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The Essence of Modern Italian Luxury Furniture: Bellavista Collection Showcased Its ESSENTIAL at iSaloni 2023

Everyone who visited Milan this year, namely from April 18 to 23, saw in their own eyes how this Italian city changes during the Milan Design Week. This Italian city becomes the global capital od design – no more, no less. Thousands of trade professionals from all over the world, eager to see the latest trends and innovations in the field of design, had planned their trip to Milan months before.

The most influential design-related trade exhibition in Milan, held simultaneously with the Design Week, is Salone Internazionale del Mobile. Also known under the names Milan Furniture Salon, or simply iSaloni, it  is one of the most prestigious trade events in the design industry, if not the most. Also, it’s the biggest and the oldest one – this annual fair has been held ever since 1961.

So, in April 2023, the 61st edition of the Salone traditionally took place at Milan Fairgrounds at Rho. For five days, hundreds of thousands of people were sharing ideas, networking with colleagues, establishing business links, concluding contracts, and simply having a good time at this remarkable exhibition centre. Not surprisingly, the Salone was a tremendous success.

Bellavista  Collection was among the numerous brands who participated in iSaloni. In 2023, you could see the brand’s showpieces at Hall 3 of Xlux section, stand E-21.

The Exhibitor Booth You Would Love to Live In

If you called in on Bellavista Collection’s exhibitor booth at iSaloni 2023, you would see a luxurious apartment rather than just an exhibition stand. Everyone who visited Bellavista Collection’s display, felt like entering a real home, furnished carefully and tastefully. All the furniture pieces, boiserie, mirrors, lamps, and even decorative statuettes you could see on table – everything was designed by Bellavista Collection.

The exhibitor booth was split into a few areas, each intended for displaying a particular set of furniture. These zones looked and felt like rooms: a dining-room with a large dining table and chairs to match; a bedroom with a super-cosy bed, a bench, nightstands and lamps; or a family room, where a comfy sofa, where it was so hard to resist the temptation to try the sofa – so comfy it looked.

When walking through this display, most of the visitors couldn’t help thinking that they would be happy to live in a home, furnished in such a remarkable style. No wonder: Bellavista’s exquisite pieces, designed to create a harmonious and elegant atmosphere in any living space, embody the essence of Italian luxury furniture. Needless to say, each item is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, using only the finest materials.  Bellavista Collection has long been known for it.

Such an approach to display – showcasing its items as a part of a real interior – enables the brand to highlight great versatility of its pieces, not to mention the extremely assortment of the items. Thanks to their diversity, you can everything you need to furnish your home at one place – on Bellavista’s website.

The Beauty of Essential

Each year, the group of showpieces, which Bellavista brand exhibits at iSaloni, is united under some general idea. For example, last year it was irresistible beauty of Nature.

In 2023, the brand was revealing beauty in simplicity. All Bellavista’s exhibits could boast of sleek and contemporary design, with clean lines and minimalistic details. Each item can boast of perfect balance of style, materials, and colours, with a well-thought-out look that could both be called contemporary and timeless.

One of the most striking group of showpieces was united under the name ESSENTIAL.  Nothing in excess, everything is made with the future owner’s needs in mind – that’s what its design was all about. However, the same also applies to everything designed in Bellavista Collection ever since 2010, when this brand was founded.

Any Reader’s Dream

Let’s take a quick look one of the recently designed items that made their debut at this edition of the Salone del Mobile. It is a dream of a bookcase named MARGARETH. The materials, which it is made of, perfectly harmonize with one another. Natural oak wood with its inimitable texture, cast brass with antique bronze finish, that matches both light and dark tones, top quality leather, used for drawer fronts’ cladding – each of these materials has beauty of its own, and their combination makes MARGARETH look irresistibly attractive. So are the custom handles with a rock crystal insert, which adds a touch of glamour and luxury to the overall look.

What sets the MARGARETH apart from other bookcases are its custom niches and a bar cabinet, hidden deeply inside. This bar features a gorgeous-looking decorative detail, made of n onyx, backlit with LEDs, as well as leather clad drawers. In other words, it’s designed in Bellavista style.

The modular design of MARGARETH bookcase makes it highly flexible and adaptable to different living spaces. Like most of Bellavista’s projects, MARGARETH can be customized to the customer’s needs, like a suit or a dress, made to measure

So, MARGARETH a standout piece that embodies the collection’s philosophy of balance, flexibility, and customization. If you’re looking for a bookcase that is both functional and beautiful, MARGARETH is definitely worth considering.

What is more, soon you’ll be able to see this wonderful bookcase in PRODUCTS section at Bellavista Collection’s website. By the way, when a former showpiece becomes available to all, it usually comes in a number of options to choose from. So, at the very least, there probably will be several variants of veneering, and a few variants that will differ in size of the number of modules.  There may be some optional parts, so you’ll be able to choose whether you wish to have them or not.

All in all, MARGARETH was designed to create a harmonious atmosphere in any living space. Whenever you place it, this lovely bookcase will enhance any living space with elegance and sophistication.

Well, the same is true for all the pieces, which Bellavista Collection showcased at the Salone del Mobile in April 2023.

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