Wardrobes from Bellavista Collection for a Real Home

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Wardrobes from Bellavista Collection for a Real Home

If you are middle-aged, you probably can recall the times when you were young and moved every so often. Do you remember the rooms in a campus residence, studios, and apartments you lived in? Maybe, not all of them. Most likely, you didn’t care much for all this stuff like interior design, colour of wallpaper and looks of the furniture… Young people rarely pay much attention to this.

But when you settle down at last, you do care for interior of your home – because it is your home, not just lodging you rent for a year or two. You want your home be comfortable and well-furnished, and you are quite right. When you grow older, your home is much more than a place you live in.

When you are young and live in rented furnished apartments, you never think of looking for furniture you really like. Why all these quests for excellence if you’re going to move in a year or two? But when you get a home of your own, furnishing this home perfectly becomes a high-priority objective.

So, when you get an apartment, you are furnishing it with your own idea of a real home in mind. It’s a creative process where there are no trifles. Choosing the best furniture is essential, if you want to turn a house or an apartment into what you will proudly call your home with a big H.

‘The best’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘in vogue’ or ‘the most expensive’. It means ‘to your liking’ at the first place.

When you are in a search for furniture, which is top quality, durable and great-looking, Bellavista Collection is the very place where you’ll find what you want. Bellavista Collection is a renowned Italian brand, popular with people who have an eye for Italian luxury furniture. Here you will find the items you’ll love.

Supposing, you need a wardrobe. Of course, for your home you want only the best variant. What it means for you? Surely, it should made of top-quality wood to serve you for many years. It also must look attractive and fit into your interior. And, obviously, it must be roomy enough to hold piles of your paraphernalia.

That’s the very type of wardrobes Bellavista Collection offers.

Look, for example, at ERMES. This wardrobe is very spacious – it’s 240 centimeters (94.5 inches) wide and high. It will definitely fit into your room design: you can choose out of five options of wood, which greatly vary in colour.

Like natural beauty of oak wood? Here you are. Love light-coloured wood species? Champagne stained oak will suit you well. Or do you prefer darker colours? You will probably like brown colour of moka stained oak or greyish shades of smoke stained or grey stained oak.

ERMES looks extremely stylish. The inner and outer structure of this chic wardrobe are made of the same wood. Antique bronze handles and other metal details harmonize well with sleek wooden surface.

Also, if you wish, the wardrobe will be equipped with handy drawer units 60 or 90 cm wide and a set of two LED lights.

One more wardrobe from Bellavista collection is named TRUMP. It is of the same height – 240 cm high (94.5 in.), but narrower – 141 cm (55.5 in) wide.

As for choice of woods and colours, TRUMP is available in 10 options of wood.

Stunning ebony, elegant grey sucupira, natural, moka stained, and dark stained walnut, plus as many as five kinds of oak, natural and stained – you have plenty to choose from.

The top and bottom panes, inner side panels, and the shelf of this remarkable wardrobe are wrapped in white or taupe linen (at your choice). Metal finishes and handles are made of antique brass.

The belting leather used for the insets comes in seven colours: Two shades of dark brown called ‘testa di moro’ and ‘caffe’; three shades of light brown – ‘sand’, ‘biscotto’, and ‘caramello’; bordeaux, and ‘rosso’ (red).

Furthermore, the wardrobe can be equipped with motion activated LED lights for your convenience.

Thanks to the elaborate design, this wardrobe not only looks attractive. It has enough room for copious numbers of diverse things, from garments and footwear to various clothing accessories and ornaments.

Both ERMES and TRUMP were designed by Attilio Zanni – Bellavista’s irreplaceable designer and co-founder. His brilliant talent and years of hard work for the sake of the company greatly contributed to the overall success of Bellavista Collection. He created designs for vast majority of Bellavista’s pieces. From all kinds of furniture to lamps, from boiserie to decorative statuettes – Attilio Zanni is able to transform ordinary things into pieces of artwork. His masterpieces turn heads at the most prestigious trade events like Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan and Maison et Objet in Paris.

Actually, the brand of Bellavista Collection was first introduced to public at Milan Furniture Salon in 2010. Ever since then, Bellavista never misses editions of Salone del Mobile, along with other major exhibitions. The brand always has plenty to show there, thanks to Attilio Zanni’s exuberant talent.

Dulcechina Collection

The latest hit was Dulcechina Collection – an assortment of Italian luxury furniture pieces, designs of which were inspired by oriental motifs, patterns and forms. Lighting fixtures and chairs, sofas and benches, side tables and coffee tables were first showcased at Milan Furniture Salon in April 2018. Later that year, Dulcechina collection was shown in Paris, at Maison et Objet. Nobody knows yet what Bellavista Collection will show at the next, 58th, edition of Milan Furniture Salon, which will take place in April 2019. But, keeping in mind the Bellavista’s pieces shown at last editions of this event, it definitely will be something special.

It just can’t be otherwise. First, Bellavista uses only the prime quality materials. Second, its craftsmen are known for their high skill and creativity. Third, Bellavista has an incomparable all-round designer. With all these, this brand is simply doomed to success.