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Bellavista Collection Takes a Break in the Height of Summer

The summer is at its height, and if you are planning to purchase high-end designer furniture in August, there is an important piece of news for you. Bellavista Collection, a well-known producer of Italian luxury furniture, is taking a traditional short time out pretty soon.

From August 10 to 25 all the company’s employees will be having a rest from their labors. The 9th of August is the last working day at the company’s office and workshops before the summer closure. Although most of the company’s staff will return to work on August 26, the working activity will be resumed in full only from September 2.

Why All Bellavista Staff Goes on Vacation at the Same Time?

It’s kind of a custom in this firm to put all the personnel on leave in August – for example, last year the break lasted from 11th to 26th of August 2018. This approach proved to be rational indeed for a few reasons.

First, Bellavista Collection is a business where employees’ skills matter a lot. For example, in every department and workshop of the company, there are keymen – seasoned professionals with extensive experience. They are pivotal figures in every aspect of the working process. Design, production, marketing, supply – each of these directions of activity has people who can well be called linchpins or anchormen. If any of them goes on vacation, it would be impossible – or at least extremely difficult – to replace them without slowing the work down. On the other hand, people must have an essential respite from work every year. So, why not allow them to have their well-deserved rest at the same time?

Second, for lots of people summer is a preferred season for vacations. In most companies, there are more people willing to go on a vacation in summer than a company can afford to place on the leave. As a result, there always are employees who will have to content themselves with days off in autumn, winter, or spring. Quite unsurprisingly, they aren’t happy about it. So, why not send all employees on vacation in summer if it makes most of them happy?

Third, anybody who has ever worked in an HR department will confirm that such a collective vacation leave is an optimal solution for a company in terms of management and accounting. So, why not do it?

The sweet fruit of the Hard Work

And, last but not least, everybody at Bellavista Collection, by all means, deserves this summer break. These people have been working hard to satisfy the demand for quality and beautiful designer furniture, as well as lots of other items Bellavista Collection has been offering its customers for almost a decade.

Being a perfect example of family-run business, Bellavista Collection is known for special attitude towards its employees. Staff members are treated more like family members than hired workforce. It is well confirmed by the fact that a considerable part of the personnel has been working there for a long time. It isn’t actually a surprise to find a family-like atmosphere in the company founded by two brothers – Attilio and Fabrizio Zanni, where their children also work. Like in any family, in the company each member contributes to the overall success.

Let’s remember Bellavista’s major achievements since last summer.

The New Collection

The new collection of showpieces created in 2019, which turned heads at Salone Internazionale del Mobile this April, was inspired by memories of the past of us still remember the buzz phrase – ‘dolce vita’, which needs no translation from Italian ever since then. Bellavista’s exhibits at Salone, despite being definitely up-to-date, somehow brought back fond memories from the past.

This collection is the brainchild of Attilio Zanni – Bellavista Collection’s brilliant all-round designer and the company’s co-founder. For about a decade – ever since the brand came into existence – Attilio Zanni has been creating designs for most of Bellavista’s items, from furniture and lamps to boiserie and statuettes. Year by year, he designed collections that evoke interest at major trade events – and quickly become popular with the company’s customers after these exhibitions end. Nobody knows yet what the newest collection will be devoted to. Who knows, maybe after this vacation will boost the designer’s imagination and in autumn, he will have plenty of bright ideas to implement.

Trade Shows

Since Bellavista Collection is a reputable furniture manufacturer, well-known in the industry, it participates in prestigious trade events for furniture makers every year. Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan is the major exhibition that Bellavista Collection never misses! The entire 2019 collection was presented in Milan, in April 2019, and scored a success.

In 2018, Bellavista Collection was even in Paris where it exhibited its Dulcechina collection at Maison et Objet between 7th and 11th of September.

It is a common knowledge that preparation to trade events takes a lot of effort. Participation in these prestigious fairs is always a challenge, and each time Bellavista Collection overcomes this challenge with flying colors.

Autumn 2018 and spring 2019 were eventful for the brand. Much is done, and much is ahead. It means that it’s high time the company’s entire staff had a vacation.

All in all, there is nothing like a good rest after a year of hard but fruitful work.

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