See You in a Fortnight: Bellavista Collection Takes Time Out in August

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See You in a Fortnight: Bellavista Collection Takes Time Out in August

For about eight years Bellavista have been striving to satisfy people’s demand for top quality Italian luxury furniture, as well as other items that make people’s homes unique. The company’s team respects its Customers and puts high value on their trust and support. That is why Bellavista Collection feels the need to notify all its Customers and business partners about the company holiday, which it is going to start in a few days.

Bellavista Collection will be closed for about a fortnight – from 11th to 26th of August 2018. Its website, however, will be available as usual. But since the team won’t be working during this period, orders for Bellavista’s products made during the holiday will be processed later. The company hopes that this delay won’t cause inconvenience to the Customers.

Taking a recess doesn’t mean that the team will just lounge away their time. Bellavista’s professionals by all means deserve treating themselves to a holiday, but along with having a bit of rest they have some other plans for the holiday period.

Preparing for Trade Events

Being a company with a well-founded reputation in the industry, Bellavista Collection regularly participates in a range of prestigious trade events. One of them is not far off. Maison et Objet 2018 starts in Paris on September 7th, about a month from now. Bellavista is going to be there, exhibiting its Dulcechina collection (which you can view in a separate section of Bellavista’s website.) Don’t miss an opportunity to attend Maison et Objet if you are in Paris between 7th and 11th of September – Bellavista’s exhibits will be shown at Maison hub of the exhibition ground, FOREVER section, Hall 7, Stand F126 / G125.

But that’s not all. At the end of January Bellavista will return to Maison et Objet once again, to show a part of its new 2019 collection nobody has seen yet. These exhibits will be first displayed in Paris from 18 to 22 of January at the exhibition grounds of Maison et Objet. Then in April 2019 the entire 2019 collection will be displayed in Milan at the most prestigious European trade event for furniture makers – Salone del Mobile 2019.

Every industry professional knows that preparation for trade events takes plenty of time and effort. So, even during the holiday Bellavista team has a lot to do so that its collections turn heads at the exhibitions. There isn’t so much time left.

Generating new ideas

Real creativity has no days off. Ideas often come to an artist, inventor, or designer all of a sudden, at any time, no matter whether he is at work or on holiday. Attilio Zanni – the brilliant designer who created most of Bellavista’s items, from furniture to statuettes, is no exception. A good rest is said to boost imagination and inspire new ideas. So, after the holidays we can expect new concepts that will turn into remarkable items at Bellavista Collection’s website and exhibitions’ stands.

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