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Trays, Mirrors, and Many More: Accessories from Bellavista’s 2020 Collection

Although the brand of Bellavista Collection is known mostly as a producer of Italian luxury furniture, that isn’t the only type of goods this company manufactures. Lamps, mirrors, not to mention a variety of decorative articles – all this, and many more, you’ll find on the company’s website.

Browse through the brand’s catalog – and you’ll appreciate the grandeur of its boiserie, loveliness of the cast brass sculptures, and beauty of the panel pictures.  In the section named BELLAVISTA DETAILS of HOME DÉCOR product category, you will see such diverse pieces as a folding screen and a bookrest, a planter and a pedestal for, say, sculptures of animals, which Bellavista is also well-known for.

And, of course, a number of trays that stand out.

Made of a variety of woods, metal, and quality belting leather, trays from Bellavista Collection instantly turn attention. They combine exquisiteness with utilitarian value – quite like all items from this brand do. Look, for example, at a remarkable standing tray named MESERO, which is equally handy to use and pleasant to look at. MESERO’s little brother MESERO PEQUENO (“Pequeno” stands for “small” in Spanish) is a tray that can be made of ashwood in two finishes or oak in four finishes.  Handles of both trays are in hammered antique bronze.

Or what about TUDOR – a chic-looking tray designed in 2019? Dark-colored moka stained ashwood and gold finish of its handles go so well together.


And, as a finishing touch, there is a special treat from the brand – three trays from the Bellavista’s 2020-2021 collection. In spite of being different, all three share the same name, so let’s call them CHAROLITAs.  What they have in common is a wooden structure – solid wood with a number of veneering options available – and details (e.g. handles) made of cast brass with an antique bronze finish.

CHAROLITA 1 is a square tray with a side 35 centimeters (13.8 inches) long. This tray could be veneered in three kinds of American walnut: natural, moka stained and smoke-stained walnut. Also, this tray may be covered with either of the two finishes named Nuances Bellavista collection: matte lacquer and glossy lacquer. By the way, this finish is a novelty of 2020. Attilio Zanni, Bellavista’s co-founder and brilliant designer, actively used Nuances in 2020-2021 collection of the brand.

Both these finishes are available for CHAROLITA 2 as well. Their combination with belting leather of the central inset looks really grand. This tray rectangular; it’s 35 cm. long and 28 cm. wide (which is 13.8 x 11 inches).

CHAROLITA 3 is a bit smaller than the previous two. This tray is 30 x 21 cm. (11.8 x 8.3 in.) It is made of moka stained ashwood; its dark color makes a lovely contrast with an antique bronze finish of the handles. By the way, CHAROLITA 2 and 3 have the word ‘Bellavista’ engraved on their handles.

Whatever tray from Bellavista Collection you choose, it will serve you not as a useful container to keep small things in, but also as a detail that contributes to the overall look of your room. Besides, such a tray makes a wonderful present. Just make sure the color you choose harmonizes with other objects in the room.

Look into MONET

One of the many uses of such a lovely wooden tray is keeping your perfumes and cosmetics in your makeup corner near a mirror. With Bellavista Collection, you can design such a corner yourself. The brand offers a great variety of mirrors and console tables, so that you have plenty of choices.

For instance, take a look at MONET – a floor-standing mirror designed in 2020. It’s rectangular and rather large: 210 x 130 cm (82.7 x 51.2 inches). The outer frame is wooden; the solid wood could be veneered with a number of woods. Glamorous ebony, elegant dark-colored carbone larch, attractive grey sukupira, or lovely white larch, available upon request – you are welcome to choose either of them. Plus, glossy lacquer and matte lacquer finishes in a variety of colors and shades – it’s up for you to decide what color the outer frame of your mirror will be.

As to the inner frame, it is made of brass with an antique bronze finish.  So are the feet (optional), and other details of this mirror. This combination is the favorite one in Bellavista: craftsmen love this finish because it looks noble and harmonizes with most of the materials extremely well.

What is always great in Bellavista’s pieces – along with excellent design and top quality of every piece, of course – is the ability of separate items to form grand-looking ensembles. You can see it with your own eyes if you happen to visit the brand’s showroom. Also, you can look through any of the brand’s booklets – it’s much easier than travel to the Italian province of Brescia.

For almost a decade, Bellavista has been displaying its products in the form of fully-furnished premises.  So, the showroom looks like a row of luxurious rooms, furnished solely with items produced in Bellavista. Every item, from a large sofa to the smallest statuette on a coffee table are in their places in those perfect interiors.

The same could be said about prestigious trade events, which Bellavista Collection has never missed for the last decade, except the notorious 2020 – the year of the COVID pandemic. But let’s hope for the best. Let’s hope that in 2021 Bellavista Collection’s exhibitor booth, traditionally furnished as a chic apartment, will attract visitors at Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan and Maison et Objet in Paris.


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