Feel the Joy of Autumn in Bellavista-Styled Interior

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Feel the Joy of Autumn in Bellavista-Styled Interior

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower”, – once wrote Albert Camus, a famous French philosopher and author. Let’s enjoy this beautiful season to the full, say no to melancholy and immerse yourself in the beauty of autumn.

After a long walk – the farther from the urban landscape, the better – it’s so nice to spend time with your loved ones in a living room near a fireplace – talking, joking, laughing, playing table games, watching movies and sitcoms… Well, happy families are happy everywhere, but a well-furnished living room is better – like the one in distinctive Bellavista style.

If you browse through Italian luxury furniture on Bellavista Collection’s website, you’ll notice that many of the pieces form ensembles virtually cut out for such family gatherings.

Also, there are complete projects of houses fully furnished with pieces from Bellavista. This brand has an entire design department lead by Attilio Zanni – a brilliant all-round designer who created all the pieces from the rich Bellavista Collection’s assortment. Being the co-founder of the brand, this remarkable designer has greatly contributed to its success, turning a small family-run furniture factory into a well-known Italian brand.

What makes a living room perfect? By all means it’s a special air of serenity and relaxation. Cozy armchairs and spacious super-comfy sofas combined with coffee tables and floor lamps from Bellavista easily create such an atmosphere.

Let’s take a look at a few pieces that will help you create an island of tranquility in our stressful world.

JOSEPHINE sofa, nice-looking and super-comfy, has been a bestseller in Bellavista ever since 2013, when it was first showcased at Maison&Objet – a prestigious semi-annual trade event held in Paris. By the way, ODETTE bench and GRACE armchair, displayed at the same edition of this event, are also pretty popular with buyers.

JOSEPHINE’s base in solid moka stained ashwood perfectly harmonizes with either leather or fabric upholstery (the brand traditionally offers both options for most of its upholstered pieces). The seat and backrest cushions are padded in channeled goose down with a core of dacron (variable-density polyurethane foam) are soft but provide for good support for the back. Fabric cushion covers are removable, allowing for regular washing or dry cleaning.

The number of back cushions varies from 2 to 4 and depends on the width – there are as many as four options available. JOSEPHINE sofa could be 180, 220, 260, and 300 cm wide (which is 70.9, 86.6, 102.4, 118.1 inches respectively.)  Other dimensions are the same: all these sofas are 100 cm (39.4in.) deep, 78 cm (30.7 in.) high, with a seat height of 40 cm (15.9 in).

Thanks to the four width options, JOSEPHINE will fit into a living room of any size, and a wide choice of colors available for the upholstery enables you to pick the sofa you will love.

A Dream of a Reading Corner

Do you like reading? If yes, most likely, your favorite place in a living room is your reading corner. A comfy seat, a source of cozy light, and a coffee table or some other surface to put a book onto – that’s what such a place should have.

If you are choosing an armchair for your reading corner, PYPER is definitely worth your attention. This incredibly cozy armchair was designed in 2020.  Actually. this furniture piece is available in two variants: an armchair and a loveseat. Their apparent simplicity makes them look stylish indeed; if you love minimalistic design, PYPER is for you.

The dark color of the moka beechwood base, glittering details and feet in cast brass with antique bronze finish, leather or fabric upholstery – everything is in harmony in these pieces. Both are padded with variable-density polyurethane foam; if you wish, you can order fire-resistant foam padding.

As to the PYPER’s dimensions, both variants are pretty spacious. In fact, the armchair and loveseat are almost the same, differing only in width. The armchair is 93 centimeters (36.6 inches) wide, and the loveseat is 163 cm (364.2 in.) wide, which makes either of them a good fit for a reading corner.

Choosing the right lamp for a reading corner is very important. Bellavista collection offers a rich selection of lighting fixtures – just browse through the product category named LIGHYING.  In the FLOOR LAMPS sub-category, you will find excellent lighting fixtures for reading, equally great-looking and handy.

For example, what about at CAROL – a floor lamp with a roomy tray within your arm’s reach? It’s so convenient to place small things on it when reading – a paperback book or an e-reader, a cell phone, or even a cup of coffee. So, CAROL will serve you not only as a lighting fixture, but also as kind of a small coffee table.

The overall height of CAROL is 148 centimeters (58.3 inches), and the beige-colored linen lampshade is 40 centimeters (15.7 inches) in diameter. The total width of the lamp with the swiveling tray is 70 centimeters (27.6 inches), which means that the tray is pretty sizable.

The combination of cast brass with hammered antique bronze finish of the structure and natural linen of the lampshade gives CAROL elegant look. If you take a close look at the top of the structure, you’ll see a tiny brass figure of a hippopotamus – you probably remember that this animal has become Bellavista’s mascot.

Two more Bellavista’s table lamps with trays are FAROLITO and ADALPINA, both designed in 2019. They turned heads at Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2019 and have rapidly become bestsellers immediately after the event.  Any of them will be a great addition to your living room. The same could be said about lots of other items from this brand.

All in all, with Bellavista’s pieces, so easily combinable with one another, you will be able to create your own interior, where it’s so nice to spend time with your family and friends, enjoying the friendly atmosphere and gazing at the open fire in your fireplace.

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