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Sofas and Armchairs from Bellavista Collection

Sofas and Armchairs from Bellavista Collection: the Quintessence of Coziness and Comfort

Living room is by all means a heart of any home. We spend a good deal of our pastime there – talking, reading, playing table games, watching TV, etc. Most of this time we spend sitting in an armchair or a sofa.

Well, when we think of an armchair or a sofa, the very first word that comes to mind is ‘cozy’. Sofas and armchairsare meant to be cozy and comfortable; well, if they aren’t, why use them?

If you are looking for the coziest armchair or a sofa ever, Bellavista Collection website is the right place to hunt for them. This resource is well-known for its vast selection of Italian luxury furniture made by the most talented Italian craftsmen.

Searching in the collection is easy indeed: if you are looking for, say, an armchair, just browse the section named UPHOLSTERED PIECES. This section is divided into a number of sub-sections, namely: ARMCHAIRS, SOFAS, DORMEUSES, OTTOMANS & BENCHES, and DINING CHAIRS. Other sections in Bellavista Collection are: BOISERIE, CASEGOODS, HOME DÉCOR, LIGHTING, NIGHT, TABLES, and WHAT’S NEW.

As you can see, Bellavista enables you to find everything you need to turn your house or apartment into a comfy Home with a big “H”. Here you can choose not only Italian luxury furniture, but also a lot of necessary things like lamps and decorative elements.

Armchairs from Bellavista: Chic, Comfortable, and Practical 

If you are need a comfortable armchair to read or watch TV, Bellavista Collection is the right place to look for the best ones you can think of. They are chic-looking, cozy and functional at the same time.

Look, for example, at the armchair named BOSS. Covered with fabric or leather (actually, most of the upholstered goods from Bellavista offer both options), it looks really fashionable. Its wooden parts are made of lovely-looking moka stained ashwood. The thick pillow and ergonomic back make this armchair cozy indeed. But what is more, this armchair is pretty compact – 72-74-70 sm.  (28.3-29.1-27.6 in.), which means it will fit into even a small room. The same can be said about other ones like CHAGALL, GIORGIA, and many others.

Many models of armchairs offer several wood options. For example, CHARLOTTE can be made of ebony, moka stained beechwood, moka stained oak, grey stained oak or grey sukupira. So, you can choose wood of your favorite color.

In fact, Attilio Zanni, the brilliant designer who created most of the magnificent furniture pieces from Bellavista, is a virtuoso in making the most of the natural beauty of wood. Look, for example, at GRACE WOOD armchair. Its wooden feet and rear back look chic indeed. The option of materials include ebony, American walnut, dark stained walnut, moka stained walnut, and grey sukupira.

When looking at one more armchair – MAFALDA, which is a relatively recent addition to the collection, nobody can’t help admiring the beauty of the wood it’s made of. There are as many as nine equally beautiful variants to choose from: chic-looking ebony and glossy varnished ebony, stylish rosewood, fashionable American walnut, moka stained walnut, dark stained walnut, sukupira wood, grey sukupira, and varnished grey sukupira.

Apart from being so nice-looking, these armchairs are cozy indeed. Browsing the section with all these armchairs makes one feel like sitting down to relax for a bit.

Dining chairs, which are in a separate section of Bellavista Collection, also look really cozy. Some of the models have arms, which makes them look pretty like armchairs – just take a glance at AQUA, ANGELINA LEATHER BACK (with optional arms), BICE, CORINNE, and MASARYK.

Sofas from Bellavista Collection: Outstanding Design, Impeccable Implementation

Bellavista offers a great selection of sofas that differ greatly in size, shape, and materials, but always are attractive and comfortable. Like most of other upholstered pieces from the collection, all sofas are available in two options of upholstery: leather and fabric go on. Also, some of the models are available in a number of sizes, so you can choose one that will fit into your room and is big enough for your needs.

For example, FILIPPO can be either 220 sm., 260 sm., or 280 sm. long. The width, however, remains the same in all three variants and equals 105 sm. GRACE WOOD SOFA is also available in three sizes: 200 sm., 250 sm., and 300 sm. long.

By the way, if you adore the impressive look of natural wood, you may love the models like GRACE WOOD SOFA or MADLEINE WOOD.

Structure of MADLEINE WOOD can be made of either ebony or grey sukupira. GRACE WOOD SOFA offers three options of its structure and rear back, namely: natural American walnut, moka stained American walnut, and dark stained American walnut.

Being actually a kind of a sofa, dormeuses at Bellavista have the section of their own. As a part of furniture, a dormeuse was in fashion pretty long ago, but if you look at JOSEPHINE DORMEUSE and CASANOVA, you’ll come to believe that a dormeuse does fit into a contemporary living room.

A dormeuse is a relatively miniature sofa that has one armrest (not two ones like in other sofas), and an inclined backrest. JOSEPHINE DORMEUSE looks like a classical dormeuse, while CASANOVA resembles a loveseat. Both items would be a perfect choice for a small living room.

Also, Bellavista can boast of an impressively rich selection of ottomans and benches, which will come in handy in any living room.

Upholstered pieces from Bellavista are so diverse that it’s difficult to believe that they all were created by the same designer. But it’s really so. Most of the furniture items from Bellavista Collection are designed by Attilio Zanni, an Italian all-round designer famous for his designs of classy furniture, as well as decorative elements that make each home special. High-end furniture and lamps, wall paneling and figurines – signor Zanni created them all.  Thanks to his talent and hard work, we can enjoy excellent furniture from Bellavista, both grand-looking and comfy.

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