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The Resplendent Trio: Office Desks from Bellavista Collection

When it comes to high-end furnishings in general and Italian luxury furniture in particular, we first think about living rooms or bedrooms. But what about offices? If you are a boss, you will surely want to properly furnish the place you spend at least one -third of your life in. Or do you work from home so often that are thinking about having a home office? If yes, it needs appropriate furniture as well.

In both cases, Bellavista Collection has much to offer you – bookcases, lamps, and, of course, office desks.

Open ‘Products’ section of Bellavista’s website, and you will see product categories with pretty self-explanatory names. Supposing, you need an office desk. As it’s easy to guess, you will find it in Tables category. It is conveniently split into sub-categories, namely: COFFEE AND SIDE TABLES, DINING TABLES, GAMING TABLE, CONSOLES, and DESKS. Let’s open the last one.

What we see there are three items, and each of them could well be called a dream of a desk.

How diverse they are! Massive and respectably-looking PRESIDENT, functional and elegant DANTE, chic-looking RICHARD… Each of these desks is a masterpiece of furniture design created by Attilio Zanni, a brilliant all-round designer and the co-founder of Bellavista Collection.

These desks are remarkably sophisticated. Look at DANTE desk – isn’t it stylish? With its feet cladded in brass with antique bronze finish, the top and drawer bottom padded in saddle leather with stitches of matching color, this desk is a real pickup for you if you need a desk which will combine impressive outer look with practicability. It definitely is designed with the users’ needs in mind (well, like all other Bellavista’s pieces, in fact). For example, the soft-close damping mechanism allows its three drawers to close gently, smoothly, and quietly. Also, if you take a closer look at the handles, you will realize that they are not only beautiful, but also rather ergonomic.

Designed in 2015 and showcased at Maison & Objet in Paris in 2016, DANTE is extremely popular with customers ever since.

Structure of the desk is made of solid oak or walnut wood. You can choose either natural oak or American walnut, or pick one of six more options these two wood species are available in. It means that you have plenty of choice in terms of color: honey-colored natural oak, greyish smoke-stained oak, almost black moka stained oak, shades of deep brown of dark and moka stained walnut… DANTE will look great in any color.

As for the dimensions, DANTE is pretty compact (especially compared with monumental PRESIDENT desk). It’s 72.5 centimeters (28.5 inches) high, and its tabletop is 140 x 70 cm. (55.1 x 27.6 inches), which makes it a good choice for a home office or a rather small room.

The same could be said about RICHARD desk as well. It has a 150 cm x 70 cm. (59.1 x 27,.6 inches) tabletop, and its height is 75 cm. (29.4 in.)

RICHARD’s base and graceful legs are super-strong, because they are made of metal with attractive ‘brandy’ finish.

The tabletop is made of Italian poplar blockboard – the material cabinet makers love for its workability and relatively light weight. Poplar wood looks nice as it is, but to make it look really beautiful it’s usually veneered with various traditional or exotic woods. It’s just the case with RICHARD: the veneering options for this table include such gorgeous species as grey sukupira, ebony, dark eucalyptus frise, natural sycamore, and rosewood (with optional glossy finish available for the first two).

The inner parts of the desk are made of natural maple wood. Two drawers have built-in soft close damping system for the users’ convenience.

RICHARD was designed relatively recently – in 2018, and quite predictably became very popular straight away. Customers are charmed with its somehow minimalistic design, which makes the best of the combination of wood and metal. Most customers agree that RICHARD desk looks truly chic.

The third office desk, PRESIDENT, captures everybody’s attention at a glance. This desk with a desk return is surely intended for a BIG boss. Massive and outwardly luxurious, PRESIDENT will be a tsar in any office interior.

The overall height of this table is 75 centimeters (29.5 inches). The top of the desk is really big – it’s 260 cm (102.3 in.) wide and 100 cm. (39.4 in) deep, and the desk return is 190 cm (74.8 in.) long in total.

PRESIDENT has three drawers (with soft-close damping system, of course) and two doors with a wooden inner shelf.

Well, if you opt for PRESIDENT, you will have plenty of room for your papers and other stuff – but you will need a really large office room for this desk!

PRESIDENT looks truly grand thanks to a perfect combination of wood, metal and leather.

Wooden parts are in Italian poplar blockboard, with as many of 10 veneering options for you to choose. They include natural American walnut and two kinds of stained walnut wood; natural oak and two kinds of stained oak; as well as exotic wood species like ebony, rosewood, and grey sukupira. The veneering is the same on both outer and inner parts of the desk.

Exquisite-looking brass with antique bronze finish is used for the base, handles, and some other details, such as the power grommet. The latter bears the inscription “Bellavista Collection”.

The tabletop, modesty panel, and the drawer bottom are padded in top quality belting leather. As for its color, you have a number of options here, which might change from time to time. The optimal way to learn about currently available ones is to contact the company and request this info.

All in all, desks from Bellavista Collection combine luxurious looks with extreme suitability. Designed by a talented designer and made of the top-quality materials, each of these desks is a great choice. So, if you need a new office desk, it’s a good idea to consider one of this resplendent trio.

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