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Evoking Memories: Bellavista Presents a NewCollection in Milan

When a company prepares a collection of showpieces for some major trade event – like Salone del Mobile, which is to take place in Milan pretty soon – this collection is more than just a number of pieces. Well, they are made in a particular style, but it is not enough. Such a group of exhibits needs a general idea of its own – something you will feel at a first glance on it.

Bellavista Collection – a brand that showcases its Italian luxury furniture at this exhibition every year for the last ten years – by all means prepares something special for each edition. This year its collection of showpieces is inspired by Dolce Vita.

Dolce vita. “Sweet life”, if directly translated into English. What you first think of when you hear this expression? If you watched the famous movie “La dolce vita” by brilliant Federico Fellini and remember its special atmosphere – your guess is quite right. Dolce vita is all about beautiful lifestyle.  Not just well-being and wealth but enjoying life to the full. This concept became extremely popular, and Dolce Vita became a buzz phrase in Italy and beyond.

Dolce Vita: The Art of Beautiful Living

This very idea is behind the new collection, which Bellavista is bringing to Milan this year. Dolce vita lifestyle implies (among others) having gorgeous-looking and quality things – like furniture items from Bellavista Collection, which have always combined eye appeal with extreme coziness and durability. Made of high quality materials, they are not only beautiful, but also comfortable and serviceable.

Glamour of postwar period, somewhat naïve bit irresistibly attractive, inspires XXI-century designers to create up-to-date things that somehow bring back fond memories from that time. Attilio Zanni, Bellavista’s brilliant all-round designer and the company’s co-founder, also succumbed to the fascination of that period and created items that take us back to those joyful times.

If you are going to attend Salone del Mobile 2019, take a chance to call on Hall 3, stand F-26 in X-lux sector. That’s where all Bellavista’s exhibits will be displayed. Right now the company doesn’t reveal info about all its objects on display, but provided a quick glimpse of just a few pieces.

Bellavista’s Future Exhibits: Much More than Glamour

Grandma’s sofa… What did you think of when you hear these words? Most likely, of something with soft cushions and seat, pleasing to the eye and super-cozy. That’s exactly what AVUELA sofa looks like. By the way, the word “avuela” is Spanish for “grandmother”. Two lamps, ADALPINA and FAROLITO, will work extremely well with this sofa, as well as with other Bellavista’s pieces on the display.


Two credenzas named ALEXANDER I will also turn your attention. Their stylized cast metal handles with a floral detail somehow resemble the past. By the way, all handles and other details for the furniture of this brand come from Bellavista’s own selected craftman. Each metal part, however small it might be, is designed separately to ensure that it will perfectly fit the particular furniture piece. After that these parts are carefully cast out of brass, bronze or aluminium; an assortment of finishes could be used to give each of the details its distinctive look.

Internal parts of both these nice-looking sideboards are covered in fabric, which will also take you a few decades back.  When opening such a credenza, you can’t help remembering a ‘grandma’s wardrobe’. Certain elements of design popular decades ago often make us subconsciously think of happy days of carefree childhood and youth. Maybe, that’s the reason why the charm of vintage furniture is so irresistible…


One more credenza, with a royal name TUDOR, will also be showcased in two versions. The overall shape of TUDOR makes one think of a classic trunk or a safe. One of the versions of this piece is a bar unit- so if you are fond of throwing parties, TUDOR can well turn your home into the Royal Household.  The second version of this grand-looking sideboard is intended for keeping valuables. If you decide to have it, your possessions will be safe like crown jewels in a treasury.

Yes, you will be able to get any of these grand-looking pieces – a little bit later. The items Bellavista Collection prepares specially for trade shows aren’t just showpieces to demonstrate and forget about. They are real things made for real people who appreciate quality and beautiful things. When a trade show ends, the showpieces replenish the assortment of products at Bellavista Collection’s website.

It means that if you browse Bellavista’s web site some time after the Milan Furniture Salon, you will see AVUELA sofa, ALEXANDER and TUDOR sideboards, ADALPINA and FAROLITO lamps there, along with lots of other remarkable items. And, of course, you will be able to purchase any of them.

What is more, each of Bellavista’s furniture pieces is traditionally offered in lots of options. For example, a wooden table or a sideboard could be made of a variety of woods – for some of existing ones, as many as a dozen wood options are available. Thanks to such a choice of woods (greatly varying in colour), everybody can pick the variant which will mix well with other items in the room. Also, a good share of Bellavista’s furniture pieces has two or more size options to choose from. As for sofas, arm-chairs and other upholstered pieces, they all could be upholstered in either fabric or leather of prime quality.

Except furniture pieces it is mostly known for, Bellavista offers a lot of other items necessary for interior design, such as lighting fixtures, wall paneling, mirrors, a variety of decorative elements, and more.

Many of the items, which now are highly sought after, once turned heads at Salone del Mobile in Milan or Maison&Objet in Paris.

Interestingly, such items never show signs of losing popularity with the course of time. They never come out of vogue – just because top quality, impeccable craftsmanship, and talented design never do.

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