The Joy of Applying Makeup: The Make-Up Station from Bellavista Collection

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The Joy of Applying Makeup: The Make-Up Station from Bellavista Collection

There are charming ladies who wear make-up, and there are those who don’t. That’s great, in fact. Just several decades ago applying some kind of makeup was de rigueur for every townswoman. But nowadays women in Europe and America are lucky to be almost free from pressure of fashion if they wish. Modern women can choose whether to do their faces or not. But anyway, lots of ladies prefer to spend a bit of their time on makeup.

However, there are numerous people, for whom wearing a makeup is a must. Actors and actresses, dancers (both men and women) – in other words, everybody who performs on a stage, has to wear makeup. Otherwise, spectators won’t see their face features from the auditorium. There also are special make-up techniques for spokespeople and lecturers. TV stars apply special make-up before every broadcast. Otherwise their faces will look unnatural due to stage lighting.

A Makeup Station is Indispensable for a Perfect Makeup

If you wear makeup at least from time to time, you probably remember how troublesome doing up your face could be if you are in a hurry. Don’t you remember yourself feverishly searching for your favourite long lash mascara, creme blush, or eyeshadow? Five minutes left, you aren’t ready yet… where on Earth is it?

Such nasty things often happen to people who leave their cosmetics somewhere on a console, side table or a shelf.

Also, have you noticed a peculiar trend: whenever you feel like doing your face, all living creatures in your home, from your partner to kids, friends and pets, urgently need the mirror? When it happens for the hundredth time, it may be somehow irritating, don’t you agree?

Well, there is an excellent solution to all these problems: a makeup station.

With AMELIA, Putting on Makeup is a Pleasure

If you love makeup, you will surely appreciate a makeup station from Bellavista Collection, a recognized brand known for its Italian luxury furniture all over the world. All pieces from Bellavista are so well-designed, elegant-looking and durable, that they could well serve as a benchmark.

This makeup station named AMELIA was specially created for such an important activity as putting on make-up. The structure of this furniture piece is cleverly designed to make applying makeup a pleasure.

With AMELIA, you will enjoy doing your face.

First, you will sit comfortably at it and focus on whatever you are doing. When putting on make-up, a single wrong move could ruin the end result. With this remarkable makeup station, you will be able fully concentrate on, say, putting on mascara.

Second, you will look at yourself in three mirrors nobody else would be staring in. A very handy inside mirrors are ideally placed for you to apply flawless makeup.

Third, with AMELIA, all the cosmetics you need are at their places. Always. Everything will be conveniently placed in optional faux leather trays that come with the station. Other useful option includes touch activated LED lights.

And, last but not least, AMELIA is just beautiful. It’s the kind of beauty that results from a great design and top quality of every piece AMELIA consists of.

Its matte lacquer surface looks truly grand. So do the inside drawers and partitions, made of glossy ebony – probably, one of the most chick-looking woods. By the way, note that it’s solid wood. Bellavista Collection proudly proclaims that all its wooden pieces are made only of prime-quality solid wood. No veneer, no particleboards, no low-grade wood. Bellavista Collection respects its customers and itself, so it never cuts corners. For you it means that your makeup station is a genuinely high-end piece.

Dark brown belting leather of the top with attractive beige stitching also looks gorgeous. Natural beauty of this leather is irresistible. So is the look of bronze. Graceful antique bronze base and handles do harmonize with fine ebony wood and top-quality leather.

Focused on Quality

By the way, both the base and the handles for AMELIA come from Bellavista’s own foundry. Bellavista’s craftsmen love metal, both cast and hammered. They consider it an incredibly rewarding material for various decorative elements, furniture details, and even entire furniture pieces.

Every detail for each of the items you can see at the pages of the company’s web site, is specifically designed and produced at Bellavista’s workshops. Every piece is created here, from the beginning to the end. Bellavista Collection has been always sticking to this approach, which ensures high quality of every detail, however minor it might seem.

This should come as no surprise, because the Bellavista brand, which officially exists since 2010, sprouted from a family-run Italian enterprise named Casa Zeta. The newly created brand took the best from the mother company, particularly its close-knit team of seasoned professionals and the wealth of experience Casa Zeta had gained since 1984.

Bellavista Collection itself is a brainchild of brothers Attilio and Fabrizio Zanni, who put their hearts into this brand.  If you visit the company’s website, download a PDF file with the detailed description of almost any item from Bellavista Collection, you will see “Designed by Attilio Zanni” in the top left corner.

This extremely gifted all-round designer (and Bellavista’s co-founder) created virtually thousands of designs. He has designed lots of furniture items, extraordinarily diverse but equally beautiful. But that isn’t all. Thanks to his talent, Bellavista Collection offers its customers lots of designer lighting fixtures, pretty decorative statuettes, beautiful wall paneling, mirrors, and a great deal of other things that make our rooms special.

The remarkable talent of the designer is by all means among Bellavista’s most valuable intangible assets. The same could be said of the skill of Bellavista professionals, who masterfully combine centuries-old artisanal heritage with contemporary technologies.

For you as a customer it means that your make-up station will always look grand and serve you for many years to come – just like all other items manufactured in Bellavista Collection.