Luxury Italian furniture from Bellavista Collection: Products Overview

For centuries Italian cabinet makers have been famous for their skill and talent, so classic Italian furniture they produced has always been of impeccable quality. In 1950s-1960s Italian furniture design lagged behind world trends, but later situation changed drastically. Now luxury Italian furniture, stylish and contemporary-looking, is highly sought-after; companies that produce it are flourishing, and many Italian brands are known all over the world.

Bellavista Collection is a perfect example of such a brand. It was first introduced in 2010 when a cherry-picked collection of modern Italian furniture was presented on Milan Furniture Salon – a prestigious world-recognized trade event. Ever since then this selection of custom-made items remains a real gold-mine for people who want to make their homes look special.

That’s why, in addition toluxury Italian furniture, this collection contains lots of other relevant items. They aren’t pieces of furniture such as, say, tables, chairs or sofas. Nevertheless, they are in the right place there. Furnishing a home isn’t all about buying furniture. So, at Bellavista, one can find a variety of elements that will come in handy to give the room individuality.

For example, any home needs lightning fixtures such as chandeliers, floor and table lamps, scones, etc.
In Bellavista Collection these items are placed in a special category called Lightning.

Mirrors also are among the things no home can do without. Look through a rich selection of mirrors from Bellavista, and you’ll definitely find the one that will fit your home. Mirrors are in Home Decor category, together with other items intended to please the eye. Handles of all shapes and sizes, beautiful statuettes and figurines, exquisite screen panels and folding-screens – all these elements will add character to your interior.

If you enjoy the looks of decorative wall panelling, you can pick one in a Boiserie category.

If you are going to furnish a bedroom, you’ll need such items as a bed, a dresser, a nightstand, a wardrobe. You will find all these pieces in Night category.

Looking for living-room furniture? You’ll find it in three categories. Bookcases, Bar and media units, and Credenzas are in Casegoods category. Tables category unsurprisingly contains various kinds of tables – coffee tables, side tables, dining tables, and desks. Sofas, armchairs, dining Chairs, dormouse, ottomans and benches are waiting for you in Upholstered pieces category.

There are two more categories, which are pretty special. The first one is “What’s new” ; it comprises all new arrivals to Bellavista Collection.

The second one, called DULCECHINA collection, contains the items recently presented at Milan Furniture Salon 2018.

Actually, the entire collection is special. Most of the items in it were designed by Attilio Zanni, an extraordinarily gifted Italian designer. His talent and great experience in furniture production enabled him to create things that to a large extent are works of art rather than just pieces of furniture.