The Finishing Touch: Details and Finishes Make Pieces from Bellavista Collection Stand Out

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The Finishing Touch: Details and Finishes Make Pieces from Bellavista Collection Stand Out

People who prefer Italian luxury furniture are extremely selective and have every right to it. When furnishing their homes, they want nothing but perfect. Bellavista Collection, the well-known producer of high-end designer pieces, from furniture to boiserie and decorative items, knows it pretty well. Striving to satisfy its customers’ wishes, the brand creates articles that are not only well-designed and made of top-quality materials, but also look truly unique. Needless to say, quality is always a must, but that isn’t enough. A genuinely luxurious piece always stands out. So, each of Bellavista’s pieces has something that finalizes the design, making it exclusive.

Attilio Zanni, Bellavista Collection’s co-founder, is a brilliant all-round designer who has long been known for his distinctive style. He created nearly all the products you can see on the brand’s website, from sofas and tables to lamps, mirrors, and panel pictures. And each of these products is unique in its own way.

When browsing through the brand’s online catalog, i.e., PRODUCTS section of the website, you will see items that serve as the finishing touch for a room’s interior. For example, cast brass sculptures became bestsellers as soon as they were first presented to the public. The most popular is IPPO the hippopotamus (which is the brand’s mascot, by the way).  

As for RHINO the rhinoceros, FURIA the horse, and GREYHOUND, a somehow modernistic statuette of a dog, they also are well-liked. Thousands of these brass figures are proudly standing on tabletops and shelves in homes all over the world. What is more, these lovely statuettes of hippos, rhinos, and horses are available in a variety of finishes. Antique bronze, which is a definite favorite in Bellavista, elegant black patina, not to mention shining antique gold leaf and antique silver leaf – all these finishes are equally beautiful. So, you can have a set of four different statuettes for each animal.

FLOWER and ROSE panel pictures from Bellavista serve as a good example of how a small detail makes a piece special. Both are crafted of dark-colored wood; the rear support of both pictures, visible through the wooden part, is made of plexiglas. ROSE depicts a rose bud as seen from above, and FLOWER – two branches of a lovely wild rose with flowers, buds, and leaves. ROSE has a central insert made of laser cut brass, coated with an antique bronze finish, which looks attractive indeed.

So are the furniture handles (MAN-08, MAN-09, MAN-10, and MAN-11) made of the same material – laser-cut metal with antique brass or antique bronze finish. One more handle, cast brass MAN-07, looks like a sculpture: its end is shaped like a woman’s figure.

Bellavista’s manufacture makes the most of materials, revealing their natural beauty. For example, take a look at TUDOR.  Decorative studs on its external structure definitely make this cabinet stand out, and so does the gold finish of the handles. But the most spectacular feature is optional metal cladding of the cabinet’s doors, sides and top in with the finish named ‘Tudor’.

The brushed stainless steel used for the cladding isn’t a typical choice in furniture making, but Bellavista Collection managed to prove that this material has a beauty of its own. For example, the somehow eccentric-looking coffee table named HOLE is made entirely of metal; one of the three available options is brushed stainless steel. By the way, it’s one of quite a few Bellavista’s pieces, which were NOT designed by Attilio Zanni. HOLE was created by Ilan Waisbrod, the founder of Studio GAIA in New York City and a well-recognized designer.

Cast aluminum is one more material rarely used for high-end furniture manufacturing. Nevertheless, DARIUS is made of it. So is BATISTA, where cast aluminium is one of the two options available. BATISTA was designed by Attilio Zanni, while DARIUS – by Yabu Pushelberg, the design firm with studios in Toronto and New York. This lovely round table has a top insert that comes in three options: marble, white lacquered glass, or metal – hammered brass with an antique bronze finish, refined by hand. The latter variant looks really grand; it reveals the natural beauty of hammered metal. Look at floor lamps named TOSCA and CAROL – doesn’t hammered bronze look gorgeous? Marks on the surface suggest that the item was handcrafted. Nowadays, when mass production dominates most of the market, is a sign of luxury, whether we like it or not.

And so is inlay. This extremely labor-intensive technique remained mostly in high-end furniture production, where lots of operations are still done by hand – for the sake of quality and excellence. Take a look at inlays on CORVETTE sideboard and CHANEL cabinet: grains of natural wood form an attractive pattern on their doors. LUIS, a two-door cabinet, can boast of the inlay composed of numerous metal details, forming a beautiful rounded pattern. The leaf-shaped handle is made of cast brass with hammered antique bronze finish. This finish perfectly harmonizes with any of the seven wood options available. In fact, the combination ‘wood plus metal’ is among the brand’s most favorite ones.

One more material Bellavista Collection actively makes use of is top quality belting leather, which comes in a wide variety of colors. Seasoned professionals know that leather is extremely grateful material, and Bellavista’s craftsmen manage to make the most of it. Attractive-looking in itself, leather looks grand as it is, or with just a bit of adornment, such as decorative stitching. For instance, a number of Bellavista’s pieces have drawers with their frontal parts padded in saddle-leather, decorated with matching stitches: ZEUS cabinet and ZEUS bar unit, LONDON sideboard, to name a few. The top of the luggage rack named GARCIA, made of weaved stripes of faux leather, is also decorated with matching stitches.

All in all, whatever piece from Bellavista you take, it will always have some detail that makes it really special. And that’s one of the reasons for the brand’s popularity all over the globe.

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