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September: Professionals from Bellavista are Back to Work with Renewed Vigor

The summer is over, and so are the holidays at Bellavista Collection. This renowned brand is happy to announce that from the second of September its entire staff is back to work.

The process of manufacturing Italian luxury furniture and other items, which Bellavista is well-known for, is restarted in full. Cabinet makers, woodworkers, glass blowers, foundry workers, and lots of other specialists resumed the works in their workshops; managers and administrators returned to their offices.

If you contacted Bellavista Collection in the second half of the August, you probably noticed the announcement about the entire staff being on their traditional collective vacation.

In this company there is a long-standing tradition: to put the entire staff on the leave during the holiday time. Usually it happens in August; for example, this year for most of the personnel vacations lasted from August 10 to 25.

So, if you feel like furnishing your home in distinctive Bellavista Collection style, it’s a good time to do it.

Timeless Elegance

By the way, what makes Bellavista style so special?

To begin with, Bellavista style is all about beauty in general and elegance in particular, combined with coziness and lastingness, plus quality without compromise.

Impeccable quality and brilliant design by Attilio Zanni come by default, so to speak. So does durability of every item – if you buy a piece from Bellavista Collection, you can be sure that your grandchildren will be able to use it decades later. And this is for a reason.

Being a family-run business ​with a close-cut team of seasoned professionals, Bellavista Collection is known for its special attitude towards production. They all are perfectionists there, which is pretty rare nowadays.

Every worker treats every item he makes very carefully – as if it was intended for his own home. Only the best materials are used, like natural solid wood, either as is or veneered with precious wood species. Leather and fabric for upholstery, materials for padding, metal for details – everything is of the top quality only.

Extreme variability is one more characteristic of Bellavista products: each one is available in many options. Most of the furniture pieces have at least two variants that differ in size, not to mention lots of woods that could be used for the same item. Some are available in as many as a dozen of wood options!

Browse through the company’s website, and you will instantly notice that all upholstered pieces are available in both leather and fabric. So, no matter whether you appreciate chic-looking natural leather, or prefer soft fabric, you will surely find what you want.

All in all, each table, sofa, lamp, statuette or anything else made at Bellavista isn’t just an item for sale and getting profit. It’s much more than this.

Everything Bellavista Collection manufactures can be seen as a perfect example of “beautility” – so well beauty and utility are combined in these pieces. Each one is conceived and designed with future owners’ needs in mind. What’s more, pieces from Bellavista Collection are beautiful in a way that has nothing to do with being or not being in vogue. They are in a league of their own.

Since the brand actively participates in trade shows like Maison et Objet (Paris) and Salone Internazionale del Mobile (Milan), a new collection of showpieces is created every year – at the very least. Does it mean that after a new collection is showcased, the previous one becomes obsolete? Of course, no.

Look, for example, the 2018 collection named Dulcechina (because it was inspired by ever-charming Orient). Nobody yet will call it old-fashioned.

Whatever the collection – the last one, the last year’s one, or older – items in them are equally gorgeous-looking and cozy. And all of them are beautiful.

The Latest Collection

Visitors of the 58th edition of Salone Internazionale Del Mobile in Milan, who saw Bellavista’s 2019 collection, said that it brought back fond memories and evoked somewhat nostalgic feelings. This group of showpieces is conventionally named Dolce Vita, and design of its pieces somehow reminds about the last quarter of the twentieth century. There is just something in it that recalls the inimitable overall atmosphere and glamor of those times – a bit naïve, but irresistibly attractive.

As for colors for upholstery materials, the combination of white and blue is one of Bellavista’s favorites this year. Although white has been widely used for years, deep blue is kind of a novelty.

For example, the sofa called AVUELA, displayed this year at the Milan Furniture salon, was covered in rich blue velvet. By the way, this name means ‘Granny’ in Spanish, which implies being super-cozy – just like Granny’s sofa was long ago.

Leather covers of MATILDE sofa, KATE LOW dining chairs, also blue, looked elegant and luxurious. Dark brown wood of low coffee tables and beige carpet on the floor in the exhibitor booth perfectly combined with different shades of blue – sofas upholstery, blue leather decorative details of other furniture pieces.

One more recent trend in Bellavista is the use of pastel shades for upholstery fabrics. For example, MY CHESTER sofa, showcased at the same edition of Salone, was in pale turquoise velour. Look through the upholstered pieces, and you will see that many of them are available in lovely pastel hues – in addition to white, beige and other colors Bellavista has been commonly using. Many people love pastels for the general feeling of softness and calmness they evoke. Using pastel colors, Bellavista’s customers will easily create peaceful and stress-free ambience in their rooms.

What’s the most important about Bellavista’s exhibits is that they appear at Bellavista Collection’s website almost instantly after the event. So, all the previous collections, including the latest one, are a mouse click away from you. Take your pick!

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