Specifically for Keen Readers: Bookcases from Bellavista Collection

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Specifically for Keen Readers: Bookcases from Bellavista Collection

It may seem that in the 21st-century world paper books are on their way to becoming obsolete altogether. Some could think that completely switching to digital books and electronic readers is a matter of a few decades.

On the one hand, the trend is clear. eBooks are all the rage these days. Kids of the new generation are growing up with e-readers rather than paper books in their hands. Newly published paperbacks and hardbacks usually have eBook versions. With online libraries, we can get any existing book in a few seconds without even leaving home. With e-readers, we can carry thousands of books in a clutch bag…

But on the other hand, many people will say that paper books have an irresistible appeal that e-books lack.  For many of us paper books are more “real”.

Well, it’s extremely likely that the market for paper books will grow smaller. Especially for light fiction books, which are rarely read for the second time. So why not just download, read and delete them afterwards? But there are – and always be – the books, which people read over and over again. These books are like life-long faithful friends worth placing on a shelf.

Fortunately, nobody makes us choose yet. Everyone can read a paper book at any time if they want to, and use an e-reader when travelling because it’s more convenient. So, paper books will keep being printed for decades to come.

 The Joy of Having Old-Fashioned Tastes

Paper books possess something like the magic of their own. No matter how popular e-readers are, there will always be people who like to hold a heavy volume in their hands. For them, there is something special about physically turning pages, feeling the texture of the paper, sniffing ink-and-paper smell of a newly printed book or very special smell of a decades-old one. An e-book can’t quite replicate all this.

Also, people love to feast their eyes with the rows of books on their bookshelves. They like when their friends gaze at their bookcase filled with books, revealing their tastes in reading. They know the joy of giving or receiving a book as a gift.

For this kind of people, bookcases and bookshelves are a must-have in their homes. And what about you?

Bookcases from Bellavista: A Proper Place for Your Favorite Books

As Ernest Hemingway wrote, “There is no friend as loyal as a book”. If you agree with this prominent American writer, let’s take a look at an appropriate place for your most loyal friends.

Good books, by all means, deserve to be kept in a good bookcase. Bellavista Collection – a company that can boast of a cherry-picked collection of top-quality Italian luxury furniture – has a lot of options that will please avid reader.

Have a look at Bellavista’s bookcases EIFFEL, JUTA, MEDEA, and PIGALLE.

MEDEA is available in as many as eight wood options, from American walnut to smoke stained oak. They greatly vary in color, so your bookcase will fit into the rest of your room well.  If you wish, you can have its back in brass and profile in bronze, as well as it can be equipped with touch activated LED.

JUTA will be a perfect choice for a large room with a high ceiling. This bookcase is 3 meters long and 2.59 meters high; its shelves, upholstered in natural jute, are 36.5 cm. wide (118.1 x 102 x 14.4 inches respectively.) Glamorous rosewood and details made of cast brass with antique bronze finish make this bookcase look really сhic.

EIFFEL bookcase looks elegant indeed, with its wooden shelves and metal structure. It is 188 cm. high and 149 cm. wide (74 and 55.1 inches respectively). Wood options include American walnut, moka stained walnut, and dark stained walnut.

Modest-looking but stylish PIGALLE bookcase is available in eight kinds of wood, which include three kinds of walnut and five kinds of oak. Its color may vary from fawn colored champagne stained oak to nearly black moka stained oak. Handles and details are brass with antique bronze finish.

CASEGOODS category of Bellavista’s website has sub-category named BOOKCASES, where book lovers will find grand-looking furniture items to keep their favorite books in. CABINETS category also offers some suitable variants. Look, for example, at cabinets named IBOOK, ARBAT, and HER.

IBOOK is a middle-sized cabinet: it is 170 centimeters high, 120 centimeters wide and 50.2 centimeters deep (67 x 47.2 x 19.8 inches). As for the color, it depends on your preferences – there are as many as 11 wood options in total! If you wish, your IBOOK can be made of ebony, rosewood, American walnut, natural oak, grey sukupira, moka stained walnut, dark stained walnut, champagne stained oak, grey stained oak, moka stained oak, or smoke-stained oak. Champagne finish of its inner back looks grand, and so do its antique bronze handles.  Optionally, you can have motion activated LED lights.

One more cabinet you can keep your books in is named HER. It has an optional drawer unit covered in belting leather, so it actually is a multi-purpose cabinet rather than just a bookcase. 195 centimeters tall, 116 centimeters wide and 56 centimeters deep (76.8 x 45.7 x 22 inches respectively), it will easily fit into a small room. As for wood options, there are nine of them to choose from: five kinds of oak, two kinds of walnut, ebony and grey sukupira. Antique brass back, base and handles give it a noble look, and touch activated LED makes it really suitable to use.

As for ARBAT, it is tall but relatively narrow – 219 x 130 x 41.8 cm (86.2 x 51.2 x 16.5 in.), which makes it a good choice for small rooms. Its shelves are made of white glass with frontals padded in belting leather. Its handles and details are made of brass with antique bronze finish, and so is its optional inner back. If you wish, this cabinet will also be supplied with two drawers and touch activated LED. Wood options include three kinds of walnut and five kinds of oak, so there is a wide range of colors available. Whatever color of wood you prefer, ARBAT will fit in your interior perfectly.

As you see, Bellavista Collection offers a lot of attractive bookcases and cabinets for you to keep the books you are going to read from time to time. Because as Oscar Wilde once wrote, “If one cannot enjoy reading a book over and over again, there is no use in reading it at all”.