The Four Very Special Showpieces to Be Presented at the Salone del Mobile 2022

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The Four Very Special Showpieces to Be Presented at the Salone del Mobile 2022

This week, from June 6 to 12, Milan for yet another time will become a global capital of Design – with a capital D. If you happen to be in this Italian city at that time, you won’t fail to notice it.

The Milan Design Week 2022, scheduled for June 06-12, overlaps in time with the Salone Internazionale del Mobile (June 07-12). Since the world’s favorite furniture fair is back after two years of cancellations due to the pandemic, exhibitors and attendees are looking forward to this edition as never before.

Bellavista Collection is taking part in it, showcasing its newly designed Italian luxury furniture pieces, lighting fixtures, and other items like wall paneling and decorative articles. Similar to the previous live editions ever since 2012, Bellavista’s exhibitor area at the Salone will look like a luxuriously furnished apartment. There will be a living room area, a dining area, a bedroom area, a conversation zone, and a bespoke walk-in closet – this year’s addition.

Some of the future showpieces are already present on the brand’s website (e.g., OLIVER dining table with an optional lazy Susan and BERTA dining chair), while others will be presented for the first time only during the event.

Most of these out-and-out novelties will be placed in the zone, clearly visible from the entrance to the exhibitor booth – namely, the dining area. Let’s take a brief look at four newly created items there.

MACALLAN, a gorgeous two-door cabinet, is made of solid wood and veneered with natural ashwood. What strikes the eye instantly is the beautiful inlays, which are formed by the textures of veneered and natural wood. The inlays are accompanied by nice-looking brass details that match up with the lovely pattern.

MACALLAN’s handles are made of brass with an antique bronze finish, refined by hand; the leather decorative elements make the handles look special.

Inside the cabinet, there is a glass shelf and the motion-activated LED lighting is also available as an option.

When it comes to the overall looks of a room, lighting fixtures – chandeliers, floor lamps, sconces, – are of no less importance than furniture. Needless to say, lamps should harmonize with all other pieces, forming a complete ensemble. You needn’t be a professional interior designer to realize it.

The dining area of Bellavista Collection’s booth will be lit with the chandelier named STARGATE. Its lampshade looks stylish indeed: it’s composed of four rings, two of which are made of wood, and the other two – of cast brass with an antique bronze finish. The stylish and unhackneyed design turns attention at once.

It goes without saying that, when STARGATE replenishes Bellavista’s inventory and becomes available to all after the event, it will come in two voltage options: 220V /50 HZ (for customers from the EU) and 110V/ 60 HZ USA markets (for the USA residents).

Since the brand sells its products to many countries, all its lamps are offered in these two variants.

Two more recently designed pieces you see in the dining area are neither furniture nor lighting fixtures. They are pedestals for artwork. If you browse the brand’s online catalog, you’ll notice that HOMR DÉCOR product category is the second biggest one. It’s split into three sub-categories; one of them, named BELLAVISTA DETAILS, contains miscellaneous items, including well-known cast Bellavista’s brass statuettes and pedestals to place them on. You probably already saw two luxurious pedestals – ARTE 1 and ARTE 2 (the latter belongs to the 2020-2021 collection), which are among the brand’s bestsellers.

Marble, fine woods, brass with the antique bronze finish – these materials look grand both separately and in combination. Thanks to the excellent design from Attilio Zanni, both ARTEs look elegant and make a great addition to a room interior. A piece of art, e.g., a sculpture, placed on this pedestal, will inevitably become an attention-grabber.

And now, two more ones are going to be presented at the Milan Furniture Salon: PEDESTAL ONIX and BATISTA PEDESTAL.

Well, as their name describes among their materials there are onyx and black Batista finish respectively.

And, last but not least, the dining area will feature a tall cabinet named T-TENGO. It stands apart from other showpieces because it belongs to the capsule collection named TRATTO. T-TENGO was created by Bellavista Collection in collaboration with Centropolis Design – a Milan-based design firm that carries out complex interior design projects, particularly those including non-trivial lighting solutions. Andrea Castejon, the company’s creative director, and CEO took part in this joint design project.

If you appreciate the natural beauty of solid wood and shapes borrowed from Nature, combined with strict geometric lines, you’ll love T-TENGO. Illuminated wooden inside details (definitely the contribution of Centropolis Design) adds zest to its overall appearance, making it look unique.

Of course, there will be many more fascinating showpieces in this and other zones of Bellavista Collection’s booth. So, if you are planning to visit Milan this week, spend a bit of your time at such a wonderful trade event as Salone Internazionale del Mobile. This year’s live edition is going to be the 60th, so all exhibitors surely prepared lots of very special showpieces. And that’s not to mention several collateral events and thematic activities all over the city. If your vocation is related to design, you will surely get inspired by ideas from the global design community; even if it isn’t, you’ll just enjoy this world-scale festival of Design with a capital D.