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Dressers from Bellavista Collection: As Elegant as the Ladies They’re Made for

Women typically love furnishing their homes and are very scrupulous when doing it, and that’s superb. Many of them can boast of instinctive sense of harmony, which helps a woman to create a real home in every place she lives in.

There are a few pieces of furniture, which no woman can hardly do without, and a dresser is one of them. This pretty small and practical item can hold plenty of things in its drawers, from clothes to knick-knackery. Sometimes it seems amazing how it comes that a modest-sized dresser has enough room for heaps of things… pretty much like a woman’s handbag.

Dressers can easily fit into design of any room, but most often people have them in bedrooms. That’s why, Bellavista Collection – a renowned supplier of Italian luxury furniture – placed dressers into NIGHT category of its website. You can find a number of dressers in the sub-category called DRESSERS AND NIGHSTANDS. Others sub-categories are BEDS, WARDROBES, and MAKE UP STATION.

Dressers from Bellavista Collection aren’t just prime-quality and exquisite. They serve as a perfect example of beautiluity – a combination of beauty and utility. Moderate-sized but roomy, these dressers are a must-have for everybody who equally values quality, practicality and elegant modern design. With such a dresser (along with other pieces from NIGHT section) you will easily create a dream of a bedroom.

Beautility as it is

Let’s take a quick look at some Bellavista’s dressers. Each of them is a masterpiece. Brilliant design by Attilio Zanni, combined with excellent artfulness, which Bellavista’s cabinet makers are recognized for, always result in impressive furniture pieces.


What is more, every dresser is available in a number of options. For example, CALIFORNIA dresser can be made out of fifteen kinds of wood! Magnificent ebony, classic-looking natural oak and American walnut, elegant grey sucupira, and many other attractive woods, natural and stained, give you plenty of choice. It means that colour of your CALIFORNIA dresser could vary greatly, from beige or taupe (natural sycamore and champagne stained oak) to almost black (moka stained oak). Or would you prefer greyish shade of smoke-stained oak and grey stained ashwood? With such a variety of colours, you will definitely find the variant that will fit into your interior perfectly.

Also, there are two size options of this dresser that differ in width.  CALIFORNIA could be 60 or 90 cm wide (23.6 and 35.4 inches respectively.) Height and depth remain the same: both variants are 60 cm. (23.6 in.) high and 48 cm. (18.9 in.) deep.

With its elegant antique bronze base and handles, CALIFORNIA dresser looks very stylish. Its deceptively simple design makes the most of natural beauty of wood – akin to many other pieces designed by Attilio Zanni, a talented all-round designer, whose works have significantly contributed to Bellavista’s success.


One more Bellavista’s dresser is called QUASIMODO. Despite its name, this dresser looks very nice. QUASIMODO comes in three sizes and also has a lot of wood options to choose from. Ten, to be exact, so the items do vary in color. The inside part of all the variants of QUASIMODO is made of attractive-looking maple wood.

If you like QUASIMODO, you can choose the one 50 cm. (19.7 in.) high, which could be 60 or 120 cm. wide. If you prefer higher dressers, there is an option 82 cm. (32.3 in.) high and 120 cm. wide.


If you enjoy rustic style, TIMBER dresser will be a great choice for your room. Eight wood options ensure that it will look good in your room, whatever color of furniture you prefer. Light beige champagne stained oak, dark brown moka stained walnut, peculiar-looking grey-stained and smoke-stained oak, natural oak and American walnut – all they look lovely indeed. The inner part of all these dressers is made of maple wood, which looks really effective with extra clear glass of the shelf.

As to the dimensions of TIMBER, you have two options to choose from. Both are the same height – 53.8 cm (21.2 in) and depth – 50 cm (19.7 in.), but differ in width: this dresser can be either 55 or 110 cm. wide (21.7 and 43.3 in. respectively).


MARCANTONIO dresser has two drawers and eye-catching antique bronze base. Both outer and inner parts of this dresser are made of the same wood. The choice of wood is wide as usual – there are seven options available, including three kinds of American walnut, ebony and grey sukupira.

What turns heads instantly in MARCANTONIO is its optional exterior structure, made of extra-clear glass 19 millimeters thick. The dresser itself is 39 cm (15.4 in.) high; with the glass structure – 52 cm (20.5 in.) high.


NELSON dresser somehow stands out from other ones – its outer surface is upholstered in leather. Moka stained oak of its inside looks very attractive, and so do antique brass feet and handles of this remarkable furniture piece.

Compared with other dressers from Bellavista Collection, NELSON is pretty spacious: it is 203 cm (79.9 in.) wide, 75 cm (29.5 in) high, and 57 cm (22.4 in.) deep.

Why Choose a Dresser from Bellavista?

Dressers from Bellavista Collection (as well as all other furniture from this renowned brand) have several significant advantages over similarly-looking pieces made by other manufacturers. To begin with, Bellavista products have always been beyond mass production. It means that Bellavista focuses on quality, not quantity. All its pieces are made of only the best materials like top quality solid wood. As to the manufacturing techniques, Bellavista has found the sensible middle between use of machines and handicraft. All its furniture remembers warmth of the craftsmen’s hands – only the most tedious and insignificant work is passed on to machines.

Also, all Bellavista’s furniture is made to serve for decades. Somebody may call such an approach to furniture making old-fashioned, especially nowadays. But Bellavista’s customers appreciate this approach, though. People who once bought an item from this brand, tend to return again and again.

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