pieces from Bellavista Collection.

Talented design and impeccable quality of every detail – that’s what Bellavista Collection has always been known for. For this brand, achieving the best quality is a matter of honour. That’s why only the most qualified Italian craftsmen work there, making all these remarkable pieces – out of the best materials, of course. Besides, Bellavista collection is lucky to have a brilliant designer, whose creativity and earnest work resulted in virtually thousands of outstanding designs.

So, the brand has plenty to show at 2019 edition of Salon del Mobile. Among other pieces there will be lamps ADALPINA and FAROLITO, two variants of ALEXANDER credenza, and a sofa called AVUELA, which in Spanish means ‘Granny’. It’s easy to guess that such a sofa will be very cozy and remind of happy days of childhood.

A bit of nostalgia gives this collection a certain charm. We all tend to perceive our past in a special way, remembering pleasant moments better than everything else. When noticing some traits specific of the past in present day things, people can’t help recalling those times. Times when they were younger, dreamed big and had the entire life ahead.

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