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Who Buys Luxury Italian Furniture from Bellavista

Need for Durability and Elegance: Who Buys Luxury Italian Furniture from Bellavista

When it comes to furnishing a home, people’s tastes differ, and so do their approaches to choosing the optimal variant. Basically, there are two main approaches to selecting a set of furniture for a home.

It might seem that the choice is obvious: the top quality designer furniture is always the best, isn’t it? Of course it is… for those who appreciate stability in life and durability in furniture. But people’s tastes do differ.

So, when looking for furniture, the very first choice people make is whether they really need quality designer furniture that will last for a lifetime. Well, whether they need it right now.

Approach #1: Love for Change or Living On the Go

In fact, a lot of people feel comfortable with an idea of buying decor they will replace in a decade or so. Some even like it. Why not? Nowadays mass-produced furniture is plentiful and cheap enough to buy it when you feel like it.

Besides, nowadays millions of people tend to move from town to town and from country to country as often as never before. They easily leave their furniture behind to buy new items when they arrive at the destination point. Such a lifestyle means that having really valuable furniture is a burden. If you move every few years, it is a bit too soon to get a set of furniture you don’t want to leave behind. Who knows where you’ll be living in, say, a decade? What your yet another temporary home will look like? Will it have enough room for all the furniture you have at the moment- and will you still need all these items?

Thus, if a person lives on the go, he or she is pretty likely to choose the cheapest set of furniture that suits their needs and looks attractive enough. They don’t care whether this furniture is durable, just because they are not going to use it for a long time.

Do I Actually Need Long-lasting Furniture Right Now?

Interestingly, but even if people don’t move from place to place every few years, their answer to this question still can be “Hm… probably, no”. These people get their very first set of furniture with a view of changing it soon. Who are they? They are people from all walks of life who simply don’t care much for stylish interior design solutions because they have lots of other priorities at the moment.

For example, students who just separated from their parents and are renting their very first dwellings, often together with friends or partners, rarely are interested in buying luxury Italian furniture. They don’t need it at this very step of their life journey. As a rule, they don’t care whether chairs or tables are aesthetically appealing; they just use these pieces in their daily life. It doesn’t mean that a student can’t tell a quality item when he or she sees it – but buying one isn’t the top priority. There are so many things to spend money on – from education and parties to travelling.

Newly-weds also tend to postpone buying high-end furniture, being satisfied with more modest options like mass produced sets. Although starting a new life with a spouse or a partner means a need for a new home, furniture still is not among the top priorities for these people. Even if they love top quality deluxe furniture, they will buy such items in some years, when they get round to it.

New parents also rarely are in the market for luxury designer furniture.  They have too many other issues to care for: paying mortgage, for example, and bringing up children. When they have enough money to buy something substantial, luxury furniture is likely to be somewhere at the end of the queue.

Approach #2: Time for Stability and Permanence

The time passes, and there comes a moment when a person or a family decides to completely re-furnish their house or apartment to make it look and feel like home with a capital “H”.  At that point of time people usually know – or at least have an idea of – what they want. They have already got the home to settle down, so it’s high time to furnish it. These people are choosy, because they are selecting the items they want to be perfect in every respect.  They want each of the pieces to be just right, and everything to fit together well indeed.

That’s the main type of people who come to Bellavista Collection in search of perfect furniture items for their ideal homes they’ve been dreaming about.  We love such Clients; helping them create their dream homes is a pleasure. Bellavista Collections offers a rich selection of Italian luxury furniture, from beds and sofas to chairs and tables. But that isn’t all: at Bellavista one can find lots of items, which are necessary indeed if you want to turn a house into a home. Mirrors and lamps of all shapes and sizes, as well as wall paneling and a variety of decorative elements – everything you need to make your home be the place you really love.

Searching for furniture at Bellavista website is very easy. The collection is divided into eight sections, namely:   BOISERIE, CASEGOODS, HOME DÉCOR, LIGHTING, NIGHT, TABLES, UPHOLSTERED PIECES, and WHAT’S NEW.

In their turn, the sections are divided into sub-sections where you’ll easily find what you need. Quite logically, TABLES section contains various tables and LIGHTING – a huge variety of light fixtures like chandeliers, floor lamps, sconces, table lamps, etc.  HOME DÉCOR section contains things that will make your home special, and in NIGHT section you will find furniture for your bedroom: beds, dressers and nightstands, wardrobes and even a make-up station.

WHAT’S NEW section is especially interesting: it contains all the items which were recently added into the collection. Here you can find a brass figurine next to a sofa or a mirror.  This section is a perfect place to find something special for your home.

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