Quality and Beauty: Bellavista Collection Uses Only the Best Upholstery Textiles

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Quality and Beauty: Bellavista Collection Uses Only the Best Upholstery Textiles

When we look at, say, a sofa or an armchair, our impression largely depends on the upholstery material used for this piece. What is more, textiles also greatly contribute to the overall appearance of the entire home.

Designers from Bellavista Collection – the brand, whose Italian luxury furniture is known all over the world – are well aware of it.

For its furniture, the brand’s craftsmen choose only the best upholstery materials. They do vary. Tastes differ, so most of Bellavista’s upholstered pieces are available in both leather and fabric. But whatever you prefer, you may be sure you’ll get quality full grain leather or first-class fabric.

Bellavista offers a wide choice of upholstery fabrics for all its items.  If you open almost any of the pdf files with a detailed description of a sofa or an armchair, you’ll see the options of fabric upholstery available, like “Cat. A, B, C, Lux and Extra Lux”. By the way, it doesn’t mean that the fabric of category C is worse than that of Category A: all of the textiles are of high quality. Also, you can even provide your own material in most cases.

One of the brand’s favorite upholstery textiles is velvet, and for a good reason.

 Practical Luxury of Velvet

In the past, only noblemen and royal families could afford velvet – so expensive it was. Times change, and now velvet is one of the most popular upholstery fabrics, when it comes to high-end furniture. However, it is still often perceived as something luxurious, as an attribute of wealth.

For centuries velvet was made only from silk, but now it could be woven out of many fibers and combinations of them. For more durability, synthetic materials like polyester are often added. It means that modern velvet textiles, along with looking magnificent, are pretty durable and wear resistant. Velvet is a great pick for upholstery, because it helps to highlight the shape of a designer furniture piece. Soft and nice on the touch, with lustrous sheen many people love, velvet looks and feel deluxe.

To give its customers as much choice as possible, Bellavista Collection uses upholstery textiles of many colors and shades. It’s quite reasonable. Whatever colors are currently in fashion, different people tend to prefer different colors, so having multiple options is a good idea. Everyone will be able to pick what they like best. For example, shades of blue and green have been the most popular during the last couple of years, but along with them, Bellavista offers a wide range of other colors, from beige and light pink to yellow and brown. Here is just one example of a furniture piece upholstered in luxurious velvet, available in many colors.

NONNALISA Sofa: From Emerald Green to Beige and Light Pink

NONNALISA sofa is a special one: it has long been a bestseller. When it was first showcased at Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2013, it was upholstered in stylish emerald green velvet. After the trade event, NONNALISA replenished the brand’s inventory and quickly become very popular with customers.

The structure of this gorgeous sofa is made of multilayer poplar, and its feet – of solid moka-stained ashwood.

Bellavista Collection brand understands that customers could have different preferences as to the size of the furniture pieces, so many of them are available in a few variants that differ in their dimensions. NONNALISA is no exception. There are three models of this sofa that differ in width: they are 200, 240, and 280 cm wide (78.7, 94.5, and 110.2 inches respectively). Their other dimensions are the same: all three are 105 cm (41.3 in.) deep and 77 cm (30.3 in.) high, with the seat height of 40 cm (15.9 in.).

NONNALISA sofa is padded with high-resilience variable-density polyurethane foam; so are the central inserts of the seat cushions. This highly versatile and practical spongy material is widely used for padding upholstered furniture and car seats, because it’s lightweight, durable, and easy to work with. The other parts of the seat cushions are padded with soft channeled goose down, soft and long-lasting natural material.

The fabric covers of the seat cushions are removable, so that you can take them off whenever you feel like washing or dry-cleaning them. If you wish, you can order one or two additional roll pillows to put on the end of the sofa, to make NONNALISA even cozier.

As to the colors of the chic velvet upholstery, the most popular option still is emerald green – the color of the NONNALISA sofa, which was displayed at the Milan Furniture Salon back in 2013.  Along with this wonderful shade of green, a variety of other colors are available. What about beige, which is always in vogue and easily blends in any interior? Or would you prefer light pink, especially pleasant to look at the beginning of spring? It’s pretty difficult to pick just one color for the fabric upholstery from the list of options offered for NONNALISA.

By the way, when you are ordering a sofa from Bellavista Collection, it would be a good idea to contact the brand and ask for the full list of options available. The point is that new options of, say, upholstery colors, appear once in a while. Of course, the lists of available colors are regularly revised and new choices added. But there always is a chance that the information on the site hasn’t been updated yet, so learn about all the variants you can get – just in case.

Also, if you want your NONNALISA – or any other sofa from Bellavista Collection – to be upholstered in the particular material, which is not on the list, there’s no problem. All you need is to provide the brand’s craftsmen with this fabric or leather. It’s a great opportunity to have a set of several pieces (e.g., a sofa and a few armchairs) upholstered in the same material. If you opt for such a custom upholstery, your sofa will be truly unique.

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