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TUDOR Cabinet: Stainless Steel Look as Beautiful as Gold

If you browse through Bellavista Collection’s online catalog of its Italian luxury furniture – the section named PRODUCTS on its website, you’ll see what material for metal details is the most popular. It is cast brass with an antique bronze finish, which is ahead by a large margin. Then go other metals and finishes, and each of them is beautiful in its own way. One of them is stainless steel – a pretty rare material when it comes to manufacturing high-end pieces.

And it’s a pity. Stainless steel is a unique material. If used wisely, it looks no less luxurious than traditional brass and bronze. Attilio Zanni, a wonderful all-around designer and the co-founder of Bellavista Collection brand, has brilliantly proved it.

In addition, some characteristics of this alloy make it a perfect fit for producing designer furniture pieces. Here are just a few reasons for it.

As the word ‘stainless’ suggests, this kind of steel is corrosion-resistant. It’s easy to look after: you can just wash steel details with any cleansing agent.

Stainless steel is extremely durable. Needless to say, it’s resistant to impacts and high temperatures. Even if you purposefully try to damage it, you most likely won’t succeed.

And, last but not least, stainless steel has an irresistible beauty of its own – of course, if the designer can reveal it. Attilio Zanni definitely can: for more than a decade, he has been creating pieces where every material shows its natural beauty to the full. That’s why many people choose pieces with details made of stainless steel.

Craftsmen love this material for its great workability: it’s rather easy to weld and press into any form you can think of.

By the way, do you remember what furniture piece is often made of – or clad in – thick steel sheets? A safe.

Safes are meant to be as strong as possible to protect valuables their owners keep there. Modern safes are robust and durable, but as a rule, they look a bit plain. But take a look at Bellavista’s TUDOR jewels – isn’t it an exception?

Attilio Zanni designed this lovely sideboard especially for keeping jewelry and other small but precious things. Judging from its purpose, TUDOR Jewels is in fact kind of a safe, but how beautiful it looks!

Designed in 2019, TUDOR Jewels resembles a somehow old-fashioned, lavishly decorated safe, but its style is closer to contemporary. TUDOR’s custom-made lock, keys and latches instantly turn attention. You’ll appreciate such a combination of beauty and practicability. In fact, the same could be said about all items designed and produced by Bellavista brand.

TUDOR Jewels, for example, is decorated beautifully indeed. Glittering bronzed studs and brass details perfectly harmonize with blue leather its drawers’ fronts are clad in, and the LED lights are not only nice-looking but also extremely handy.

What is more, TUDOR Jewels is just one of the two versions of TUDOR available. The other one is named ‘TUDOR Bar’. As it’s clear from the name, this variant of TUDOR is a bar unit.

Both variants of TUDOR are of the same size. They are 111 centimeters (43.7 inches) high, 125 centimeters (49.2 inches) wide, and 53 centimeters (20.9 inches) deep. The difference between them is mostly in additional details and decoration.

The noble-looking TUDOR bar is made of wood, veneered in Canaletto walnut, and decorated with bronzed studs. The inner parts of this sideboard are made of nice-looking honey-colored maple wood.

Also, the inner back of TUDOR bar is decorated with a slab of natural onyx, backlit with LED lights. It looks really chic; so are the fronts of the drawers, padded in prime-quality leather. The edges of the removable walnut tray are also clad in leather. All this gives Tudor Bar a truly exquisite look.

But what makes TUDOR look really special and fully justifies its royal name is the optional cladding in stainless steel sheets with a smart-looking satin brass finish. 

Handiwork Plus Precision Machinery Brings Excellence

As you probably know, Bellavista Collection brand came into existence in 2010. From the very beginning, Bellavista Collection adopted the approach to production that proved quite right.

To ensure the outstanding quality of each detail in each item, a considerable part of the tasks in the brand’s workshops is done by hand. But it doesn’t mean that the brand ignores modern equipment. Not at all. It is a combination of cutting-edge precision machinery and the caring hands of skilled craftsmen that helps the brand to create such masterpieces of furniture.

The use of machines relieves talented craftsmen from the most tedious work, saving their time and vigor for important tasks. That’s why every item from Bellavista Collection looks no less than perfect.

Also, the brand produces each part and detail in its own workshops – including the smallest ones like handles or hinges. That’s why the brand can guarantee the highest quality and excellent design. 

Bellavista’s 2019 collection: Luxury, Joy, and Happiness

Both TUDORs, Bar and Jewels, were created in 2019. According to the Bellavista Collection’s long-standing tradition, the newly designed pieces were showcased at the nearest edition of the Salone Internazionale del Mobile. According to one more brand’s tradition, its exhibits at the Salone 2019 were united under a special general idea. That year, it was Dolce Vita – “Sweet life”, if translated from Italian directly. This concept dates back to the last decades of the XX century when it became a buzz phrase all over the globe.

Its meaning is hard to put into words, but pretty easy to feel. The core of the idea is enjoying every moment of life, getting pleasure from everything. Beautiful furniture pieces are also a part of our lives, so let’s enjoy having them!

Along with other showpieces, both versions of TUDOR instantly grabbed the attention of the public at iSaloni 2019. Steel-clad sideboards with glittering metal studs looked so chic and elegant that everyone realized: they were named TUDOR for a good reason. Each of them is fit for a king.

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