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Details Make All the Difference: Why Furniture Pieces from Bellavista Collection Are Special

Italian luxury furniture from Bellavista Collection enjoys steady demand now, even in today’s highly competitive market. It’s quite understandable. People love things, which are not only beautiful, but also pleasant to use, durable, and, last but not least, exclusive.

The brand is already known all over the world for its very special pieces. Furniture, lighting fixtures, mirrors, boiserie, and decorative articles from Bellavista Collection have long been popular with customers.

But what makes all these pieces special?

Well, it goes without saying that all items from Bellavista Collection are well-designed. The brilliant talent of Attilio Zanni – the brand’s co-founder and chief designer – speaks for itself. Needless to say, each of these pieces is meticulously crafted out of the very best materials. The brand has never cut corners when it comes to quality and isn’t planning to. What is more, Bellavista’s products are made in Italy from A to Z: the brand’s factory is located in the province of Brescia. Only the most skilled and experienced Italian professionals work there.

But that isn’t all. Browse through Bellavista’s online catalog (i.e., PRODUCTS section of the website), and you realize what exactly makes these products stand out. Whatever item you pick, there always be some distinctive detail in it, accentuating the individuality of the design. Custom-made hinges, handles, screw covers, knobs, studs, and decorative buttons; inlaid cabinet doors and tabletops, metal plates with engraved inscriptions, and images imprinted on various materials – all this you’ll see when browsing through the brand’s website.

Take a look, for example, at OLIVER dining table with a Lazy Suzan. In the center of its top, you’ll see a cast metal detail, which resembles a flower. Not only this central detail serves as a decoration, but also for attaching the Lazy Susan. Such a smart solution is typical of Attilio Zanni, who always manages to combine beauty with practicability.

What is more, he can turn such a seemingly ordinary thing as a furniture handle into a real masterpiece. Just look at the one named MAN-07 in the product catalog. The end of this handle is shaped like a figure of a beautiful naked woman, making this item look like a piece of artwork rather than just a handle for a cabinet or a wardrobe door.

By the way, you can browse through the entire assortment of Bellavista’s handles. There is a separate sub-category named HANDLES in HOME DÉCOR product category. All handles are nice-looking and extremely diverse, and surely find a few models to your liking.

It’s done for a good reason: you can make an order so that a particular handle will be installed on any of Bellavista’s cabinets or wardrobes – even if this piece usually comes with some other one. In fact, you can have any of the pieces customized. Lists of available options are far from being exhaustive: if you wish, you can have any item modified according to your needs and preferences. You can have it bigger or smaller, or made of the wood species that isn’t on the list of options for it, etc.

Inscriptions and Hippopotamuses

If you take a closer look at Bellavista’s pieces, you’ll notice that each one has a metal plate authenticating its origin.  But there can be more inscriptions on the brand’s items.

Look, for example, at ADALPINA – a lovely floor lamp, adjustable in height, with a handy oval tray. Its base, made of cast brass with antique bronze finish, bears an inscription, which reads ‘Bellavista Collection’. The same is true for MI-SERVO valet – you can read the same words embossed on its base.  

One more example is the desk named PRESIDENT. Its power grommet, also made of cast brass with antique bronze finish, has the same inscription.

Well, it’s easy to guess what image can well serve as a substitute for this writing. It’s a hippopotamus – Bellavista’s long-standing mascot. And you can spot large bloat of hippopotamuses on the brand’s pieces. There are sculptures, large and small; there are images, laser-cut on metal or stamped on various materials. Here are just a few examples.

To begin with, one of the brand’s bestsellers is IPPO, a lifelike cast brass statuette of a hippopotamus.

IPPO tray – a cast brass tray for candles that turned heads at trade events in 2019, depicts a group of hippopotamuses walking near the shallow pond (you can pour some water in it, by the way) and wallowing in the water. In fact, this tray is a real piece of art rather than a candle holder.

A small figure of a hippo on a chain serves as a decorative element in BITTA pouf.

SAN FRANCISCO coffee table also has a small decorative sculpture of a hippo sculpture – it’s standing in the center of its base.

The structure of CAROL, a beautiful floor lamp with a pivoting tray, is crowned with a statuette, depicting a little hippo.

If you look at MAN-05 – a cast brass handle with the antique bronze finish – you’ll see an outline of a cute hippo on it.  MAN-05 handles are chosen for the drawer units in HAMILTON; one more special detail in this grand-looking wardrobe is the motif on its front doors’ handles (named MAN-21 in the catalog). It reminds of a four-leaf clover, which is believed to bring good luck.

Even more hippos you’ll see when you look at LOVELY, a luxurious shoe cabinet from the most recent 2020/2021 collection. The bottom parts of its shelves are covered in belting leather with an embossed hippo – Bellavista’s logo. What is more, the handles (you can see them in the catalog under the name of MAN-14) bear an outline of a hippo.

As you see, for Bellavista Collection, a hippopotamus is much more than an animal. Nobody knows for sure why this very species was chosen – out of thousands of other ones. Perhaps, solidity and robustness of this creature signify the stability of Bellavista brand, which will always serve its customers, rain or shine.

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