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Mirrors from Bellavista Collection Come in All Styles, Shapes and Sizes

Nowadays no home or public place can do without a mirror. Actually, in a modern home usually there are at least a few looking-glasses.

We take it for granted, although a few centuries ago, a mirror, especially a large one, was a thing only aristocrats and extremely rich people could afford. Luckily, times change, and now we can well place a mirror anywhere we want. Among the most common locations for a mirror is the space near the entrance door, living room, bathroom, bedroom, the walk-in closet, to name a few.

Owners of bars, restaurants, hotels, also love mirrors and place them whenever their visitors might feel like looking at themselves. Besides, rooms with large mirrors seem more sizeable.

You can see mirrors in lounge areas, reception areas, and lobbies, not to mention men’s and ladies’ rooms, stairways and elevators. Generally speaking, in public places, mirrors are virtually everywhere – large and small, plain and luxurious.

To satisfy the steady demand, Bellavista Collection offers a great variety of deluxe mirrors – in addition to Italian luxury furniture this brand is well-known for.

All Bellavista’s mirrors are beautiful; what’s more, they are extremely diverse, which means that everyone will find what they want. Wall-mounted and floor-standing mirrors of any size, shape, and style are waiting for you in Bellavista’s online catalog.

Just open Bellavista’s website, select the Products section in the main menu, choose the Home Décor product category, click Mirrors sub-category – and pick any looking-glass there.

Mirrors from Bellavista Collection for Luxurious Homes and Public Places

Supposing, you need a huge mirror for some public place or a large room. No problem – Bellavista is the right place to look for it. The brand offers a number of sizeable luxurious mirrors in different styles, from modest and elegant to outwardly chic ones.

For example, take a look at YO, an almost square floor-standing mirror. Designed in 2019, this mirror is grand, in both senses of this word. Not only it looks stylish, it also is remarkably large: YO mirror is 235 cm. high and 200 cm wide (92.5 and 78.7 inches respectively).

Or would you prefer BOHEME? This floor-standing mirror is tall but narrower than YO: 240 centimeters (94.5 inches) high and 120 centimeters (47.2 inches) wide. The feet are optional; they are made of solid moka-stained ashwood.

The frame is made of solid wood, which could be either veneered with such fine woods as grey sukupira and ebony or padded with fabric or leather. The metal inner frame with an antique brass finish goes extremely well with either version of the outer frame.

The upholstery materials include the fabric of categories A, B, C, Lux, and Extra Lux and leather of categories P1 (with as many as 30 color options available), P3 (11 colors), and P3 nabuck leather (13 colors). Besides, you can have the frame upholstered with any other fabric or leather – just provide it! If you choose upholstered frame, there will be metal studs along the rear side of your mirror.

You may also love JASMINE – one more looking-glass with a splendid thick frame.  This mirror is rather large:  240 cm. (94.5 in.) high and 180 cm. (70.9 in.) wide. In addition to ebony and grey sukupira, veneering options for JASMINE’s frame include natural, moka stained, and dark stained American walnut. What makes this floor-standing mirror special is that its optional feet are shaped like lion’s paws or figures of hippopotamuses. These details, made of cast brass with an antique bronze finish, make the mirror look increasingly luxurious and chic.

Or what about MONET – one more floor-standing mirror with a wooden outer frame? This mirror was designed quite recently – in 2020. It is 210 centimeters high and 130 cm. wide (82.7 and 51.2 inches respectively).  Its thin inner frame is made of brass with an antique bronze finish, which perfectly harmonizes with any veneering option of the outer frame. The solid wood of the outer frame could be veneered with either ebony, carbone larch, white larch, and grey sukupira. But that isn’t all: it could also be covered with glossy lacquer or matte lacquer finish that comes in dozens of colors and shades.

By the way, a good share of Bellavista’s mirrors is available in more than one variant, when it comes to their size and shape. It is very handy when you are choosing mirrors for your home.

For example, PASCAL mirror, whose remarkable frame with studs looks really gorgeous, could be either square or rectangular; the latter is offered in two options that differ in size.

VASCO also could be square (with two size options) and rectangular. VANITY – an oval mirror with a thin metal frame – comes in two sizes.

All these mirrors came to existence thanks to the brilliant talent of Attilio Zanni – the chief designer at Bellavista and the co-founder of this brand. He surely knows how to make every item really special. Any of the pieces he creates are elaborate to the smallest detail. Here are just a couple of examples. One of the variants of AIDA mirror is decorated with crisscrossed engraved lines. MARTA, a wall-mounted round mirror, has the hanging knob bearing an engraved image of a nice hippo.

By the way, you may notice enough hippopotamuses on Bellavista Collection’s pieces to form bloat – this animal is the brand’s mascot.

Mirror glass is sometimes used in Bellavista’s furniture pieces. For instance, the inner back parts of TUDOR and ZEUS bar units are made of mirror glass. Impressively-looking boiserie named RIFLESSI is one more example of how Bellavista’s craftsmen manage to make the most of this material. A cast brass frame with an antique bronze finish puts together multiple pieces of clear and smoked mirror. They beautifully reflect light from lamps, making the interior look spectacular.

This magnificent boiserie, furniture pieces with glittering mirror-glass shelves and inner walls, and, of course, a variety of high-end quality mirrors are waiting for you on Bellavista Collection’s website.

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