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Revealing the Irresistible Beauty of Stone: Bellavista Collection Participates in a Specialized Trade Fair

If you browse through the section of Bellavista Collection’s website named PRODUCTS, which serves as an online catalog, you’ll see a lot of Italian luxury furniture pieces with details, made of natural stone.

Attilio Zanni, a brilliant contemporary designer, the co-founder of the Bellavista Collection brand, and the head of its design department, has always been keen on unveiling the natural beauty of materials. His designs always highlight the magnificent texture of fine woods, soft glitter and sleek surface of metals, unique patterns of quality leather, created by Nature… And, of course, the irresistible beauty of natural stone, particularly, marble and white onyx.

Stone seems to be one of Mr. Zanni’s favorites, and for a good reason. Stone is the oldest material known to humankind. Along with looking gorgeous indeed, natural stone is extremely durable and easy to look after. It has two drawbacks, though: it is very heavy and difficult to work with if we compare it with, say, wood, metal, or brass.

Bellavista’s craftsmen have never been afraid of difficulties, so a good many of Bellavista’s pieces have details made of this impressive-looking material. For example, the Bellavista brand offers several pedestals, which themselves resemble pieces of artwork, so grand they look. Open the HOME DÉCOR category, select the BELLAVISTA DETAILS sub-category – and see it for yourself.

However, the category with the most items with stone details is TABLES. Marble inlays and the entire tabletops are available for lots of Bellavista’s dining, console, coffee, and side tables. RITZ console table, for example, has the onyx top, backlit with LEDs. There even is an all-marble coffee table – PECHINO made entirely of Rosso Pechino marble, an amazingly beautiful reddish-colored stone with white veins.

As to the assortment of marbles in Bellavista, the brand has picked about a dozen of differently-looking options, from almost white Carrara and Calacatta marble to black Nero Marquina. These kinds of marble are so diverse! Gorgeous Emperador Dark Brown marble with its chocolate-colored spots and thick veins; Grigio Striato Elegante, or striped gray, marble with its light-gray stripes; brownish Pulpis marble, with lovely white streaks… It’s impossible to name the most beautiful ones – they all are beautiful. Looking through their images, you will be astonished at how multifarious this stone could be.

So, when it comes to products made using natural stone, Bellavista Collection has plenty to boast of. No wonder the brand is soon going to participate in a reputable and prestigious trade event devoted to stone processing.

MARMOMAC: Marble Processing in XXI Century

Love the natural beauty of stone? Should you be in Verona between the 27 and 30 of September 2022, you’ll have a chance to learn plenty of interesting things about how rock is turned into fascinating products. The exhibition named MARMOMAC is a must-attend for all trade professionals, whose vocation is related to using such a fascinating material as natural stone. Here you’ll learn about the cutting-edge stone processing technologies, specialized machinery and tools, chemicals, and many more. On top of it, numerous items from reputable brands made of stone will be presented to the public.

Everyone who would like to see what a chunk of rock could be turned into will enjoy visiting the cultural section of this event – the exhibition named BRAND&STONE. Take a look at a great variety of articles made of stone, from furniture to miscellaneous decorative items and elements. You’ll surely be impressed!

Brand&Stone will take place inside The Italian Stone Theatre. The event is curated by Giorgio Canale, a well-known Italian architect, while its original concept belongs to Danilo Di Michele, the founder of DDM Branding.

All in all, Brand&Stone is the very place where renowned furniture brands from all over the world demonstrate their achievements in using stone – a remarkable material that deserves much more attention than it currently enjoys. Also, here designers and brand representatives meet decision makers from marble processing companies to establish mutually beneficial cooperation.

New Pieces from Bellavista at Brand&Stone

Bellavista Collection will be among the cherry-picked brands, whose products illustrate the great potential of stone as a material for furniture manufacturing.

At the upcoming edition of Brand&Stone, Bellavista is planning to showcase a newly designed MICHELANGELO dining table, as well as the mini-collection of pieces named I PREZIOSI. By the way, I PREZIOSI which means ‘precious’ in Italian.

The dining table was designed by Attilio Zanni and produced specially for this occasion in cooperation with the Italian company named ARTEMARMI. As to the name of this stylish-looking table, it was called MICHELANGELO for a good reason. Carrara marble, selected for its top, was the favorite stone of Michelangelo, so the table was named after this world-famous Italian sculptor, architect, painter, and poet, who lived during the High Renaissance.

Besides, such a choice of name symbolizes the continuity of traditions in marble processing. For centuries, Italian artists and artisans have been making wonderful pieces out of this stone, from breathtaking works of art to beautiful utilitarian objects.

Carrara marble (or Luna marble, as it used to be called) comes from the Italian quarries, located in Apuan Alps. It’s a mountain range in northern Tuscany, where marble was quarried ever since the time of Ancient Rome.

The color of this beautiful stone varies from snowy white or blueish-grey, so the mountains in Apuan Alps look as though they are always covered with snow in the places where Carrara marble comes to the surface.

This kind of marble is used for the I PREZIOSI collection as well. The combination of white Carrara marble with metal elements and the details, decorated with a variety of precious and semi-precious stones looks impressive indeed. Tiger’s Eye, Amethyst, and Malachite, each beautiful in themselves, were brought to perfection by DIDONI, the Italian company that specializes in custom jewelry.

Sophisticated design, impeccable craftsmanship, and the successful combination of materials make I PREZIOSI unforgettable. You’ll have every chance to prove this to yourself if you take the time to visit the Brand&Stone exhibition.

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