The Most Relaxing Room in a Home: Bedroom Furniture from Bellavista Collection

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The Most Relaxing Room in a Home: Bedroom Furniture from Bellavista Collection

Do you perceive a bedroom as a special place in your home? If yes, you are quite right. Adults spend about one-third of each day sleeping – from six to nine hours on the average, to be exact. It means that the room when you sleep (not to mention some other pleasant activities taking place there) should be as comfortable as possible.

Nobody will argue that getting enough sleep is very important. Quiet and cozy bedrooms help us relax, restoring vigor for the day to come. So, by properly furnishing your bedroom you in fact are caring for your health and well-being.

Website of Bellavista Collection, a renowned producer of Italian luxury furniture, is a great place to look for bedroom furniture. Each piece from this brand meets the strictest requirements as to quality and design. No wonder: furniture from this brand is made of the best quality materials. For example, for wooden parts Bellavista uses only natural solid wood, sometimes veneered with fine woods like ebony, rosewood, and other nice-looking species.

The brilliant skill of Bellavista’s craftsmen is long known all over the world. And so is the talent of Attilio Zanni, Bellavista Collection’ all-round designer and co-founder. Bellavista Collection is especially good at revealing the natural beauty of wood, as well as in combining it with other materials such as marble, leather, glass, and metal.

The list of must-haves for a bedroom includes a bed to sleep on, a bedside table to put little things onto and into it, a bedroom lamp to provide light if you are, say, a keen reader, and a wardrobe to keep your clothes in. You will find excellent furniture pieces for your bedroom in the product category named NIGHT. Just open it and browse through sub-categories with self-explanatory names like BEDS, DRESSERS AND NIGHTSTANDS, WARDROBES, and MAKEUP STATION.

As for the lamps, they are waiting for you in LIGHTING category.  Here you can pick a table lamp, a sconce, or a floor lamp to your liking.

Beds from Bellavista Collection are pretty diverse (although equally attractive), but they have a few things in common. Along with the best materials and impeccable craftsmanship, each of these beds is available in a number of options.

Firstly, Bellavista’s upholstered pieces, including beds, are offered either in leather or fabric. Second, each bed is available in a few size options.

For example, NISHA (the most popular bed, by the way) has two size options, which are 193 and 213 centimeters (76 and 83.8 in) wide. This bed is 230 cm. long (90.6 in.), so, even if you are well over six feet tall, it will perfectly suit you.

VENICE, a grand-looking bed designed in 2019, has three options that differ in width. You can have this remarkable bed 210, 250, 270 centimeters wide (82.7, 98.4, 106.3 inches respectively). One more bed, named AMLETO, is available in two sizes. The base of this bed is a square, with the side of 182 cm (71.7 in.) or 202 cm. (79.5 in.). What is more, its wooden structure comes in a variety of woods – as many as eight kinds of oak and walnut. Their colors vary from light beige (champagne stained oak) to dark brown (moka and dark stained walnut) and almost black (moka stained oak).   So, if you like this bed, you will have plenty of choice.

You also will have lots of options to choose from if you are looking for a bedside table – or a nightstand, as they are often called.

Nightstands from Bellavista Collection are elegant and practical. Take a look at MIAMI, designed in 2019. It’s available in a dozen of woods, including such chic-looking species as rosewood, ebony, and grey sukupira. The inside parts are made of natural maple wood. The optional top marble inset comes in five kinds of marble, from white Calacatta to impressive Emperador Dark Brown and black Pulpis marble.

Or what about MARCANTONIO nightstand, with its antique bronze base, wooden structure available in four wood species, and a special detail – an outer cover made of extra-clear glass? MARCANTONIO’s two drawers open and close smoothly thanks to soft-close damping system (in fact, this handy solution is allied in most of Bellavista’s items with drawers).

Everybody will agree that a bedroom should be properly lit, and it doesn’t mean brightly at all. Lighting a bedroom is all about highlighting particular areas rather than lighting the entire room. If you have a habit of reading a dozen pages before falling asleep, you may want to put a table lamp onto a nightstand.

Table lamps sub-category offers you a number of lovely looking and extremely diverse fixtures. What will you prefer: the bestseller MARISA, elegant AMELIE, somehow hi-techish AMANDA, or 4STAGIONI, decorated with cast brass figurines?

Also, you can well hang a sconce over the bed. Lovely sconces are waiting for you in the same-name sub-category. AGATA, designed in 2019; IGNIS, LUME, or YISHI from Dulcechina Collection – it’s really difficult to pick just one.

Or you may find it suitable to place a floor lamp somewhere in your bedroom. Bellavista’s floor lamps can serve not only as a source of cozy light, but thanks to their creative design, will add zest to your bedroom.

Along with must-haves, there are truly luxurious items from Bellavista, which will make your bedroom really special. Take a look at the valet named MI SERVO and a make-up station – aren’t they chic? Each of these pieces seems to be luxury in itself. But they not only look extraordinarily stylish – they also are extremely practical. If you get any of these items, you will surely appreciate it, and in a short while wonder how you managed without it before. Actually, the same is true for any piece from Bellavista Collection.