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Bellavista Collection Meets Spring 2021 in the Pink, Adding Pink Color to Its Projects

Why are we looking forward to spring? Many people will say that they miss colors. Looking at white snow (where it snows in winter) and shades of brown and grey (where it doesn’t) tire our eyes and spoils the mood. In early spring, we long for something positive, joyful, youthful, and optimistic – like first spring flowers. Tired of winter, we lack something bright and cheery – like pink color.

Color of crocuses and hyacinths, not to mention cherry and sakura blossom, pink feels fresh and tender; it signifies the beginning of a new circle of life – just what we need after the long winter.

Bellavista Collection, a well-known brand where top-quality Italian luxury furniture is designed and produced, has always strived to answer the demand. If you feel like adding a touch of lively pink color to your home this spring, Bellavista has something to offer you.

Attilio Zanni, a brilliant designer and the co-founder of Bellavista Collection brand, is extremely good both at product and interior design. He creates not only separate pieces for the brand, but also works out comprehensive interior designs.  On Bellavista’s website, in a separate section named CASA BELLAVISTA Projects, you can see images of rooms, apartments, mansions and villas in Bellavista style, furnished exclusively with Bellavista Collection’s pieces.

Let’s take a look at the latest project – ‘Villa in Franciacorta’. Its living room perfectly illustrates how spots of light pink enliven the space. Two CARLOTTA sofas, upholstered in pastel pink fabric, brighten the room, making it feel warmer, more friendly and welcoming. This shade of pink goes incredibly well with dark brown and beige, so that the interior feels like an inseparable whole and looks awesome.

Pink: The Color of Spring and Vigor

This color often is an amazing choice for various design projects. Many interior designers love pink; those who don’t, just don’t know how to make the most of this remarkable color. Being actually red, diluted with white to some extent, pink is energetic and soothing at the same time. It is a versatile color indeed, rich in shades and hues.

When combined with neutral tones such as beige, grey, or taupe, a bit of pink color creates a light and peaceful atmosphere, ideal for rooms where people relax, restoring their vigor. By the way, the well-known English idiom ‘in the pink’, which means ‘being fit and sound’ dates back to the 1600s.

Meet Carlotta, the Sofa of Spring 2021

If you want to refresh the appearance of your living-room plus obtain a gorgeous and super-cozy sofa, CARLOTTA is just what you need. It belongs to the most recent, 2020/2021, collection, devoted to admiring the Beauty of Nature. By the way, the entire collection is well worth your attention; you are welcome to browse through its items in WHAT’S NEW section of the brand’s website.

CARLOTTA’s base is made of solid poplar wood, veneered with moka-stained beechwood. Its dark color excellently harmonizes with the fabric upholstery. For the recent project, the light pink fabric was used; to learn what other colors are available, get in touch with the company. Bellavista often adds more options for its items, so that its customers have more choice.

Each furniture piece from Bellavista Collection comes in a variety of options, and CARLOTTA is no exception. As to the upholstery, this sofa is available in a variety of fabrics. The material could be of Category A, B, C, Lux and Extra Lux. If you wish, you can have your CARLOTTA sofa upholstered in any other fabric – just provide it. The last option will definitely come in handy if you prefer to have, say, your sofa and the armchairs upholstered in the same fabric, so that they form a set.

Besides, you can choose among three variants of CARLOTTA sofa that differ in width. Any of them could be the best fit for you, depending on the size of your living room. Your CARLOTTA sofa can be 205, 287, and 367 cm wide (80.7, 113, and 144.5 inches respectively). Other dimensions remain the same – for example, all three size options are 82.5 cm. (32.5 inches in.) high, with the seat height of 42 cm. (16.5 in.).

The variant of this sofa, which is 205 cm wide, has 2 back cushions, padded in variable-density foam; the middle-sized sofa has 3 cushions, and for the widest one, 4 back cushions are available.

In addition, CARLOTTA could be produced as a corner sofa upon request. It is a good solution, suitable for smaller family rooms, living zones in an open plan apartment, or even for some public places.

What makes CARLOTTA (and in fact most of the items designed by Bellavista brand) special is that it is extremely suitable for creating numerous ensembles. For example, Villa in Franciacorta project shows CARLOTTA sofa together with ALCOBAS and FILIBERTO coffee tables, AMELIE table lamp, and the floor lamp named ADALPINA. They look together really great, in spite of the fact that only the first two pieces mentioned above are newly designed – the others belong to the older collections. ADALPINA, for example, was first presented to the public in 2019, and AMELIE – in 2013.

Also, separate furniture pieces from Bellavista Collection easily blend into almost any room, adding zest to an existing interior. Why it is so? First, such a great combinability results from the multiple options many of the Bellavista’s items are available in. Wooden pieces, for example, could be veneered in up to a dozen of different-looking woods. Their colors vary so greatly that it becomes possible to effortlessly mix the piece into any ensemble.

And second, it’s thanks to the refined design of every Bellavista’s item. It always is seemingly simple, but tasteful and elegant. That’s why, CARLOTTA sofa will look as though it was created specially for your family room.

So, meet spring 2021 relaxing on a luxurious pink sofa from Bellavista Collection – quite the same as the one used for the brand’s latest project!

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