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Far Beyond the Existing Assortment: Bellavista Collection Creates Bespoke Pieces for Its Customers

When browsing through descriptions of Italian luxury furniture in the online catalog on Bellavista Collection’s website (i.e., PRODUCT section), you’ll instantly notice that the brand’s customers always have plenty of choices. Almost every piece is customizable to a great extent.

There could be two, three, or even more sizes to choose from. For wooden pieces, the number of veneering species often is up to a dozen or even more. These woods differ in colors and texture so much that the selected item will surely match the existing furniture. Besides, there can have versions differing in shape: for example, the same table can be offered with a square, oval, or round top.

In the case of an upholstered piece, there always is a range of materials available. Most of them are available in both leather and fabric, and each option in its turn includes multiple variants.

There also are optional details, such as marble tabletops or LED lights for console tables and wardrobes.

By the way, if the existing variants don’t exactly suit you, no problem. You may contact Bellavista’s customer support team and ask for something else. For example, all your furniture in some rooms are made of natural oak, but a nice table or cabinet you spotted in the catalog is offered in other wood species. You would rather prefer this piece to be made of oak. In such a case, you could well get what you want – just ask for it!

Or maybe you feel like having some sofa or an armchair upholstered in particular fabric or leather, which is not on the list in the catalog? All you need is to provide the material: the brand offers such an option.

But that isn’t all.

Pretty often, designers go farther – and create bespoke items from scratch. If you want something really special, made to order from A to Z, it’s a good idea to share your concept with Bellavista’s designers. If you have it, of course. If everything you have is a vague idea, you are also welcome to get in touch with these professionals. Bellavista’s designers will work out the concept together with you.

The brand is justifiably proud of its design department, headed by Attilio Zanni – the brilliant designer, whose talent surely is the most valuable of Bellavista’s intangible assets. His outstanding genius made the brand known in many countries of the world. Lots of homes and public places all over the globe are already furnished in Inimitable Bellavista style – luxurious, yet elegant and tasteful.

Here is just one such project the brand successfully fulfilled in the first part of 2021. The project included designing and producing a personalized walk-in closet, with a bespoke wardrobe. The closet was designed masterfully indeed: everything had its proper place, from suits and ties to socks and eyeglasses. In other words, the wardrobe was tailor-made, like a good suit from a famous couturier usually is.   

Every piece for this dressing room was made to measure, so that every square inch of the space was used in a smart way. The overall design combines beauty with practicability – well, this approach has always been a calling card of Bellavista Collection.

A number of unhackneyed design solutions made this walk-in closet truly unique.

The doors of the main wardrobe were covered with a large mirror, making them somehow invisible, and the exit door was hidden in the wardrobe module.

Decorative elements were crafted of leather in contrasting colors; they were positioned in such a way that seemed to stretch along the entire wall.

What makes this project special is that all the parts, from the wardrobe itself and storage modules to the smallest details like handles, hinges were made to order. Some of the metal parts bear the customer’s logo imprinted on them.

Hanger tubes were arranged at the heights most suitable for the customer. The two storage units were equipped with a remote-control system for even more convenience.

The island of the dressing room was cleverly planned and consisted of accessory drawers, divided with holders for belts, ties, and socks. One more fully custom-designed and custom-made detail is an eyeglasses holder in the wardrobe.

The shoe rack is equipped with a special foot-measuring ruler. This handy device is made of metal with an antique bronze finish – this noble-looking and versatile material are among the favorites in Bellavista Collection.

The same could be said about other ones used for this project: grand-looking ebony, elegant crystal glass, and prime-quality leather. Attilio Zanni has always been good at making the most of wood, metal, leather, glass, and other materials, revealing their natural beauty. This project has proved this once again.

The brand’s craftsmen have always been scrupulous when it comes to quality. Each detail, be it large or small, was made meticulously and masterfully. As a result, this walk-in closet is much more just a few furniture pieces for storing clothes: it’s an inseparable whole, equally pleasant to look at and to use. That’s what excellence is all about, from Bellavista’s point of view.

The brand offers a number of pieces where you can store your clothes and other belongings, including cabinets and wardrobes. The former you’ll find in CASEGOODS category; as to the latter, open the category called NIGHT and there you’ll see WARDROBES sub-category. Take a look at these diverse yet beautiful pieces. Open their descriptions and you’ll realize that they are designed with your needs in mind. Not only do they look great, but they also are intended to be extremely convenient.

In fact, that’s the common approach to design in Bellavista Collection. It could be described in a single word – namely, Beautility. Whatever piece you take, it will combine beauty with utility, i.e., practicability.

Although it is rather early to talk about the new collection for the year 2022, there is information that the next year’s pieces will include furnishings for walk-in closets. So, the brand’s future customers will be able to purchase more wardrobes and cabinets to keep their clothes in.

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