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Bedroom Furniture from Bellavista Collection: Comfort Beauty, and Practicability

It’s common knowledge that adults spend almost a third of their lives in bed – seven hours a day, give or take. We all spend plenty of time in our bedrooms, so it’s pretty natural that people want to make their bedrooms as cozy and soothing as possible.

Also, people usually keep lots of their belongings there. That’s why along with beds to sleep on, they need other furniture pieces, such as wardrobes for their clothes, dressers and nightstands for little things, to name a few.  Besides, most people want their furniture items to harmonize with one another, forming kind of an ensemble. High-end furniture manufacturers understand their customers’ wishes and do their best to satisfy the demand.

For example, Bellavista collection, a furniture manufacturer well-known for its cherry-picked selection of Italian luxury furniture, offers everything you will need to furnish your bedroom from A to Z.

Bellavista Collection showed its view of a perfect apartment (including a bedroom) at the recent major trade event – 58th edition of Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan. Visitors praised all Bellavista’s exhibits, particularly the bedroom area. A set of dressers and nightstands, going together with the bed and wardrobe, formed an ensemble, equally attractive and practical.

One of the exhibits that turned heads at the display was MIAMI. This bedside table was designed in 2019 specially for the event. It somehow resembles a miniature chest of drawers and has plenty of room for various small things, which means that it will be a good addition to any modern bedroom.

The combination of grey sukupira wood with AGRA marble – the material Bellavista’s craftsmen just started to use – looked magnificent. Wood and marble, in their turn, perfectly harmonized with the base and details made of brass with antique bronze finish. Each drawer had a nice removable tray, which definitely makes this nightstand handier as well.

MIAMI After iSaloni 2019

Bellavista Collection has a good tradition: after every major trade event, all the exhibits join the assortment of the products at the company’s website. The showpieces are never created just to be displayed at an event: every item is designed as a future product, with customers’ needs in mind.

MIAMI is no exception. Now that Salone del Mobile 2019 is over, this exhibit turned into a product everybody can purchase at any time. What’s more, customers can choose from a number of differently-looking MIAMIs. No wonder: Bellavista Collection is known for having lots of options for almost every piece it produces. The size of an item can vary; it can be made of several species of wood. Besides, additional details are often available. It gives customers more choice, so they are more likely to find what they are looking for.

To take a look at MIAMI nightstand, let’s open the category called NIGHT at the company’s website – that’s where furniture for bedrooms is placed. This category contains sub-categories named BEDS, WARDROBES, DRESSERS AND NIGHSTANDS, and MAKE UP STATION. Pretty self-explanatory, isn’t it?

It’s easy to guess that we should look for MIAMI in DRESSERS AND NIGHSTANDS sub-category. By the way, we can also find it in WHAT’S NEW 2019 – a separate category for the items designed this year.

When you open the web-page with the description of MIAMI, the very first thing you’ll probably notice is a long list of wood options – 12 in total. Along with grey sukupira, which was used for the showpiece displayed at the latest edition of the Milan Furniture Salon, now there are eleven more woods MIAMI could be made of. These woods include both common and exotic species, which greatly vary in color and grain pattern. Four kinds of oak and three kinds of walnut (natural and stained) look remarkably diverse; so do dark eucalyptus frisè, rosewood, ebony, and dark tanganika frisè. You will surely find the option to your liking.

The inside parts in all variants of the nightstand are made of maple wood. Its workability, durability, and lovely creamy color made this wood one of the most favorite species in furniture making. The drawers have handy removable trays.

By the way, do you like marble tabletops? If yes, you will enjoy tables from Bellavista Collection. If you browse Bellavista’s website, you’ll notice that many of its tables, including MIAMI, have optional top insets made of marble. Natural beauty of the stone is irresistible.

When MIAMI was a showpiece at iSaloni, its top insert of the was made of beautiful Agra marble. Bellavista’s craftsmen started to use this sort just recently. At present, there are five kinds of marble that can be used for MIAMI’s optional top inset. Emperador Dark Brown, Pulpis, Bianco Calacatta, and Grigio Striato Elegante – each of these marbles looks grand and all of them are impressively dissimilar. They vary in color and texture so much that it will be easy to pick the one, which will go well with almost any interior.

Generally speaking, versatility is a salient feature of Bellavista’s furniture design.  Attilio Zanni, the company’s co-founder and extremely talented all-round designer, has been creating designs for the entire variety of Bellavista’s items since the moment the brand came into existence. He is well-known in Italy and beyond for his talent and incredible sense of harmony.

Marble of the top, natural wood of the structure, the antique bronze finish of brass base and details create perfect harmony. So do the furniture pieces from Bellavista Collection – wardrobes, beds, nightstands, lamps, boiserie  – they all harmonize with one another, creating a distinct look of a bedroom where everybody will be glad to spend one-third of his or her life.

Discover OSCAR the table of the new collection.


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