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Alike but Different: PYPER Armchair and Loveseat from Bellavista’s 2020 Collection

Maybe, everybody loved curling up in an armchair as a child. It’s so nice to nestle down with a toy or a book… When we were kids, all armchairs were large enough for that – well, it’s we who were smaller. The size of armchairs hasn’t changed, but in most of them we can just properly sit.

But there is a piece of furniture many of us now perceive as a bit old-fashioned – a loveseat. Too small for a sofa, too big for a chair, but quite enough to make yourself comfortable – alone or with your loved one.

Being a renowned producer of Italian luxury furniture, Bellavista Collection knew needs of its customers. Meet PYPER from its newest 2020 collection – this furniture piece is available in two variants: an armchair and a loveseat.

When describing PYPER, comfort is the first word that comes to mind. The second one is sophistication: the design seems simple, but this simplicity is thought-out indeed. Nothing in excess; the overall look is somehow minimalistic but increasingly elegant.

Dark-colored base made of moka beechwood excellently harmonizes with metal details and feet (in cast brass with antique bronze finish) as well as with upholstery. According to a long-standing tradition, all Bellavista’s upholstered pieces – arm-chairs, sofas, couches, et cetera – are available in both fabric and leather. PYPER is no exception. What is more, you will be able to choose among a variety of colors and shades, including golden yellow.

As for the size, the armchair and loveseat differ in width only – all other dimensions are the same. The armchair is pretty spacious: it’s 93 centimeters (36.6 inches) wide. The loveseat is 163 cm (364.2 in.) wide, which makes it rather versatile.

Both pieces are 85 cm (33.5 in.) deep and 69.5 cm (27.3 in.) high, with a seat height of 37 cm (14.6 inches). Both are padded with variable-density polyurethane foam, with fire-resistant foam as an option.

Any variant of PYPER could be a good addition to a living room; thanks to its laconic design and a variety of color options, it will easily blend into almost any ensemble.

Actually, the same could be said about any item from Bellavista Collection. Modest elegance has always been a hallmark of Bellavista’s design. Attilio Zanni, the brand’s co-founder and the brilliant designer who created almost all Bellavista’s pieces, is known both for his talent and refined taste. Exquisite beauty coupled with practicability results in the unique Bellavista’s style. That is why, separate pieces from this brand can easily be combined with one another, creating lovely sets, equally eye-pleasing and comfortable.

2020 Collection: Beauty of Nature as It Is

One more distinctive feature of Bellavista’s design is a focus on natural beauty. The lovely texture of fine woods, veins and swirls of marble, smooth surface of quality leather, soft glitter of cast brass – each material is pretty in itself. Whatever material is used, Bellavista’s craftsmen do their best to reveal this charm.

Everybody will agree that Nature is an endless source of inspiration for a talented designer. Attilio Zanni has always been charmed by it – just remember eye-catching panel pictures ROSE and FLOWER. But this year’s collection, which, by the way, marks 10th anniversary of the brand, is entirely devoted to celebrating the beauty of Nature. Look through the pieces in What’s New section of the brand’s website, and you’ll see it for yourself. The highlighted texture of wood, shapes and contours borrowed from flora – you’ll instantly notice all this in the beautiful pieces created in 2020.

For example, take a look at TREE cabinet or at the same-named bar unit. An outline of a tree trunk strikes the eye when you look at its door. The rich texture of wood (the trunk) combined with the beautiful finish called Nuances Bellavista Collection (the background) create kind of a picture, which grabs attention at once.

There are two kinds of this finish available: matte lacquer and glossy lacquer; both are very attractive.

You can see decoration in the form of branches with leaves made of cast brass the lower shelf of ALCOBAS coffee table, also created in 2020. One more coffee table, CHAMPIGNON, with a round or oval top and one thick leg, looks pretty much like a mushroom. By the way, the ‘cap’ of this mushroom-like table is covered with the Nuances Bellavista Collection finish, which is a novelty of 2020.

Lots of design details in 2020 collection are definitely prompted by flora: the metal structure of DALIA table lamp, resembling an exotic flower, a metal part in the center of OLIVER dining table and many, many more.

Well, every collection from Bellavista is special, but it is even more so when it comes to that of 2020. For the first time ever, new pieces weren’t displayed at a trade fair – for the reason we all know about too well. But in spite al the challenges brought by this year, Bellavista’s anniversary collection is a real hymn to the splendor of Nature.

It’s a pity that Salone Internazionale del Mobile didn’t take place in 2020. Bellavista Collection had looked forward to it even more than usual, carefully preparing its special anniversary collection. It turns out that Bellavista Collection’s website is the only place it has been displayed.

Of course, life goes on, and there’ll be further editions of the Salone, where Bellavista will display its new showpieces. But 2020 collection will stand alone forever. You can see images of these remarkable items in ‘What’s New’ section of the brand’s website, but the only place to see real pieces is the brand’s showroom located in the province of Brescia not far from Milan. So, if you happen to be in that region, take a chance and take a look at them. It’s pretty likely you won’t be able to resist the temptation to order something for your home – so appealing all these items are.

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